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23kg x2 (157cm) (32kg x2 to Brazil) No free allowance within USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and US virgin islands.
Personal item described as briefcase, purse, day planner, small laptop computer, camera case, compact disk player or similar sized personal entertainment item . 56x36x20cm 1 piece Briefcase or laptop size bag, small camera, ladies handbag allowed unconditionally.
Flight only customers 20kg (longhaul premium seats 23kg) if booked and paid for with ticket from ?6.50 per item. Excess ?10 per Kg longhaul, ?6 shorthaul per flight – 50% discount for advance online booking. Also you mention twice at the beginning of your report the size dimentions as Length x Width x Height, it is actually Length + Width + Height. Very useful information, I notice Ryan air has the lowest limit of 15Kg then ?12 for each additional Kg and bag checking each way at ?16. Ryanair, the Simon Legree of European budget carriers, has announced major changes to its carry-on and fee policies.

Previously, Ryanair introduced a new website, a grace period for errors in bookings, fully allocated seating to start in January, and the lowering of other fees. This entry was posted in Travel News, Uncategorized and tagged Carry-On, carry-on bags, personal item, Ryanair. Anyone want to measure a trumpet case and see what airlines would allow one on as cabin baggage?
Many times you would see dimensions sizes like this 56+45+25cm (which is also European Union’s restrictions on carry-on baggage), this means Length + Width + Height. Mostly the baggage restrictions are not applied for customers who purchase First or Business Class tickets but only for economy class passengers. The credit goes to a gentleman in Bristol, UK who runs this website and must have spent lot of time gathering this information together.
We moved recent by air, and it was next to impossible to find that information on the airline’s website!
Even though the list below is exhaustive, it always makes sense to call the respective airline and confirm.

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