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Aside from worrying about the “tanim-bala” modus and scamming porters at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it seems that passengers also have to keep a close eye on their luggage’s weight. Netizen Cristina Duran Catabona complained about her experience at the Cebu Pacific check-in counter at Terminal 3 in NAIA last October 4, 2015. Much to her surprise, the bags came out heavier by 3 kilograms at the Cebu Pacific check-in counter. She was told by the Cebu Pacific staff that they were merely renting the weighing scales from the NAIA. The difference might not affect passengers if the final weight will not exceed the baggage allowance, but for those who exceed the limit it can be a pricey consequence. UPDATE: Cebu Pacific issued an official statement on the issue on their official Facebook page last October 6.
One can never have enough folding electric scooters, and here’s one more neat concept from Chinese manufacturers XOR Motors. Because of their very nature, creating and building a folding scooter is not an easy task, at least not if the manufacturer wants to deliver a clean, neat, good-looking bike in the showroom.

Another cool feature is the fact that XOR Motors is offering multiple power options for the ET Scooter.
Currently, the XOR Motors can only do 20 km (12 miles) but for close-range urban commuting, this is more than enough. Made from aluminium tubes joined together by a patented locking system, the XOR Motors ET Scooter rolls on tiny wheels with nice, sticky tires, whose entire diameter reaches 12 inches and has dual disc brakes. Keeping you looking stylish and prepared at the airport!AmirA® digital luggage scale, designed with quality nylon strap and solid metal for strength, has a large capacity of up to 110 lbs(50 kg). Since there were weighing scales placed in strategic points inside the airport, Cristina weighed hers and took some pictures. She showed the snapshots of the bags’ weight at the other weighing scale and complained about the added weight.
In disputes like this, the final verdict is based on the reading from the check-in counter’s weighing scale, even if the other weighing scale is located within NAIA, too.
Meanwhile, international flights are charged differently, depending on the point of origin and the destination.

The first thing we loved about their ET Scooter is the ultra-clean design, one of the habitual troublemakers when it comes to drawing a folding scooter.
The vehicle tips the scales at 30 kg (66 lb) and can carry up to five times its own weight, rider and luggage together.
Imagine riding some 15 km (9 mi) to work, plugging the ET Scooter in and having it ready to roll when you leave. Ensure your cheapest travel bargains don't become extravagances due to excess luggage fees. Remove luggage related surprises and stress at airports, keeping you looking stylish and prepared!INSTANT WEIGHT ALERT: Notable warning light for instant luggage fee alert.

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