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This item meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines (size not to exceed 45 linear inches when adding L+W+H; this is subject to change, so check with your airline). The Eagle Creek Double Back 22 might just be my perfect mate, fitting my flashpacker style and needs. The Eagle Creek Double Back 22 is convertible travel backpack rolling carryon with an attachable day pack (Try saying that ten times quickly). A fan of convertible carry-ons  & backpacks, I researched potential bags like a skeptic.
When my Doubleback 22 convertible travel backpack  arrived in the mail, I had a good feeling about it. Well, now into my third month of GRRR use, I realize it’s seeing the world, alright and its surviving the abuse of travel. Perhaps the only thing I would want to add to this is a carry on strap in the case you want to sling it over your shoulder in the case you ever need to make a dash for your plane. There’s solid grab handles on the top and side and wheel housing that can withstand knocks and bumps.
The pull-out rolling handle slides in and out easily and is built inside the body of the pack, so it’s never exposed.

My only complaint about this is that there’s not enough outside pockets to store things in. Big backpacker backpacks can limit your navigation ease, which is why while I love my Northface 65 backpack (it’s both, top and bottom loading with several outside pockets),  I will never consider going back. The Doubleback 22’s main bag holds a 39L capacity and is the regulated size of a normal hand luggage (carry-on) according to standard western aircrafts. While I would prefer more outside pockets for quick access, there are some areas that can be made to hold items secretly.
Most travelers like to carry a daypack for sightseeing, so Eagle Creek built a day pack into their design. The daypack is good for light use, but for my purposes of carrying my camera gear, I’m taking a different day pack! Initially, I didn’t know how to attach the day pack to me, when the straps were in use on the main pack . Overall, Eagle Creek Doubleack 22 convertible travel backpack does a fantastic job on a convertible pack, taking care to ensure the bag functions efficiently versus wasting space and resources.
As a mid-life female solo traveler,  I never enjoyed carrying heavy loads on long distances nor do I like looking like a budget backpacker stuck in my twenties.

Christine is a solo traveler, blogger and YouTube vlogger, who shares travel advice, trip planning and survival tips and tricks on how to travel alone as a woman, live and work in South Korea and to follow your passion for travel. I was just traveling with a friend who had one of these great bags and I was super jealous! Support GRRR-Inspired VideosIt's readers and viewers like you, who support the constant creation of free GRRR-Inspired content! When I discover a certain aspect of my travel gear works for me and I like it, I become loyal to it… I marry it until one of us croaks. Wheels are lightweight but firmly protected by a hard plastic bumper, should the bag get knocked around by baggage handlers. There’s back padding to cushion it from the outside world, so that it can take knocks without getting a dent. The Double Back 22 is stylish, without drawing a lot of attention itself, which makes it perfect for both, rugged backpacking, business travel and solo travelers.

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