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I have owned 2 Great Danes, a black male and a harlequin female that were 7 months apart in age. I have had dogs of all sizes and shapes from teacups to Danes and everything in between and I adored them all.
The great dane I know (her name is Nina, my girlfriend's family's dog) is friendly, dopey, lazy and very sweet!! Using user ratings from PetBreeds, we compiled a list of the most favored mixed-breed dogs based on the number of positive reviews each breed received. Some dogs are gifts with talents that can be put to use in jobs, tasks and in competitions. A dog is a man's best friend, and should be treated with toys that keep him happy and healthy.
The photograph collection at the Maryland Historical Society spans circa 1848 through present day and contains well over one million items. Unidentified East Baltimore street (shows painted sign in Hebrew script)Albemarle Street, Baltimoreca.
Orchestrated by Maryland Institute [College of Art] Board member William Prescott Smith, an officer of the B&O Company, artists rode from Baltimore to the Ohio River Valley and back in 1859, photographing their travels along the way. Posted in honor of the Maryland Film Festival, happening now through Sunday, this picture was possibly taken in the Regent Theatre. Western Greyhound said about a third of its fleet was affected.Among the vehicles destroyed were two new ?100,000 coaches and four of Truro's six park-and-ride buses.
The SNP win an "historic" third election victory but fall short of a majority with Labour pushed into third place in Scotland on a "mixed" night for Jeremy Corbyn.
Passing motorists flailed their arms in attempts to warn people onboard of the smoke coming from the bus, several passengers said. The bus driver slowed to a stop and pulled over near the Ross Street exit, where he inspected the bus, and he rushed back on board to advise passengers to leave the bus quickly, Lee said.
Most of the 43 passengers escaped unscathed, but two suffered minor injuries secondary to the blaze, fire officials said. The fire’s cause was undetermined, and fire officials estimated it left about $50,000 in property damages and $1,000 in content damages, Berry said. Congested traffic and driver inattention impeded the firefighters’ efforts, officials said.

The bus had not been traveling for five minutes before motorists began waving them down, she said. A tractor-trailer driver blocked traffic and attempted to snuff out some of the flames with an extinguisher, she said. Daniel Villaobos, 19, of Chicago said he had been working on a word puzzle at the back of the bus, when a female passenger told the driver to pull over. Major Murry, 19, of Mesa, Ariz., said he bumped his head on the top of the window when he jumped out. Greyhound officials brought another bus to the area to take the passengers back to the Amarillo station, 702 S.
Greyhound spokeswoman Maureen Richmond said passengers experienced a three-hour delay before leaving Amarillo for Tulsa, Okla., then to St.
The burned bus was taken to a company garage, where mechanics will attempt to determine the cause, she said.
Richmond said passengers can call the Amarillo station or customer service to file a claim for lost property.
If trained correctly from 4 months on you will get a very respectful sometimes 220 pound Great Dane. I'm guessing that the poodles my parents had while I was growing up have something to do with that! Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, cartes-de-visite, albumen prints, salted paper prints, acetate negatives, and other historic formats are prevalent. Steam has turned manufacturer, farmer, and cook (although it must be acknowledged it makes but a sorry business of this last).
The Paul Henderson exhibition, now on display at MdHS, has led me to speak with people in the community about his photographs. They shuffled the passengers onto another bus to gather witness statements and collect their information.
If you start off by feeding your Dane a high-quality food, following the quantity suggestions so they don't gain weight too fast-giving them breed-appropriate exercise, and lots of love, you'll have wonderful companion for years to come.
She loves belly rubs & sleeping under a blanket, and is excitable like a puppy when she knows shes going for a walk. His daughter, Nancy D'Alesandro seated center, became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the U.S.

The smoke turned darker and flames erupted from the end of the bus just after all passengers were off, she said. Known to be multi-talented, the Great Dane participates in a wide variety of activities such as carting, guarding, and tracking.The Italian Greyhound is a small purebred known for being affectionate, alert, cheerful, gentle, intelligent, loyal, quiet, and social. He was an excellent companion, great with kids (we had two in high school and two pre-school.
Two passengers suffered minor injuries while trying to exit the burning bus and were taken to a local hospital for observation. The most common colors for Italian Greyhounds are black, blue, brown, gray, red, white, and yellow. My Danes were my Doctors, my shrinks, my lifetime companions that were more loyal to me then a spouse.
No Purina or Beneful as I recently Lost 2 of my 8 year old Sisters to Cancer caused from feeding my babies. Truly loyal and friendly with folks as long as he saw that we were friendly towards them first. Not just Purina dog food, but canned Purina, Purina snacks as my girls loved sweet potato snacks made by Purina. Of course because Great Danes are a bigger Breed of Dog, they eat more, but buy them the best, even their toys or chew toys because they are better made and can last forever.
But because they are short coated they need a nice Dog coat and something for their paws as are barely covered. Please do not leave your Great Dane outside at night, They are a loyal inside dog, and if they tend to chew on things they shouldnt chew on, and get into cabinets where food is, like the fridge, they are very smart dogs. And can overeat and make themselves very sick and end up costing a large amount in vet visits.My Danes became my health companions, and would let me know when my sugar from 40 years of Diabetes was reading too low and too high.
Sometimes they have to be kenneled while u r gone and are a little spiteful, so will make a mess in the house.

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