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The free baggage allowance is 40 kg complete for the Business Class customers for flights from Jakarta and Norway and 30 kg for the Economy Class customers. The free baggage allowances is 50 Kg for both Economy class and Business class customers for flights from Egypt to Turkey and vice versa. From Germany to Turkey and beyond Turkey, the free baggage allowance of Economy Class is 30 kg and of Business Class 40 kg.
The free baggage allowance for flights from Ireland is 30 kg for the economy class and addition of 10kg for the Business Class customers.

Baggage weight as determined by weighing systems are comprised in the travelers max baggage weight. In case you’re also traveling in any other airline along with Turkish Airlines, the most significant carrier’s (MSC) free baggage allowance rule is going to be taken. If Turkish Airline is MSC in your tour then Turkish Airline’s free baggage allowance will take, if another airline is MSC in your tour than the free baggage allowance of that particular airline will take.
Customer service section includes the contact details (address, phone number, fax, email, hours, etc.) that are needed by user to contact the service.

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