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We have put together this great trip in Las Vegas with a choice of 3*, 4* or 5* hotels so you can choose your favourite depending on your taste and budget.
We found flights using our awesome (if we do say so ourselves) Flights Comparison Tool, flying from Dublin on 2nd February and returning on 7th February. If you are looking for alternative flights you should check out our flights comparison tool, it cross compares all the cheapest vendors for any booking, ensuring it shows you shows you direct and in-direct flight solutions with a parameter search for local airports. If you are looking for a different hotel you should check out our hotel comparison tool, it cross compares all the cheapest vendors for any booking furthermore, it supplies a range hotels to suit all budgets, whether you are looking for a budget break to a luxury spa hotel it will surely find it. You should always check out TripAdvisor to ensure the ratings of any hotel bookings are of a satisfactory standard, sometimes lower rating hotels rank very well so it always makes great sense to check are you getting value for money. If you are looking for car hire you should check out our car hire comparison tool, it cross compares all the cheapest vendors for any booking sometimes the same product can be offered by a third party for a fraction of the cost.
If you are looking for some cheap attraction tickets we highly recommend you check out Attractiontix and 365 tickets, they have very competitive rates on theme parks, local attractions, tours and tickets. With a month’s notice for a round trip, the cheapest time to fly is on a twilight departure flight in the middle of the week and with one stop both ways.
The cheapest way to fly in a weekend getaway is by taking a redeye, which means leaving between 8-10 p.m. The cheapest way to leave immediately is by booking a round trip, departing in the afternoon and returning on a redeye.

Taking a red eye or evening flight might get you to the party a little late, but chances are you won’t miss a thing. If you would prefer to fly from other departure airports, our Flights Comparison Tool can assist you will all your needs.
This is a great solution for travelling to other cities when base pointing cheap flights or when you are booking a luxury UK hotel stay.
This will not only save you the hassle of checking all sites it can often save you a shed load of money. Additionally if you are looking for a hotel in the UK Travelodge have super saver rates if booked in advance, it's always worth a check if the rates apply to your dates.
The benefit of this tool is it will not only save you money it will actually save you time, all the results can be filtered to suit your requirements. They have a range of options from shared shuttles to private taxis in a host of destinations including all major European hot spots. Alternatively download and install our app to your smartphone or tablet where you will receive direct notifications to the deals that interest you! Leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday, while ideal, will double the price in comparison to leaving and returning in the middle of the week. Whether coming home a week later or the next day, the prices for a last minute flight are about the same.

To download our app to your device, simply visit the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store.
Keep in mind, though, a returning flight might have you depart from Vegas late afternoon and return in the middle of the night, so prepare ahead for work on Wednesday morning. Flexibility is available in roundtrip situations, but you’ll likely have to take a redeye at least one of the ways. You will need to click the separate booking buttons which can be found above (blue buttons) and make individual payments to each of the respective suppliers. Of course you will pay a bit extra for this hotel but when you check out the pictures you will see why. The hotel is located just West if the strip and is decorated elegantly so you can feel like a VIP during your stay.
There is a huge outdoor swimming pool and a Luxury spa, a great way of relaxing after a busy day in bustling Vegas. It is a perfect solution for the cheap flight and hotel solutions we post as it often requires a bit of travelling.

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