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Last night, in Manila living a Travelife, I attended a party hosted by Ambassador and Madame Ton Boon Von Ochsee to celebrate the investiture of the new King, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.
It was a full ballroom and a very well-attended party that began at 6 PM and ended at 11 PM.
Giant video screens were also set up in the ballroom so that everyone could watch the simple but majestic investiture of King Willem-Alexander in real-time. The flash mob was organized with utmost secrecy by Ambassador and Madame Boon Von Ochsee, and they personally led the dancing. Everyone who was invited to participate in this surprise flash mob -- the first ever at an ambassador's party or at any formal reception in the Philippines, I believe -- received an email from Madame Martine several weeks ago. All recipients were requested to keep the plans completely confidential, whether they were going to say yes to joining the flash mob or not. But I made sure to get back to Manila in time for the final rehearsal, which was held at the Peninsula Manila last Saturday. Having arrived from Japan just the day before, I had no idea who else was participating in the flashmob. The final practice at the Peninsula Manila was lots of fun and we certainly worked up a sweat and an enthusiasm -- enough for many of us to suggest to the Dutch Ambassador that we make this a regular thing. The flash mob group agreed to wear something in orange, and to stick together in the center of the ballroom at the appointed time. My first lunch back in Tokyo two weekends ago, living a Travelife, was at a pretty local restaurant in Shibuya that served chicken in unique ways. I ordered a teppanyaki chicken lunch, and my set -- which cost JYEN 1400 -- came with juicy pieces of chicken already cooked along with some vegetables. It was served with a bowl of rice, a bowl of grated yam to place over the rice, and another big bowl of healthy chicken soup. After so many days of pretty fancy food, it was also wonderful to go back to the basics in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. Today, I dressed up in a Sri Lankan saree and headed to the New World Hotel to attend the National Day celebrations of Israel, hosted by H.E. For some reason, I felt like wearing a saree tonight, so I chose a lovely silk one with a rather modern print. After being away so much on a never-endingly eventful Travelife -- what else is new -- I was very happy to see many friends and acquaintances again at one event after another.
And on those days that I don't have an event penciled in, I have dinners scheduled with good friends. We were all in different generations of AIESEC but somehow we knew each other from way back. But with me, it was hard to figure out the connection as I went to a different school and I got transferred to the AIESEC National Committee almost immediately upon joining AIESEC.
It turned out that one of the guys had also been in Boston for an AIESEC International Congress with me, ages ago.

Meanwhile, the other guy said to me, with a smile: "I used to read your articles about AIESEC, and that's one of the reasons I started thinking about joining. We were having lots of fun talking about AIESEC when we spotted a photo opportunity with former Philippine President Fidel Ramos. Then, long after the music had stopped and most of the guests had gone home, I stayed on at the party just because the Israel Ambassador and Madame Bar-On are really dear friends of mine.
Then I went home, thinking about how happy I am to be back in Manila, and how I just had another wonderful evening in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. We were a party of four, and we ate at XO46, that great Filipino bistro in Salcedo Village.
I'd been seriously hankering for spicy laing, adobo sa gata and bangus salpicao for the longest time -- but my never-endingly eventful Travelife just didn't make this possible until today.
So I skipped breakfast and waited out my hunger until lunchtime, knowing fully well I would probably eat enough for a year in a matter of two hours. On the guise of a planning session for our upcoming trip to Spain, the four of us organized a lunch meeting. Yes, one of the trips in my never-endingly eventful Travelife for 2013 is a driving trip all over Spain.
The four of us are going and we needed to agree on the parameters of where to go and what to do. As always, I'm in charge of planning the trip -- we are Travelife, after all, and absolutely no one can plan a seamless best-of-breed trip better than we can -- but of course I need inputs from the rest.
So today I halted work for a while to do a bit more planning for my Travelife for this year. It's really fun to choose where to stay -- this is my favorite part, by the way, as I'm such a hotel junkie -- but it can get quite confusing when you're dealing with hotel reservations in 15 to 20 cities all at the same time.
But the real highlight for today is the fact that I've just tasted the best halo-halo in the world. Inside, it's full of the traditional good stuff that goes into a halo-halo, including leche flan, kaong, pinipig, nata de coco, sweet banana and other things.
But there are two secret ingredients in this XO46 halo-halo that make it completely different from anywhere else. And the rest is history -- although I still have to figure out whether I really like the taste or just the crushed ice. And tomorrow, I need to actually find something slinky and orange to wear to the formal party marking the coronation of the new King of the Netherlands. And then there was this delicious halo-halo to top another delicious lunch in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.
Plus, I'd been hankering for good lamb biryani for days now, and this was the perfect opportunity, in between my never-endingly eventful Travelife.
But it's delicious as well, especially with their special biryani sauce and yoghurt, plus their homemade creamy garlic sauce and hot sauce.

But yesterday morning, at the Peninsula Manila, I'd bumped into a friend I'd been thinking of for weeks but who I'd been unable to see all this time because our schedules just hadn't matched. We just happened to be in the same event -- and you'll be hearing more about this rather crazy event in a few days. Over the past weeks, I've been in Vietnam, India and Japan; and when I was actually in Manila, she had been away. By coincidence, we saw each other at this event on Saturday morning, after such a long time.
There's never much time for anything these days, so before saying goodbye, she said to me: "Just text me if you're suddenly free or if you want to do something. But you know how sometimes that five-minute distance is even longer than a 5000 kilometer distance?
So that same afternoon, after we'd caught up a bit at the Peninsula Manila, I sent this friend a text when I was back home: "What are you doing tonight? I was having dinner with these two guys at Persia Grill, and I knew they'd be happy for her to join. It ended up being such an enjoyable and delicious evening in Manila, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.
Fortunately, my latest order of Tinsley dresses arrived, and one of my orders was for a geometric print dress with lots of orange in it. The two guys went to UP and they're frat brothers as well, so there's definitely a connection between them. In fact, I actually shared one order with someone, and after tasting this halo-halo, I wish I'd ordered my own.
All the guys were drinking it practically everyday at lunch with their curries and one day I had a glass with them. It's one fancy event after another this week, and I need to fit into some pretty slinky dresses. So we decided then and there to have tea and some food at the lobby of the Peninsula Manila after the event. You get a cold drink that's really the equivalent of a slushie -- if you've ever had one of those. Leave us a review Thanks a lot, your feedback is greatly appreciated.NameEmailComment Submit Fareoair - Your one stop platform to plan a dream holiday!

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