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TSA officers when they have to inspect your suitcase, they would have to break open the ordinary suitcase locks since airport officers at times will need to look into your bags no matter how big or obvious the contents in your luggages are. Non-TSA locks are not recognized by these officers and for them these are only distractions to their inspection routine.
TSA officers will recognize the TSA logo on the luggage lock, and this allows them to easily open your baggage.
Inspectors have special keys  and combinations numbers that can universally access all TSA-made locks.

Remember, before deciding whether to leave your baggage locked or not, you must first purchase a suitcase. During transit, there’s several opportunity for dishonest Airline worker to steal items from your bags.
Safe Skies TSA Luggage Straps are the only brand of security compliant Luggage Straps protected by US patents 7,021,537 and 7,036,728.
Typically, non-TSA locks will be broken (cut open) to allow them to check the baggage contents.

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