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There is a feeling among some people in business that the internet boom has already passed them by.
First came the dot com rush of the 1990′s where you could have made millions simply by registering a few good domain names for $10 a go. Then of course the dot com bubble burst and from the ashes rose up some of today’s great internet giants such as Google and Facebook.
Ah damn, if only I had the foresight to create a search engine or build a social media hub then I would be rich!
If you are old enough to remember those first internet experiences you will know much things have changed in the last 20 years already. It remains to be seen whether the digital world will encroach evermore on our reality, like an digital overlay or whether we will live more in virtual worlds.
Opportunities are everywhere and not just for brand new ideas existing businesses can and should take advantage of the evolving technology. Take for example Casper mattresses who seem to talk their more from the startup world of silicon Valley rather than traditional business. They make memory foam mattresses and memory foam beds which are very well regarded but it is how they market and sell them that is unique. From your smartphone in the middle of New York City you can use the Uber app to call up a mobile mattress testing unit! The company has achieved great success with this format and orders through their website have increased. As well as being a great way to communicate with their customers it’s a great publicity tool to spread the words about their business.
I hope this shows you how good marketing and technology can be applied to traditional businesses. If you would like Dyngen to help you utilise technology to disrupt and revolutionise your industry then please get in touch. These events are great for developing new skills and keeping on top of the new trends in html5 development but they can be a pain to organise as we’ve been finding out today. Generally, economy class passengers are permitted one carry on bag weighing a maximum -10 kgs, with the total of the span, width and height no greater than 115cm.

My bag was bought a few months before they changed the size restrictions again meaning that it’s now slightly too large. Obviously I need to take my laptop with me as that goes everyone and I may need to do bug fixes on the road should a major problem arise. Both Steve and Mark will be at DevCon5 so if anyone wants to meet up just give a shout and we’ll see you there. Working out what is best between SaaS and traditional software is a choice you will need to make when kitting out a mobile work force and for many IT managers it’s a familiar issue. You will find disadvantages and advantages to both and whichever course your take will be determined by the unique needs of your business. A SaaS option might make the most sense if you just need a small number of users especially if you are boot strapping a startup, while if you have a lot of users and a long established business you might get on better with a traditional purchased and installed software model. On the other hand you may need to wait for updates and bug changes as they may also have to be constructed to meet your customised software, whereas with SaaS updates are delivered automatically.
If you only ever want to access your system from the office or warehouse and never have any need of getting your option via the internet, or are worried about safety and security, an on-premises install might be a better match for your company. Cloud solutions are the new trend and it’s easy to think that new is always better but this is not always the case.
Hilary Duff is sandwiched between two enormous piles of luggage as she arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and waits for her limo.
Hilary Duff pushes around her luggage cart while she waits for a ride to pick her up from LAX.
Combat Gentlemen comes through with some innovation with their first-ever duffle bag release. You can fit two suits, two pairs of shoes, toiletries and other items, as the bag unfolds to conveniently hold your suits and keep them from wrinkling while on the go. YOUR 5th Ave Neighbors Abercrombie & Fitch Aerosoles Aldo American Apparel American Girl Place Anne Fontaine Ann Taylor Anthropologie Apple Store Aritzia Armani Armani X.
You would not think that much can be done there to disrupt the established industry would you? When you are carrying a $3000 laptop you don’t want to put it in the hands of baggage handlers.

The terminal floor would be littered with individuals repacking their bulging then and check in bag maybe locating themselves hit with excess baggage fees.Families with little kids and babies are virtually promised to be travelling with carryons that are above the limits. Where as previously if you wanted to do something a little bit special through the web browser in terms of something more like an app than a simple web page you needed to turn to browser plugins such as the dreaded Adobe Flash.
However it may be faster and more economical to choose a SaaS option in the initial stages. Changes you want to make to the software to meet your specific business quirks and task flows will be more easy with this choice. If you have a sizeable mobile workforce  and you need the option to hook up to your system from outside your workplace then cloud is probably the way to go.
The most significant point to contemplate - SaaS alternatives and assumptions would be to take into consideration your organisation’s requirements. Why not get in touch with us to tell us about your company and let us offer our perspective. Forget toting around those long suit bags while traveling, and cop Combat Gentlemen’s awesome weekender duffle today for $100. If we feel we can help, we will deliver either a traditional desktop or we partner with some SaaS providers where we feel they offer great value. Whereas an installed on-site option will cost more because you are paying all the costs for the software setup in addition to licenses, and you may additionally be required to buy a server that is suitable for the task.
We regularly weigh up the pros and cons for cloud vs desktop solutions for our clients and are experienced in reaching the right decisions.
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