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This high-quality hard-side bag, perfect for both casual and frequent travelers, is at the ideal intersection of quality and affordability. The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley comes in Black, Cobalt Blue, and Titanium. One of the best things about hard shell exterior bags like this one is that they do a fantastic job of protecting all of your belongings stored inside. This Delsey bag is a spinner type – which in our opinion is the very best type of wheel setup! The four spinner wheels make moving through the airport easy and allow you to slide around tight spaces with little effort. The handles of the Delsey are smooth as well, retracting and protracting without any blips. The expansion is a useful feature allowing you pack more just in case you end up coming home with lots of souvenirs from your travels.
As with most suitcases with small spinner wheels, the Delsey Helium Shadow is better equipped for gliding around an airport, but not cobblestones or rugged areas. The interior of the luggage is pretty basic with a main compartment and a zippered top area. Equipped with smooth spinner wheels, sturdy handles and a sleek exterior, the Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 is suited for vacationers, business travelers and everyone in between.
Be sure to also check out our reviews of the Samsonite F’Lite hardshell suitcase and the Samsonite B’Lite. Introduction For This Delsey Luggage Reviews Article Delsey luggage is one of the best in the market right now and this will be a Delsey luggage reviews article. It’s very best special time in Indonesia, the land of largest archipelago and the finest beaches in the world. Are you ready to touch the new destination, I believe you’ll enjoy with the new experience in new place and culture.
Delsey is an international brand present in over 110 countries worldwide and on 5 continents. The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley is a great with discount luggage promotion and special attribute, and you will love.
The style of Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley is outstanding design with a deep metallic glossy finish to travel, that makes easy for your consideration to buy. The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley made of 100% polycarbonate with glossy finish which makes the case extremely lightweight.
Four twin spinner wheels assuring multi-directional rolling, superior maneuverability and optional stability with zero weight on your hand. Shirts x4, Toiletry bags x2, Pairs of shoes x 4, Trousers x 6 and coats x2 and enables the volume of your luggage to be increased at any time for carrying additional items.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley is a good choice that will make your anywhere trip so much easier and continent. In Amazon, I found over 64 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
I found some comments from the customers who use the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley, a man from Florida found the problem of the luggage got a crack all the way through during its very first flight.
Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley is the beautiful discount luggage,  with regular, vertical lines, to give the suitcase a sharp, strong style inspired by architecture, said by Anthony from Delsey Paris. Related PostsPierre Cardin Signature Spinner Four Piece Luggage Set - Discount Luggage Review77Are you finding the special discount luggage, luxury and multi-purpose in the same time?
It offers a study hard shell exterior and maneuverable spinner wheels in one stylish package. You don’t need to worry about the top or sides of your bags being crushed and damaged when you maneuver through typical travel situations like rolling your luggage through airports, sending it through security, loading it into overhead bins, storing it on buses or train baggage compartments, and all of the other normal situations that cause wear and tear on a bag. The primary section is the large area for the bulk of your belongings, and it comes with a few organizational pockets as well as clothing straps.
Via a zipper mechanism, you can extend the height of the bag by 2″ for those situations when you find yourself with more stuff to pack than you originally anticipated. It allows you to easily protect your belongs with its hard outer shell, while giving you easy access to your gadgets and documents via an accessible front pouch. The luggage has a normal design and layout with everything where you’d expect in a modern hardshell suitcase.
Even though we checked the suitcase in, the cups survived and am sure the hardshell exterior of the Delsey helped. Also, you won’t need to buy a lock for the Helium Shadow since there is a built-in TSA approved combination lock located at the side of the suitcase. The suitcase has everything you’d need, except that it would be nice if there was an exterior pocket allowing you to access things quickly without having to open the entire suitcase. I’d recommend you use packing cubes when traveling with the Delsey Helium Shadow because they would be helpful with organizing your clothes and keeping them from shifting around inside the suitcase. Delsey offers a great number of products, which is very good as it offers great variety to suite your liking, theme or fashion style.
August offers the best choice of travel option in Asia, during this period, Indonesia is may the best choice for your journey. The country is located close extremely to the Equator which means you have 12 hours of daylight daily that means the nice weather with the warm temperatures and rain in the afternoon makes a perfect for a snooze, especially with a twist of sea-breeze in the coastal areas. A next customer found a small gouge in the side, however, she satisfied the responsible by Amazon, for full paid in this case.

This hard-sided luggage is constructed of 100% poly-carbonate to create a bag that is durable, sturdy, and relatively lightweight.
You can easily reset the default numbers and make up your own combination (instructions for that are in the instruction manual). However, like in most cases, increased choices means more confusion on what to actually get. The hard exterior of the bag makes it slightly cumbersome to access, and it doesn’t have a huge amount of space.
Delsey is also present in USA with an increasing market recognition achieved through department stores. But this will be more amazing if the things that will hold all of your stuff will also be a trusted quality of bag or luggage that you can carry anywhere you are.
But can be a lifesaver to have a separate area to keep your most frequently accessed items in without having to open the main suitcase area, that you might want to secure with a travel lock while on the go.
If you are looking for a Delsey lite luggage reviews, Delsey polycarbonate luggage reviews or Delsey superlite luggage reviews, then you have come to the right place as this article is going to cover the subject and a few things that you need to know when shopping for Delsey luggage. Delsey Luggage Reviews – Helium Luggage For our Delsey luggage reviews helium, this specific luggage from Delsey is one of the most known luggages. If you say so, this American Flyer Luggage Silver Clover 5 Piece Set Spinner is a good option for you. It features the Securi Tech Zip, which offers 41 times the strength compared to regular luggage zipper. It also comes in a wide variety of colors such as purple, read, pink, orange, black, gray and blue. It has an exterior made of ABS and polycarbonate, which means it can easily withstand the rigors of flight travel. Anything you can imagine to store in a carry-on, you can store in this specific luggage and more. The design feature is very durable, making it perfect for the travelers who may experience some rugged conditions. Polycarbonate is a good material as it does not stretch-out, does not de-form very easy and very durable.
You’re best bet is to stick with Helium if you are looking for superlite luggage from Delsey.

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