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WE MOVED and now offering our customers over 4,300 drop-off locations with a secure & convenient central UPS warehouse. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO FILL OUT THE FIELDS BELOW SO WE CAN GIVE YOU A QUOTE AND OPTIONS TO SELL YOUR ITEMS. The Celine luggage bag has been highly coveted by countless celebrities and fashionistas since its creation. I had three bags in mind when I went into the Celine boutique on Madison Avenue – trapeze, luggage and trio.

Last but not least I tried on the Luggage and to my delight it was much lighter than the Trapeze.
Hi Mimi, I bought this Celine bag while I was in New York, from the boutique on Madison Avenue. All photos of this Celine Luggage Nano Tote Crossbody Bag Black New is the actual item you will receive. I had already bought the Proenza Schouler PS11 mini bag and to me these two bags were too similar in size.

I couldn’t imagine carrying it on a daily basis given how heavy it was with nothing inside.
I wanted an everyday tote bag for work that would still be relatively small and this bag fit the bill perfectly.

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