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But I recently stumbled upon one DIY post on a popular Australian fashion blog, A Pair and a Spare, which I fear, may have crossed the DIY line. Now, as much as there are plenty of jokes to be made about what this says about fashion today, I can’t help but admit that in these photographs her look (and her old paper bag), pretty much kick ass. I’d say I’ve been collecting Herve Chapelier bags since my early teens, I cannot leave Paris without falling for yet another colour variation. I like to call them Auntie bags because my auntie used to wear one in the 90s all the time.

I found an online treasure chest of gas lantern slides today in Yale's digital rare book library today. While he might look like the average modern hipster, Che Alejandro actually thinks of himself as a "neo-hippie communist". I think by now most of us have heard the story about our world-famous soft drink, Coco-Cola, once containing a significant dose of cocaine until it was removed from the recipe in 1903.
If you stay in Paris long enough, you'll no doubt end up with your own list of urban secrets.

Bloggers, including myself, are all over that sh*t, blogging about new ways to avoid paying for the latest trends and exercising our inner creative flair at the same time. Outside of the fash-pack, wouldn’t most people simply assume you’d just picked up your takeway lunch?

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