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LOADED LUGGAGE: The suitcase checked in by Ms Armstrong, with the false bottom being lifted to show the 5kg of cocaine. IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The police photograph of Sharon Armstrong when she was detained in Argentina. Sharon Armstrong was carrying four driver's licences when she was arrested in Argentina accused of trying to smuggle out five kilograms of cocaine. Ms Armstrong, who has claimed she was duped into diverting to Buenos Aires simply to pick up some documents, had spent more than a week in the city. She checked in just one locally made suitcase for her flight to London to meet a man she had been dating online. Police confiscated personal effects, including an iPhone, passport, Farmers card and Argentinian, Australian and United States cash.
Speaking to The Dominion Post from her jail cell, Ms Armstrong said she was scared after becoming entangled in a world she did not know. It can now be revealed that Ms Armstrong, 54, arrived in Buenos Aires from Australia on April 6, spending a week there before her eventual arrest.

She said her eight days in the Argentinian capital were spent "just walking around the city, having a look". The former deputy chief executive of the Maori Language Commission has been a contractor at Wellington Maori education and language company Haemata since February. An Argentinian official said Ms Armstrong was travelling with only one suitcase when she was arrested. She was stopped by police on April 13 as she was waiting to board British Airways flight BA2444 to London. Three packets of cocaine, weighing a total of 5.135 kilograms, were found concealed in a false bottom of her suitcase after she checked it in.
For several months, Ms Armstrong had been exchanging emails and chatting on Skype with a man she met online. He contributed $1000 towards her air ticket and at the last minute changed her flight to go via Argentina, reportedly so she could pick up some documents for him. Interpol is searching for the man, who has since removed his Facebook page and disappeared.

Ms Armstrong is being held at the medium-security Federal Detention for Women in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires. The other inmates in her unit were treating her "OK", though the first few days "were like hell". A former chief executive of the Maori Language Commission, Haami Piripi, said Ms Armstrong had been in hospital with heart problems about a year ago and friends and family were concerned about her health. Close friends and family had set up a defence fund to help Ms Armstrong in what could be a long legal process, he said. They also found four driver's licences and a piece of paper listing Hotel Caoca, where Ms Armstrong is believed to have stayed in Buenos Aires. Despite friends and family warning her it sounded like a scam, she decided to meet the man in London.

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