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The rifle is built on a commercially manufactured "large ring" Mauser Model 98 bolt action. Like all Mauser 98 actions it has dual front locking lugs, a rear safety lug, full length extractor, and blade type ejector. The typical Mauser bolt release is located on the left side of the receiver and the safety is a slider at the right rear of the action.
The slightly pear shaped bolt knob wears very fine checkering divided into five small areas. The white bottom metal is intended to show off the engraving on the bottom iron, magazine floor plate and trigger guard, which were skillfully executed (and signed) by master engraver George Sherwood. The stock is made from what I would describe as Triple-A (AAA) grade American black walnut. The comb slants gently downward from rear to front to minimize the effect of recoil on the face, as per the Weatherby model.
I consider 20-24 lpi checkering to be optimum for a hunting rifle and 22 lpi checkering to be the golden mean.

The bottom of the pistol grip is protected by an ornate German silver grip cap with a blank central space upon which the owners initials could be engraved.
Pat Mundy of Leupold graciously offered to provide a new Leupold VX-III 2.5-8x36mm riflescope for this article.
There is a complete review of the Leupold VX-III 2.5-8x36mm scope on the Product Review Page and an article about this scope and its special reticle on the Scopes and Sport Optics Page, so I will keep my comments here brief. Like me, Larry Brace was a fan of Leupold scopes and mounts and the receiver of this .270 came drilled and tapped for the Leupold STD one-piece FN Mauser scope base (#49988). Leupold mounts minimize the number of screws required and thus reduce the chances of something coming loose in the field. All three of these .270 bullet weights have been used to take hoofed animals ranging in size from tiny African dik dik to giant Alaskan moose. For subdued recoil, try the Remington Managed Recoil load that uses a 115 grain PSP Core-Lokt bullet at a MV of 2710 fps. I used Hoppe's Crosshair sighting-in targets at 100 yards for shooting the groups recorded here.

This rifle obviously prefers the Winchester Super-X 130 grain Power Point factory load and shot good groups with it.
Please, click in the "Enter New Address" link you'll see in the next page and set your address in there. Larry Brace, gun maker laureate of Eugene, Oregon, passed away about a year prior to my writing this article, after a long battle with cancer.
After that, please, come back to the cart, or click on the "Request a quote" button, right above the "Enter New Address" one just mentioned, to be requesting for an estimate on the items in your cart.

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