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Qantas will change international baggage allowances from counting number of bags to counting their weight, bringing them in line with Emirates, as the Qantas-Emirates alliance starts up on 1 April. Business class passengers see their allowances more than halved, from 96 kg split over three 32 kg bags to a limit of no more than 40 kg in total.
The changes take effect on 31 March, for all passengers who book flights on or after 26 February.
Instead of getting an allowance like 'two bags at 23 kg each' under old the piece and weight system, you'll get something like "32 kg" under the new weight-based model. Previously, Platinum members had an allowance of 4 x 32 kg bags in business or first, and 3 x 32 bags in economy and premium economy. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. The piece concept will be gone, so you could check in two bags (or even x number of bags) as long as the total is 30kg.
Wow - that is quite a step down for high value customers, and quite a step up for low value ones. Yes - this is major news for someone like me, who travels between syd and lon 4 times a year, paying my own economy class fare.
After trying Qantas Silver for a year, I discovered Emirates' generous 30KG DEFAULT limit regardless of any points, saw they had A380 and a good product of their own, so I switched, plain and simple!
I hope Qantas will make it clear on their website of the newly announced provisions for OW Emeralds, of 20kg on top of applicable class limits and for this to be communicated to check-in staff.
What happened to Qantas saying that where Frequent Flyer benefits apply, the higher one would be the norm? Dr T, I don't necessarily disagree in most cases, but I've done a bunch of conferences where being able to chuck a couple of boxes of printed materials plus some promo swag into my suitcase has been a real benefit.

And, of course, the corollary is: if using the full allowance is such an exceptional case, why get rid of it?
So Qantas, starts off with a weight system, changes to a piece and weight system in May last year and is transitioning back a weight system to avoid confusion in the Qantas-Emirates Alliance.
It is quite amusing that a Plat FF travelling in international economy has  LESS allowance than domestic economy. Items in excess of the maximum limitations above may not be permitted in the cabin on flights departing from Dubai. Constructed of innovative DURAMAX nylon fabric for unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and tears.
Many of you have asked questions about what can you take on a US bound flights regarding your carry-on or weight luggage regulations. I've written a little reminder on everything you need to know about baggage allowance before flying to New York City.
For information, rules may differ with airline companies, so make sure to contact them prior traveling. So here's a small recap for some airline companies including: Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Continental Airlines (same as United) and Emirates.
The Good Tip with Air France and Emirates: if you're a flying blue member (Silver, Gold or Platinum) or member of Skyteam Elite and Elite Plus, they offer the option of checking an additional baggage of 23 kg or 50 lbs!!!! Golds were allowed an extra 23 kg bag in premium economy or an extra 32 kg bag in economy, while Silvers (and Qantas Club members) received an extra 32kg piece in premium economy or economy. It would be difficult to police when QF travellers are told they have too much weight when they want to get onto EK metal from, say, Dubai to London. DURAMAX shell fabric is engineered to deliver the ultimate in abrasion resistance and tear strength.

Lightweight anti-scratch Vinyl-Acetate Copolymer (VAC) backing increases resistances to moisture and abrasion, while offering a more eco-conscious solution to PVC.
Embossed pod lining helps keep clothing wrinkle-free and looking as good upon arrival as when you departed. Your luggage allowances are changing." style="display:inline-block" title="Flying Qantas internationally? I have been on multiple trips in the last 2 yrs whilst Platinum, and even when I go Skiing I take ~25kg, and sometimes if I have been doing lots of shopping I will check in my Cabin bag with 15kg shopping, so less that 40kg. I have been to Hawaii on a 10 day trip and only taken hand luggage of no more than 10kgs and that includes the weight of the bag. With me anyway, I brought about 37KG (uh, accidentally) with me in the form of my suitcase, and a large rug I bought for someone. Leave your LOUIS VUITTON streamer trunks at home and pack a light weight bag and save your backs. Can't imagine that happening with Qantas, new allowances and 'get all Emirates with luggage' or not!
Sports equipment and musical instruments are subject to the same size and weight restrictions. If cabin baggage is not accepted by Emirates ground staff a handling fee of AED 50 per item may.

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