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Additional shipping fees apply to oversized items such as larger sized luggage, desk sets, luggage valets, jewel boxes or any item requiring oversized boxes. Despite the fact that orders over $100 will automatically default to zero charges in the shipping box, actual freight will indeed be added to any products requiring an oversized box.
The Belfort Plus collection by Delsey comes with a TSA lock to keep your items safe, yet still allows TSA agents to inspect your bag if needed. I have the same bag I want to change the lock password I don’t know how to do this please can you teach me ?? International treaties require that all luggage be security screened before being loaded on passenger aeroplanes. When TSA Approved luggage locks are opened by TSA officers with a master key a small red dot is triggered to show the lock has been opened. Some TSA approved key locks come complete with keys to open the standard key hole component on the lock.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Canada Luggage Depot gives you the best selection at the best price!  We are continuously working to deliver you with the highest quality products of the industry at the lowest prices. Choose from our wide selection of backpacks, bags, briefcases, evening bags, handbags, luggage, travel accessories & umbrellas.

Check with your airline for specific details regarding charges relating to oversize baggage. Helium Colours by Delsey is made of rugged polypropylene that gives your luggage durability, while four EZ Glide spinner wheels provide effortless rolling that's perfect for when you have to stand in long lines or push your carry-on down the aisle. The hard side construction is made to withstand all the bumps and tosses that whey will go through during your trip. If you’re travelling to the United States of America it may be a good idea to consider using Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved luggage locks for your suitcases.
Usually, authorised agents inspecting luggage will leave written evidence to notify the bags owner of the inspection and the reasons for it. A 100% Canadian owned company, our everyday low prices on bags & travel goods are what we pride ourselves on. In fun, vibrant and bold colors you are sure to stand out from the crowd in this collection of fully featured luggage!
It is made from a very durable polypropylene material that can withstand some of the harshest handling. The lock uses a combination style so you don’t have to worry about having a key in order to open it up.
The elastic pocket is designed to hold your smaller items and keep them readily available when you need them.

The clasp design makes it that much easier to access and secure your contents when you need it.
Every security screening location at all US airports and now many other international airports are able to open the locks and then re-lock them after inspection. TSA Combination Luggage Locks and luggage with TSA fixed combination locks can provide great convenience to those who want to keep the contents of their luggage secure. When not used, the handle stores easily away in its housing which sits flush with the bag itself. In countries, like the USA and Japan, baggage security often requires luggage to be opened to complete the inspection. While you can use a normal lock to secure your suitcase, the TSA has the right to remove it by any means available; if your luggage does not use a TSA accepted lock the TSA can and will break it open for inspection. We’ve all heard horror stories of suitcases being ripped apart at US Airports security checks… these bags were most likely non-TSA compliant; luggage that is protected with TSA approved locks will remain intact after US Inspections. You will definitely be satisfied with this luggage collection to get you to your next destination.

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