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First disengage the retractable covers from the rear seat backrests and fold the backrests forward. Insert the cover on the right side down into the holder by pressing the release button and sliding the side panel in direction of arrow.
Move the backrests into vertical position and engage the retractable covers on the rear seat backrests. The luggage safety net can hold back only lightweight objects in the event of braking, changes in direction or in an accident. Unsecured loads can slip and endanger the occupants in the event of braking, changes in direction or in an accident. If the luggage safety net was heavily stressed or damaged during braking or in an accident etc., have the safety net and its retaining bracket checked by an authorized Porsche dealer.
Life is not about the number of breaths, you take, but the moments that take your breath away. Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. I like vintage bikes because they take me away from the clutter of technology that I work with everyday and back to a simpler time of mechanical elegance and simplicity.. A faring on the back of your bike? What ever it is, it needs to go if you want to mount the luggage rack. Most racks for the CB750 use the upper shock mount and the HS bar behind the seat to fasten in place.
The body work on the nighthawks is one of the major differences between the DOHC CB and nighthawk series.

If you can line up the backrest's tubes with the silver bar on the outside of your bike, you could drill appropriate holes into the bar on the bike, to bolt on the backrest. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. These instructions will help you install the XF luggage compartment side net accessory (part no. First, I didn?t think this was even meant for my car because the metal frame didn?t quite match the contours of the side of the trunk ? but it is. Installation involves making two holes for the bottom plastic clips, and two holes for the plastic grommets into which you slip the ends of the frame. C2Z21494), which is available through Jaguar dealers for under $30 and fits all XF?s through at least 2012. At this point, you should remove the plastic trunk edge finisher by turning the three plastic faux screws counterclockwise while lifting them. Remove the two plastic plugs at the top edges of the carpeted trunk liner, and unhook the liner from under the rubber weather stripping.
Make the bottom holes bigger by poking them with a Phillips screw driver while lifting the liner with one hand.
At this point, you need to decide whether you want to make the holes for the grommets with the liner still in the car, or on your workbench.
Once you have the grommets in place, reinstall the net onto the frame, and then install the frame into the grommets. This will prevent the net from pulling the frame inward and fighting with you as you position the frame.

This will require fold down the rear seat backrests to access the plastic plugs that hold the mat in place at its front edge (see the photo of the trunk mat out of the car ? the holes are where the plastic plugs are inserted). The rear part goes in first, then the front, then you clip the bottom onto the bottom clips. The best way to reinsert the large plastic plugs that you removed is to use a rubber mallet. Removing the plastic plugs is best done using a small crow bar that has a tip that you would use to remove nails. I did this the first time I vacuumed my trunk so that I could remove the trunk mat, and never reinstalled the plastic plugs. Use the hasp from both the outside and the backside of the liner to get a nice smooth hole. Install the clips by getting the edge of the clip into the hole then turning clockwise (this requires strong fingers).
Using my photos as your guide, mark the location for the two grommets with the tailor?s marker.

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