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During air travel, carry-on luggage is one important part of your travel, don’t you think so?
First of all check with your airline about the measurement restrictions for carry-on luggage.
Pack enough medications for the duration of your trip and a few extra pills in case of emergencies.
There is an exhaustive list of luggage and size limits for carry-on baggage here (sorted as per the airline you are traveling with). From Green Goddess salads to Caramel Brownies, get awesome recipes delivered to your inbox.
The Dalkin clan has done quite a lot of traveling in my lifetime, and Bruce (that’s my dad!) always insisted on carrying-on. The question I get time and time again, is how the heck do you do it for international travel! I’m currently down in South America, specifically Chile on an #onlyinsouthamerica adventure! I’m down here for 10 days with some awesome bloggers exploring the country of Chile thanks to LATAM airlines.
Anyways, after traveling to Europe, Africa and South America in the last year, I thought I’d lay out how I pack.
I love the tip about taking a pic of your passport and having it on your iphone or copies of it. I am so impressed that you can systematically pack for a ten day international trip and make it all fit in a carry on! It’s all very well for Americans as your carry-on size is larger than the Australian size, and the larger would not be acceptable in Oz. I love the idea of only taking a carry on but hesitate since not sure it will fit everything. Are you saying that you take 20 tops for a 10 day trip…a new one for every day and every night? The lady going to Kazakhstan would have to take 42 tops for her trip with your 2 shirts per day suggestion. I’m going to Portugal next week and I will pack my planned 6 tops and when I’m done packing will add as many shirts as I can fit in on top! Many people who enjoy traveling have difficulties in choosing the best carry on luggage that suits their lifestyle. Before you can begin searching for the best bag for your individual needs, there are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself. The size of the luggage that you choose should fit the standard airline requirements for carry-on bags.
Duffel bags or travel packs – solo or adventure travelers who pack light for their journey.

Our personal preference is to stay away from hard cased bags for your carry-on, because they’re less able to be squeezed or adjusted into a tight overhead bin or under your seat. When looking for the perfect carry-on bag, you’ll want to take note of special features that you might need, like straps, wheels, and multiple pockets, sleeves, and compartments. Create a checklist for all the things you need with you on the plane – Be sure to include all your “must-have” items in your carry on, and not in your checked luggage.
Check the latest TSA requirements for things you are and are not allowed to carry on to a plane.
Even if you have check-in bags, carry-on bags are some thing that is always with you and you have to be comfortable while carrying those around.
These can be two short sleeves and one long sleeve if going to a warm climate, or reversed for a cold climate.
Keep these in their original bottles, ask the pharmacists to put them in the smallest bottles available with a label.
I don’t even bother with full size shampoos, conditioners, perfume (I bring my samples) etc… it’s all travel size to make life easier! I always pack in layers – things I can add to an outfit, take off if needed, mix and match… you get the idea. I’ll wear the same leggings or jeans a few times per trip before retiring them, but I try to bring enough tops to last me the entire time.
I like to keep things pretty neutral, blacks, blues, greys and then maybe work in a pop of color here and there.
I always have a few copies of my passport in different areas of my suitcase in case i lose it. I’m gone for 10 days this time around and I managed to pack everything into my carry-on plus a backpack and all together they weighed less than 33 pounds.
They allow you to bring your necessities on the plane with you, and perhaps avoid checking any bags altogether. There are several things you first have to consider before you decide on what style or which brand to purchase. This will help you thing through and evaluate your travel needs, so that you buy a bag that is right for you. There is no need for pricy check-in fees, and you will not need to wait for your luggage at the baggage claim area.
In the event your checked bag is lost or delayed, clothing may be easily replaced, but not your glasses or contact lenses, camera (and card with photos, extra battery, and battery charger), or other personalized or specialty items. This way you can either decide not to bring a restricted item, or be sure to put it in your checked in luggage. If you are concerned about wrinkles you can buy wrinkle free clothes, use the hotel’s iron, or lay them flat for your outgoing trip and then as you collect things on your trip roll them up for the return trip. Two pair might be a good idea if you are planning on going to the beach, out for the evening, or if you think you may get your feet wet.

When I go home for Thanksgiving from college I will try to bring a small suitcase and a small tote instead of a large suitcase. I just got back from a wedding and we got stuck with the last boarding group and they ran out of room for carry-ons for the last 15 or so people and they forced us to check our bags at the last second — I was so annoyed! I’m a little surprised you bring so many shirts, but if you’re saving so much space by omitting other things, why not? I’ll be going to Costa Rica this summer for 5 weeks and am having the hardest time deciding on what bag I should buy. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or one who enjoys an occasional trip, the right bag is essential. Or even if you do check-in other pieces, it’s great to have a bag you can take with you onto the plane that has your valuables and things you want with you. In order to find one that suits your needs, you have to first evaluate your personal lifestyle and preferences.
And those who carry laptops or cameras might benefit from luggage that offers extra padding or protected areas. If you ever want to travel only with carry-on luggage, these tips would be of much help for you. Place them in the outside pocket of your luggage and you can take it out easily to go through security. A few weeks in Europe – carry on so when we landed we could run through customs and get our vacation started. When Thomas and I first started dating, I took him to Jamaica for his birthday and he packed for the trip thinking we were going to check luggage and then WAIT for it once we arrived. After all, bags need to fit either into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. This type of luggage allows your items to be kept safe and in your possession at all times. You also have the choice of leather carry-on luggage, which is a tough and very costly material that requires maintenance. Careful research and review of buyers’ ratings and reviews will help you narrow in on a good selection.
You can get a high SPF that’s water resistant, light, and non-oily that is tinted to replace foundation. Weight restriction also varies, depending on plane size, and is often between 20-40 pounds.

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