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A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday posted photos online of a passenger’s luggage, which contained large amounts of cash, despite admitting it violated no laws or regulations. Agency spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein posted a photo on Twitter showing a bag she said contained $75,000 in cash. In a subsequent tweet, she acknowledged that the passenger, flying through Richmond International Airport, was doing nothing wrong.
Farbstein did not say whether the passenger was travelling domestically or internationally. While domestic passengers are under no such obligation, large amounts of cash in their luggage can lead to greater scrutiny from airport security officials, according to TSA’s chief counsel. The TSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Farbstein’s tweets and whether they constituted a violation of policies governing passenger privacy or employees’ use of social media.
The agency has faced criticism for its treatment of passengers legally carrying large amounts of cash through airports. MAKES IT EASIER TO STAY INFORMEDGet the news that matters most to you, delivered straight to your inbox daily. Samsonite The Chronolite range is made from the revolutionary Samsonite Curv material which features both extreme strength and lightness. Bric’s The Brics MyLIFE Collection is hand crafted in the Brics signature LIFE fabric, a sueded canvas backed PVC.
The inner core of the Dottling Guardian is made from carbide which is covered with aramide carbon fabric and polycarbonate. Following on from the success of the Made With Love campaign in Harrods in 2014, the event is back for the month of August 2015 with more brands involved than last year. Throughout the month, each department of the Knightsbridge store will play host to a variety of highly skilled craftsmen who meticulously cut, stitch, etch and polish in the name of integrity and heritage, offering their unique services to make each purchase that little bit more personal.
As one of the most recent TUMI innovations, the Vapor® Lite assortment has evolved since the initial launch of Vapor® six years ago. Traveler’s Choice Silver Rome 3-Piece Hardcase Hardside Lightweight Rolling Luggage Spinner Suitcase Travel Bag Set with 1x Free TSA Lock!
Traveler’s Choice Orange Rome 3-Piece Hardcase Hardside Lightweight Rolling Luggage Spinner Suitcase Travel Bag Set with 1x Free TSA Lock!
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Bierfeldt is a reflection that TSA believes passenger screening is an opportunity to engage in freewheeling law enforcement investigations that have no link to flight safety,” a spokesman for the ACLU said at the time. Examples include evidence of illegal drug trafficking, money laundering, and violations of currency reporting requirements prior to international trips.
He comes to the Beacon from the Heritage Foundation, where he was the conservative think tank's first investigative reporter.
With savings up to 50% off your favourite luggage and accessory brands, these pieces are sure to fly off the shelves (or out of the airport on your next holiday). Its unique design is inspired by the repetitive patterns often seen in skyscraper buildings.
It is durable, stain and water resistant, easy to clean, looks like suede, but wears like iron.
Designed for the lady or gentleman who wants to safely transport their watches, jewellery or documents with them, around the world. It weighs around 4 kg and due to the size, it can be carried on a plane as a personal luggage. Ted Baker takes to the air, the sea, and the road with the launch of his latest luggage collection in Geo Floral print. During the month of August, Harrods celebrates all things Made With Love, championing the art and provenance behind key pieces from luxury fashion through to exquisite homeware pieces. We were proud to launch the Made With Love campaign on Friday 31st August with a special event in the Travel Goods Department. Vapor® Lite is the lightest hardside collection offered by TUMI and sets a new standard in hardside cases with its contemporary design, exceptionally durable yet lightweight material and superior level of performance. The bags are crafted from a unique polycarbonate alloy, which results in a reduction in overall weight without compromising strength or durability and eliminating the need for exterior bumpers. There are savings across all of our best brands including Tumi, Samsonite, Bric’s, Lulu Guinness and Radley.
This collection includes 4 sizes of ultra-lightweight spinner trolleys that feature multistage pull up handles.
The cylinder case is wrapped in finest leather with choices of calfskin or crocodile leathers.
The collection of hard-sided and ultra lightweight polycarbonate trolley suitcases takes inspiration from Ted Baker’s fashion designs.

Presenting the most detailed craftsmanship, unique one-of-a-kind pieces, exclusive capsule collections, plus luxury personalisation services, the world’s most prestigious and luxury brands have come together to create bespoke items exclusively for Harrods.
For the entire weekend we hosted an artisan from luxury Italian leather company, The Bridge.
The elasticity of the material allows for maximum resistance to cracking and improves recoverability from powerful impact to the bag. If the Guardian is ever misplaced and separated from its owner, the GPS tracking device which is built in, will ensure that it can be found and returned. Customers are welcomed into the store by a fantastic Made With Love display, featuring one of our own luggage brands, Dell’Ga.
Ribbing details on the front and back panels protects the shell from abrasions, further lending to overall strength and durability. The Guardian can store up to six watches and if you remove the central cushion there is more space for jewllery or important documents and papers. The cases are super-strong and light with a 360-degree wheeled system for optimum manoeuvrability, the cases are available in three sizes: carry-on, medium and large. There were plenty of customers watching the display over the weekend, especially those people tucking into food at the pizzeria next to our department. The Vapor® Lite cases are now available in a choice of sizes, including the Carry-On, Large Trip Packing Case and the Extended Trip Packing Case. Modern in design and striking in appearance, these cases are available in an array of colours with a high-shine finish, including Black, Bronze, Navy and seasonal colours and prints.
The very quality of its products, recognised and sought after, has increased the prestige of the brand worldwide. Enhanced functionalities include the X-Brace 45® Handle System—which protects the three-stage telescopic handle, four recessed dual-spinning wheels for effortless manoeuvrability and TUMI’s signature monogram patch.
Suitcases, bags, briefcases, suit carriers – all strictly hand-made with that classic feel that brings exceptional sophistication and style. The spacious interior of each travel case features tie-down straps and three zipper pockets; the check-in sized cases also include a hanger bracket.

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