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Bag-Claim™, an advancement in luggage tags that alerts the user when their bag is coming down the carousel, was introduced so travelers have less stress and anxiety about traveling with checked baggage.
We designed Bag-Claim to work in concert with a Bluetooth speaker to ensure that people were getting maximum bang for their buck. Raleigh-Durham, NC The next evolution of luggage tags has arrived with Bag-Claim™, a new application for checked baggage that connects a Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker with an iPhone to let a traveler know when their bag is approaching. For too long, travelers have crammed together anxiously by the baggage carousel or hall trying to get a glimpse of any identifying marks on an endless stream of similar looking suitcases. Simply, a user needs an iPhone that can correspond with a wireless receiver that is Bluetooth enabled.
Davidheiser said, "We designed Bag-Claim to work in concert with a Bluetooth speaker to ensure that people were getting maximum bang for their buck. The anticipated interest is so large that RBD Consulting, the parent company of Bag-Claim, has already started development on Bag-Claim II™, and Bag-Claim GPS™, which will identify up to four different pieces of luggage at once, with different colors for each one, and the GPS version will pinpoint the luggage within one meter. Davidheiser said, "Whether travelling for business or personal reasons, you have enough to deal without having to worry about your bags. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Airbus’ Bag2Go prototype features RFID technology that can be recognised by automated airport and airline baggage processing facilities, and can also be traced using GPS, enabling passengers to track their luggage throughout its journey. Airbus has revealed its vision of what it is calling “The reinvention of baggage”, a prototype ‘smart’ bag featuring an RFID chip that allows passengers to track their luggage during their journey, and could eliminate the risk of mishandled baggage for good.
RFID technology enables the ‘Bag2Go’ to be recognised by automated airport and airline baggage systems that connect the bag with a passenger’s specific flight itinerary, and in cooperation with mobile technology and other location-based technologies such as GPS, can track the luggage along its journey. The Bag2Go also features a built-in digital scale that wirelessly linked to the bag’s accompanying iPhone app, allowing passengers to check if their exceeding the luggage allowance without even leaving the house. The Bag2Go concept, developed in partnership with German luggage maker Rimowa and mobile carrier T-Mobile, could revolutionise the end-to-end baggage process for the passenger. Airbus, the developer of the A380 double-deck jet and the A350 jetliner, has explained that the Bag2Go is still in its development stages, but eventually could become available for just 20% more than its technology-less counterpart, and could also be rented from airlines and airports.

The next big improvements in the field of baggage are the focus of FTE Global 2013?s second interactive Workshop, Wednesday 4th September.
Designed in the same studio by the same people that brought the car to life, the Rolls-Royce Wraith Luggage Collection is the perfect accompaniment for a long trip. Protect your belongings while making your baggage claim experience a little easier with FPM Bank Aluminum Suitcases.
Crafted from water resistant three-layer corkshell and finished with military-spec hardware, the The Lost Explorer Traveler Bag can handle the rigors of nearly any trip. Chirotronix iTrack Key Finder (Green) -Bluetooth Lost Item Locator - Use With Free App on iPhone or Android - Keychain, Wallet, Luggage, Pet - Remote Selfie Button - Find Your Phone - 100% Money Back Guarantee!
For those who don't have a wireless mini speaker, the advantage of purchasing one is significantly greater than just Bag-Claim.
Prices for these can range from $25 to $110, with many having hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of battery life on standby mode.
Tests were done for required functionality with no implied recommendation, preference or prioritization. Bag-Claim is a new application for the iPhone that gives users an announcement when their checked baggage is arriving through a series of visual and vibrating alerts. The bag’s accompanying iPhone app’s ‘Find My Bag’ feature allows passengers to check whether their bag has made it onto their flight, and trace its location. Yann Barbaux, Airbus’ Chief Innovation Officer predicted that an optional door-to-door courier service will collect the Bag2Go from a passenger’s home, before delivering it to and checking it in at the airport.
The collection includes a simple Garment Carrier, a Long Weekender bag, and a Grand Tourer rolling case. They range in size from a small vanity case all the way up to a full-on trunk, and are made in Italy from 100% aluminum based on a Mark Sadler design. Which is good, because it's designed to carry all of your stuff in a single unassuming package.
A user can take and receive calls hands-free in a vehicle anywhere and play A2DP stereo music remotely without wires.

A user simply puts a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is paired and active in the suitcase, which then automatically connects with the iPhone when in range. All three were developed using feedback from Head Butlers at some of the world's top hotels, and offer over-the-top features like handles that ensure equal weight distribution, invisible stitching done by white-gloved hands so as to preserve and protect the leather, magnetically-locking fasteners made from solid billets of polished aluminum, carbon fiber frames, and even self-righting wheel caps featuring the famous double-R emblem. Premium features include leather handles and interior straps, maxi butteryfly clasps, integrated TSA locks, and silent, stable wheels, plus the added bonus of being able to pick out your bag amidst a sea of dark-colored cloth rectangles. A center zip compartment handles a suit jacket, and is hidden on the inside, underneath a removable shoe bag and series of six pockets to hold things like underwear, shirts, sundry items, and a charger, the latter necessary since it also has a dedicated laptop compartment. Also on the workshop’s line-up are scintillating presentations from Iberia, United Airlines and IER, and baggage expert Scott Applebee will be appearing as a session panelist. Available by the piece or as a complete set of two cases, three bags, and one carrier, exclusively at Rolls-Royce dealers. Other details include three roomy external pockets, magnetic closures, and a strap and handles so you can carry it like a briefcase or over your shoulders.
And it has a 90db piezioelectric alarm so you can hear the beeping even if your item is buried in the sofa.a€?SELFIE REMOTE BUTTON - The locator button can be used to remotely activate the shutter on your phone's camera. As Vice President of Marketing for Travelpro International ­ a world leader in the manufacture of innovative baggage and luggage products ­ he will address topics such as RFID technology baggage tracking and the future of the bag tag. Press the button to take the photo - no more racing the timer to get into the picture and pose the way you want.a€?WON'T DRAIN YOUR PHONE'S BATTERY - Even if you keep the app running in the background it won't drain your phone's battery like other similar products. It uses CR2032 battery that is available in most stores.a€?SLEEK DESIGN - The Key Finder is sleek and small so you can comfortably keep it on your keychain, in your wallet or purse, or on any object you want to find. You can pair up to 8 devices to one phone and custom name them for each item (Keys, Wallet, etc.)a€?SATISFACTION GUARENTEED!
If there is ANY problem with your iTrack Easy (unfortunately, defects in manufacturing can happen with any electronic device) we will replace it for you.

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