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Back in April I wrote about my search for the best carry-on bag for a long-term trip to South America.
After toting the Aeronaut around South America for five months, I’m ready to tell you how it held up. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you come home to find a box from Tom Bihn on your doorstep.
The Aeronaut is made with 1050 denier high tenacity ballistic nylon, a sturdy, ripstop, water-resistant material.
No offense backpackers, but I wanted to travel with a backpack without looking like a backpacker. These items that are pictured above I ended up not bringing: 1 towel, 1 hairbrush, 1 pair of running shoes. Miami Beach (AFP) - The perfect-sized bag was proposed Tuesday by the world's largest airline association, as it aims to resolve how to squeeze everyone's carry-on luggage onto a crowded plane. The rolling suitcase would be small enough to allow every passenger on a flight of 120 people or more to fit one bag in the overhead space near their seat, said Tom Windmuller, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) senior vice president for airport, passenger, cargo and security. Many airlines have different size requirements for carry-ons, which can lead to confusion, said Windmuller. Then they began talking with baggage manufacturers to urge them to start making bags that fit the parameters. However, this label will only be available on new bags, and not for travelers that may already have an ideally sized bag in their collection. Airlines are not required to sign up for the program, but Windmuller said the response from airline executives has been favorable so far. Windmuller said the IATA has already communicated with its 260 member airlines -- who operate 83 percent of global air traffic -- about the program. That's exactly what Tumi has cooked up with its limited-edition Tumi X Vice Brief Pack, a $495 backpack in its Alpha line.
Though the LED lights sound a bit gimmicky, the idea of actually being able to see inside your man bag in dim lighting could benefit people besides DJs and other club denizens. Apparently Vice has a thing for neon green, so the Tumi bag's interior is lined in said color.
My new strategy is to carry on two similarly sized bags, instead of one big one and one small one.
And now, no more forced checking of bags or checked bag fees--until the airlines start charging for carry-ons, that is. A patent filing discovered by Patently Apple reveals that Apple may be developing “a killer 3D imaging camera” for still and video photography.
According to the patent filing, the cameras Apple is developing would use depth-detection sensors such as laser, RADAR, and LIDAR to create 3D images. Of course, just because Apple has filed a patent for 3D cameras doesn’t mean the company will incorporate that technology into a future product. Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus, which you use to jot notes and add annotations to just about anything you see on the Android phone's screen. Stand out from the endless ranks of threadbare black sports bags on the carousel with the new City Elite trolley case.
Caribee design their carry on luggage to be functional, reliable and versatile without compromising style so you can look sharp and business like wherever you end up on your travels.
The Aeronaut has accompanied me to Machu Picchu (twice), been thrown into many a crowded colectivo, bus, and train, sat beside me in restaurants while I ate, and even served as my pillow on a bench in the Lima airport and on the floor of the Miami airport. This bag has been rained on, thrown onto the ground in the streets of Cusco, stuffed into tiny overhead bins, and slept upon at airports.
While it does help to relieve some stress off my shoulders, after a few minutes, I’m still resorting to hooking my thumbs underneath the straps, leaning forward, and hoisting them off my shoulders to find relief.

Since the top of the backpack strap is located a few inches below the top of the bag, what happens is, when packed full, the excess bag at the top will sag, which is why you find yourself hooking your thumbs along the straps on your chest and pulling forward. These things pictured above are what I wore on the plane: shirt, tank top, jacket, pair of jeans, pair of boots, leggings, wool socks, and a scarf. Though it could use some added support in the backpack carrying option, I think it hits the mark everywhere else. I don’t need another backpack but am tempted to see if this one will become my travel staple. I was spending way too much time reading everything I could about Apple's new smartwatch.
I'll also be reporting on my own experiences, positive and negative, once I wrap an Apple Watch around my wrist. The backpack design was influenced by Vice, a noted DJ, which explains why the main compartment features LED lighting with three power levels.
A Delta rep at the gate eyed my Victorinox bag, which admittedly was a bit overstuffed, and made me try to squeeze it into the metal frame that approximates the acceptable size of a carry-on. Meanwhile, rumors about what to expect in the iPhone 5 are starting to heat up (yes, again). And even if Apple does add 3D imagery, the technology might not show up in the next iPhone. While the release of a new iPad was predictable, some of its features—and missing features—were surprising. And he was none too pleased with Samsung, the company with which Apple has been embroiled in various patent disputes. And speaking of its screen, it measures 5.3 inches, the largest of any smartphone on the market.
I'm enjoying using the stylus and the S Memo app (included) to mark up web pages and maps. After researching and testing different bags (including the Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender, a review of which I’ll post next), the one I decided to bring to South America is the Tom Bihn Aeronaut. In fact, the Aeronaut has been my most constant and reliable companion during my time in South America. When the Aeronaut is fully packed, because of its size, it becomes very clunky and uncomfortable to carry as a duffel. Other than that, the Aeronaut fits snugly into every airline box carry-on size checker I’ve come across.
A simple, small strap connecting the top of the backpack strap to the top of the bag itself would solve this problem. From its YKK zippers, to its 1050 denier fabric, this bag screams high-quality in every tiny detail. And so, my experience with Delta had me thinking: How can I beat the airlines at their game? The wheeled bag is a bit too big to go under the seat, but the Large Weekender is just fine, as long as you don't overstuff it. The new iPad sports a significantly improved rear-facing camera, capable of 5 megapixels, compared to the iPad 2’s similar camera, capable of just 0.7 megapixels.
Since Steve Jobs’ bio hit stores, rumors have swirled that Apple is working on a smart TV that will be controlled by Siri, the virtual assistant technology Apple acquired and added to the iPhone 4S. With apologies to a man I greatly respected, I must admit that I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note the first day it was available (last Sunday), and so far, I'm really enjoying it.
It's not terribly easy to hold the device in one hand while checking email or making a call, but it can be done. Increasingly, brick & mortar retailers are posting QR codes in stores, which provide more information—and sometimes lower prices—for products.

Before you click to purchase that new gadget, do a Google search to see if there is a promo code you can use. Given the short shelf life of today’s electronics, it’s a good idea to hold onto the box a gadget came in along with its contents (including DVDs, cables, and such). Specifically engineered to fit in the aircraft cabin as hand luggage on low cost airlines even Ryanair. The Seattle-based company sent me a product sample of the Aeronaut for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. Zipper failure happens on almost every bag, and I have stuffed the Aeronaut really full at times–but the zippers have never broken.
Not only do they compress things once you zip them up, they also keep you organized and prevent the contents of your bag from slipping and sliding around. After toting it around for five months in South America, I can honestly say the Tom Bihn Aeronaut is one sturdy, well-designed, and beautiful bag. Given that Apple plans to continue selling the iPad 2, this no-name strategy seems a bit odd. Apple says its rear-facing camera is also capable of capturing 1080p video, while the previous iPad could only record 720p.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense for Apple to get more people accustomed to Siri before the smart Apple TV is introduced? For example, on a recent trip to a Best Buy in San Francisco, I discovered prices that were $30 or $40 higher for digital cameras than the prices on Best Buy’s site, which I quickly obtained by snapping the cameras' QR codes with my iPhone.
Lightweight at only 2.8 kilos the City Elite hand luggage trolley case has quickly established itself as one of our most popular products with discerning businessmen and women. Rest assured, my Tom Bihn Aeronaut review will still be brutally honest (would you expect anything less from me?). I’ve spilled water on it before, and watched as the water beads rolled off the fabric, kind of like on duck feathers. On top of that, the YKK Coil Aquaguard zippers Tom Bihn employs for the Aeronaut form a sort of water-repellent seal, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet should it rain. And how will we effectively do Google searches for the new iPad, without having to see results for previous iPads too?
Even so, Apple has left the VGA-quality FaceTime front-facing camera unchanged with the new iPad. And if so, wouldn’t the new iPad have been an ideal opportunity to acquaint more users with Siri? In both cases, I showed the lower price to store employees, and they matched the lower prices.
Similarly, you might check to see if there are promo codes for a particular retailer, like best buy promo code. On the other hand, Apple is fighting a formidable competitor in the smartphone market—Google and its Android platform.
Siri is a strong competitive differentiator for Apple’s smartphone, so maybe that’s why the folks in Cupertino decided to keep Siri exclusive to the iPhone 4S.
Admittedly, far more people are likely to use an iPhone as a camera than an iPad, due to the sizes of the two devices. After all, if Siri were also available on the iPad, could that diminish demand for the 4S in some way? Apple could truly disrupt the filmmaking industry by adding truly awesome video and audio recording capabilities to the iPad—which, with its new 9.7-inch Retina display, would make one hell of a viewfinder.

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