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The acceptable carry on bag size for each airline, and in some cases each aircraft is different. The TSA provides the SizeWise units you see in most airports, the premise is that if your bag fits inside this container then you can carry it on the plane as it will fit in the overhead bin and leave the space at your feet for your laptop bag, purse, or backpack (your personal item). In addition to the size of the bag varying by airline, in order to confuse you further the weight also varies.
So, keeping in mind that the above is a guide and that each airline provides their own rules for carry on size.
May 11, 2013 by Editor Leave a Comment In my previous post, I discussed the four most important things to pack in your carry on bag. At Delta airlines you are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item at no extra charge. IN-DEPTH: Travellers are being offered new search and comparison tools to make smarter and more informed choices as they plan their trips. The travel industry continues to witness the emergence of new tools for holidaymakers, enabling them to compare the optional extra fees charged by airlines when booking their travel. Regulatory bodies and even travel intermediaries acknowledge that consumers need to consider charges alongside the ticket price and the extra charges that could be applied before making bookings.
Earlier this year, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) mentioned that the diversity of UK aviation offers choice and value to UK consumers with airlines adopting various business models. In another development, this week personal finance search site NerdWallet has introduced a new airline fees search and comparison tool as airlines in the US continue to unbundle services, charging travellers more fees for services that were once offered for free. In March, Farelogix launched its iflybags iPhone app, which is being described as the first airline baggage fee and allowance calculation app. Jao added that despite attempts by the US Department of Transportation to provide more transparency in advertised airfares earlier this year, travellers still cannot easily search and compare airline fees. Referring to fees that travellers have to pay, the site mentioned that travellers need to know potential cost differences in booking and changing tickets online, over the phone, or at the airport.
At the time of the launch of the CAA’s tool, Transport Secretary Justine Greening acknowledged that many air tickets seem to come with unexpected charges for everything from choosing a seat to just ‘booking’ the ticket.
The CAA has also worked to ensure all airlines operating in the UK now comply with their obligation to display clearly all unavoidable fees, taxes and charges upfront in their booking processes. There are airlines, especially ones belonging to the low-cost category, that are quite competent in making consumers understand the significance of why certain charges make sense or are useful enough for them.
For instance, AirAsia Group isn’t averse to charging its customers for new services, but it ensures that there is some novelty factor associated with its offering. It seems the airline knows how to ensure that travellers pay for services that normally haven’t been charged for in the past.

In December last year, AirAsia chose to abolish the counter check-in fees for all international flights throughout its route network. The Business Travel Coalition (BTC) believes that the federal government can uniquely solve this problem for airlines unable to act independently and for consumers being financially harmed. PwC, in its recent study, found that 65 percent of leisure travellers value all inclusive over a la carte options.  Ancillary fees may bring in revenue but can also drive-out customers.
Airlines have an opportunity to create travel bundles that align with a flyer’s known preferences, e.g. This can also help carriers reduce time and effort around trying to sell these services to flyers who have consistently declined in the past.
EyeforTravel Limited, a registered company in England and Wales - Registered Number 06286442. There are of course exceptions for luggage sets and the like but generally, we are trying to present bags that will fit in the overhead bin or can be used as your personal item. Whatever your preference, be sure to pack your headphones so they won’t get tangled, toiletries on top for easy access through security, and protect your electronics from damage.
One of the areas that is being addressed by such tools pertains to letting consumers understand and compare additional charges being levied by air carriers. The tool is launching with more than 300 airline fees from all major US airlines, initially focusing on helping travellers with domestic air travel.
It offers travellers an easy way to obtain general airline information about checked baggage allowances (quantity, weight, and size of checked bags allowed for free by a specific airline).
Some airlines are now charging more for carry-on and checked bags at the airport than online. Ultimately, however, it’s time that airlines were far clearer cut with passengers about these add-on charges in the first place,” said Greening.
Be it for tools or even objections raised by various stakeholders within the industry, such initiatives can have a negative impact on any brand. These entities urged Congress to direct the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to within 180 days require airlines to disclose optional fee information in the same electronic and transactable formats used to publish airfares themselves. If one airline were to include comprehensive information on optional fees, that carrier would be disadvantaged because the cost of transportation on that carrier would appear – to the unaware consumer – to be higher than the cost of travel on its competitors. That is the length, plus the width, plus the height must be less than 45 inches combined total. Your bag needs to be small enough to meet airline carry on size requirements, but large enough to carry an extra set of clothes, your books and entertainment, snacks and a water bottle. Backpacks worn with both shoulder straps can be more comfortable for a heavy load or walking long distances, while also freeing up both hands to carry your boarding pass and id.

Accordingly, the Authority introduced its tool and published a summary of the optional charges levied by the top airlines in the UK in one, easy-to-use price comparison document. AirAsia X says it is the first airline in Asia Pacific to offer its guests travelling in Economy, an option which provides a chance to get all three seats in a row for a nominal fee. The Empty Seat option is an added service to our ancillary product offerings which adds extra value to our service offerings. Prior to this, AirAsia also reduced the processing fee for the usage of charge cards during flight booking from RM8 per guest per sector to only RM5 per guest per sector. Of course, an odd shaped bag could fit this total and still not fit in the overhead bin so try to stay with some of the more traditional bags. A hand held luggage scale makes this easy to check and helps you avoid excess luggage fees.
It also needs to be made of durable material to put up with being shoved under seats, crammed into overhead bins, and sent down a conveyor belt through security. Information on the cost of taking hold luggage on board, having an in-flight meal and reserving specific seats was included, along with a range of other optional charges that airlines may apply.
Travellers who want to find the cheapest fees can compare across all airlines by selecting personal travel preferences (i.e. We offer them the option to purchase only what is required depending on individual needs rather than bundling the cost to our fare offerings. If my first flight arrives late and I have to run between terminals to catch my connection, a backpack is easier to hold on to and keep my personal belongings together.
The fees and charges comparison table included information on the optional fees and charges applied by the top airlines operating in the UK, based on scheduled flight numbers.
However, if a checked bag is overweight or oversized, airlines will charge an additional fee ranging from $25 to $200 for an overweight bag and $50 to $300 for an oversized bag.
If a bag is both overweight and oversized, the airline will charge a checked bag fee, an overweight fee, and an oversized fee. A hand held luggage scale makes this easy to check and helps you avoid excess luggage fees.So, keeping in mind that the above is a guide and that each airline provides their own rules for carry on size.

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