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If you arrive for your flight and your EasyJet hand luggage is larger than the new 50 x 40 x 20cm dimensions which has to include all handles and wheels, and you are on a busy flights your hand luggage may have to travel in the aircraft as hold baggage. Note if you are an EasyJet Plus card holder, on a flexi fare, EasyJet Plus, Upfront or Extra Legroom customer you are still allowed the original hand luggage size of 56 x 45 x 25cm, but you will have to board first to secure your hand luggage space in the over head lockers.
Having just been to the airport and seen the EasyJet new size of bag I am amazed at how small the new hand luggage allowances really is. Basically, hand luggage allowance is the amount of hand luggage you are allowed to take on board the aircraft.
All hand luggage that is carried on board the plane will need to pass through the airport security scanners.
With the introduction of the low cost airlines and the ever increasing cost of checking-in hold luggage, more and more people are opting for the cheaper options of traveling light, with only their hand luggage. Even some of the larger holiday companies have now started to charge an additional fee for check-in baggage. Surprisingly enough, it is amazing just how much you can fit in to your hand luggage and how such a small amount is actually adequate for your trip.
Although from 2010 the Department Of Transport no longer actually sets a maximum size restriction regarding hand luggage, all airlines have their own terms and conditions on hand luggage. Unfortunately, there isn’t ‘one single’ rule that applies to all airlines regarding ‘hand luggage allowance’. There really does seem to be a considerable amount of confusion regarding how much you can take on board the aircraft in terms of hand luggage’. Some airlines allow you to take hand luggage on board FREE of charge, so long as you do not exceed a certain weight.
As we have discussed earlier, each airline has their own policy with regards to hand luggage size. As you can see, 55 x 40 x 20cm seems to be the smallest dimensions and if you have a case that is no bigger than these dimensions, you should be ok with most airlines.
The measurements of 55 x 40 x 20cm are the guidelines to what most ‘cabin approved’ bags and suitcases are made to.
Once again, the allowance regarding the weight of your hand luggage is solely down to each airlines’ discretion. One of the best ways to ensure you comply with the weight limit is to use on of the digital Luggage Weighing Scales that are designed specifically for hand luggage. Most airlines allow passengers to take hand luggage on board the aircraft and this is normally included in the ticket price. Laptops and other electrical items must be carried in your hand luggage and any liquids you wish to carry must be no more than 100ml in size and carried in a transparent bag 20cm x 20cm.
The chances are, at some point before boarding your flight you may be required to measure your hand luggage, especially on the low cost airlines!
Even if you have paid for hold luggage and have checked-in, you may be asked to weigh your hand luggage or present your hand luggage to the check-in staff. If you are a regular flyer, you will no doubt have seen the chaos at airport departure gates, when passengers are required to measure their hand luggage.

If you have never experienced this or simply do not know what I am talking about, I will explain.
If your hand luggage does not comply and fit inside this frame, you will be asked to either take some items out or you will be charged a check-in fee. Tip: If you have to take items out, the easiest thing to do is simply take out items of clothes and wear them on the flight.
When you travel with one of the low cost airlines that charge additional fees for hold luggage, you are only normally allowed one piece of hand luggage. If you buy any Duty Free or any other items at the airport, these will be classed as part of your ‘hand luggage allowance’ and must be carried in your hand luggage.
If you are seen carrying 2 bags, you may be asked to put one inside your main hand luggage and if your hand luggage is already full to its maximum, you could find yourself in a bit of a tricky situation. To try and make it easier for you, we have included a list of the most popular low cost airlines and have provided a link to their ‘Hand Luggage Allowance’ page.
Please Note: All the following hand luggage allowances for the low cost airlines listed were correct at the time of writing. No weight restriction, as long as you can put it in the overhead locker and take it out without assistance.
56cm x 45cm x 25cm (easyJet Plus, FLEXI fare, Upfront and Extra Legroom customers, are allowed on additional small bag 45 x 36 x 20 maximum. 42cm x 32cm x 25cm (small must fit under seat in front) Or Large 56x45x25cm must fit in overhead locker and you must be able to lift it up and down unassisted. I guess the easiest way to ensure that you comply with your airlines’ hand luggage allowance policy is to visit their webpage and double check the amount you are allowed to take on board. Weapons, Drugs (other than medicines), Solvents, Live or Dead Animals (other than as allowed under Article 2) Fish, Insects. All additional baggage in excess of permitted allowance will be required to be paid by buying an additional seat.If you carry more than the allowance we can not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the excess baggage.
This allowance is limited and can be restricted to both the size of your baggage and also the weight. All these allowances and restriction only add to the frustration of booking your flight and then packing for your trip.
However, despite this being the case, you still need to know how much hand luggage allowance you are allowed before you actually start packing! If this was the case, it would make it far easier for passengers to understand, especially passengers that fly on a regular basis with many different airlines.
Some airlines allow you to take hand luggage on board with no weight restriction, so long as your hand luggage does not exceed a certain size. If you do not comply with the terms and conditions regarding ‘hand luggage allowance’ of the airline to which you are flying with, you will be charged a fee. If you buy one of these ‘Cabin Approved’ bags then you know that your bag will be ok and can travel with the that piece of mind. Investing a small amount of money now for a pair of scales will save you ever having to pay excess baggage fees!

However, most airlines do operate a very strict allowance policy involving baggage size and weight, which passenger must comply with. Passengers are asked by a member of the airline staff to place their hand luggage in the special measuring frame (baggage Gauge) to prove that their bags comply with the hand luggage allowance. Basically, most of the low cost airlines have a special measuring facility located at each departure gate. If you intend buying any extra items at the airport, ensure you leave enough room in your hand luggage to accommodate the extra luggage. This will allow you to quickly and easily check how much ‘hand luggage allowance’ you are allowed with each of the airlines to who you may be flying with. However, these are subject to change and it is always advisable to check with the airline to which you are traveling with prior to flying.
Please see Route specific allowances, as there may be other limitations.Baggage exceeding the specified criteria may be carried by booking an extra seat. Some airlines place restrictions on both size and weight, whilst other airlines do charge for hand luggage. However, most of the low cost airlines offer a hand luggage limit of 10kgs, whilst the holiday company airlines and other larger airlines only offer passengers a hand luggage allowance weight of just 5kgs. It really is amazing and somewhat comical to see just how big some passengers hand luggage is and then seeing them trying to force it in the measuring frame container. I say facility but it is basically a frame that is the exact same dimensions as what your baggage should be and your hand luggage should be able to fit inside it! We have provided a link to the relevant page for each one of the airlines to make it as easy as possible for you to check. However as it is a soft bag if I don’t fully pack it and tighten the strap I think I can get the height down. This sounds really sill but in their bag size of 55 x 40 x 20cm which is the height, width and depth? Also are these measurements fixed or can it be applied if you were to turn the case on it’s side for example then measure.
You get the hold (checked luggage) for your Ryanair flight and the free cabin luggage allowance if you pay for the checked bags.
However, considering you can take a small handbag on Ryanair also I would definitely recommend into getting a new smaller cabin bag for future flights and the fine would be more.
If you`ve paid for 15kg then that is what you will have plus the standard hand luggage allowance detailed on this page.

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