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A Cathay Pacific Pilot was arrested for allegedly trying to carry knives onto a plane that was due to carry 262 passengers from Heathrow to Hong Kong. British Airways’ new video gives a sneak peek into the onboard refinement of their chic new A380. Will Singapore’s next generation of cabin products re-establish an industry benchmark? Cathay Pacific Airways unveiled the third edition of the airlinea€™s a€?Spirit of Hong Konga€? livery at a special ceremony held today at Hong Kong International Airport. Cathay Pacific Chief Executive John Slosar officiated at the livery unveiling ceremony, held in the hangars of the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (HAECO). The livery design, painted onto one of the airlinea€™s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, carries the silhouettes of the 110 a€?The Spirit of Hong Konga€? winners. The contest attracted an overwhelming response from the public, with more than 5,000 high-quality entries received, all of which demonstrated the true spirit of Hong Kong and what the city means to the contestants. Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, John Slosar said: a€?We launched a€?The Spirit of Hong Konga€™ campaign to encourage people to share what makes them proud of their home city and to promote this citya€™s extraordinary spirit. Cathay Pacific began highlighting the spirit of its home city in 1997, when the airline created a special livery for one of its aircraft that showcased the Hong Kong skyline in celebration of the transfer of sovereignty. The latest a€?Spirit of Hong Konga€? aircraft was set to begin its mission soon after the unveiling ceremony, carrying silhouettes of 110 of the citya€™s people to destinations around the world. Cathay Pacific Chief Executive John Slosar (middle left) was joined by Mrs Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Secretary (middle right), Cathay Pacific Chief Operating Officer Ivan Chu (first from right), and Director Corporate Affairs Chitty Cheung (first from left) to unveil the latest a€?The Spirit of Hong Konga€? livery at the special ceremony. The latest a€?The Spirit of Hong Konga€? livery features 110 silhouettes of the campaign winners. At check in in Sydney we get off to a good start with a dedicated check-in counter and no queue, so I’m on my way with my express lane pass for immigration and security in no time.
On the home flight from Heathrow again we get dedicated check in and no queue, but things are a little different.
There’s no lounge access for Premium Economy so we are at the boarding gate in time for the commencement of boarding on all four legs of the trip. Seats in Premium Economy are slightly wider than Economy, with an increased seat pitch and back incline. Cathay’s marketing makes much of the pre-take off champagne and hot towels as per the Business Class offering. While meals are served Economy style on a single tray with plastic bowls and plates, a choice of 3 Business Class main courses (entrees) is offered.
An amenity kit of socks, earplugs, eyemask, toothbrush, and (single use size) toothpaste is offered in a nifty little fabric wallet.
I hate to say it, but I can’t get excited about the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy offering.
I would certainly keep an open mind on Premium Economy on an alternate airline (such as BA or Qantas) where the seat pitch and incline is better than those of Cathay, but would not travel Cathay Premium Economy again.
I would love to hear others’ opinion on Premium Economy flights regardless of the airline. I have always been bad at sleeping on airplanes, and a recent experience in Qantas Business Class on both a B747 and an A380 has confirmed that even with better seats I sleep poorly… Therefore when I next buy my own tickets I expect I will go for economy anyway, and have an aisle seat so I can get and walk around as I need to. The key on CX Premium Economy is getting a front row seat… More legroom and no seat in front of you invading your space. Can’t speak for CX premium economy, but I did recently fly EVA Air premium on a flight from Phnom Penh to Toronto via Taipei. Yes, I’ve got Platinum Amex too but only used it at LHR (I had someone traveling with me for part of the trip and went for a browse in the shops in Hong Kong instead).
Reading other forums I’m not the only one to have struck a CP bag nazi, but again it is the inconsistency that infuriates.
I have experienced friendly service in Business Class on Cathay, but their service is certainly not what I’m used to more consistently on other airlines.
My colleague had hers put through on Priority to London, but coming back on my own mine wasn’t.
If the seat in front of you is inclined – and you also incline your seat, doesn’t that make up for it?
I have read you reviews on the Etihad First and Business, and I am now looking forward to experiencing it myself in a few days. Anyway, this report was a great insight, you are not the only person who was not impressed by CX’s new PE offering.
Cathay Pacific drummed up this new product but they should not have because they set out at the start to make it a Y+ product. Clearly they didn’t want to butcher their Business Class, so they really went through extra steps to ensure their PE was really really really basic. I’ve flown Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia PE and both are economy plus rather than business lite. Hi, I just had to repy to this blog, we flew Perth to Hong Kong,approx 7 hrs, Hong Kong to New York ,16 hrs, San Francisco to HK ,13 hrs then back to Perth , all on Cathay Premium Economy and experienced perhaps one of the hiccups reported in these blogs. The only problem we came across was boarding in HK we were put into the economy line when I queried this the Cathay employee had no idea what I was talking about .In Perth, NY,San Francisco and the second time on HK we were always boarded with business or first class passengers.

Food was fine especially the Perth HK trips,service was attentive and we had drinks at each depature, two on the HK to Perth leg.
The San francisco to HK leg we shared toilets with economy passengers but on the other legs there was a toilet in our area.
Hi there, I’ve flown to Manila with Cathay Pacific on Premium Economy 4 times this past year. I fly out of Boston, JetBlue to JFK, then Cathay Pacific, 777-300EX to Hong Kong, then whatever to Manila.
Well, my view, Cathay Pacific is struggling with services identity, is it just economy+, the plus sign only meaning 2 inches better?
Obviously, Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy is not working for me, flown business class once, very nice, but just can’t justify the ticket cost.
I’ve found another pathway to Manila from Boston, going to try, JetBlue to San Francisco, then Philippines Airlines to Manila. They randomly upgraded me on a flight from Jakarta to Hong Kong a few years ago, so they gain a bonus point for that! Cathay Pacific has showcased a smart mid-life refresh to its first class suites to carry the product through to the debut of a next generation of first class slated for 2018. There's more space in the personal closet as well as the console compartment so that passengers can stow personal items such as smartphones, MP3 players and reading glasses.
New custom-designed reading lights have five brightness levels and rotate through a wider angle. Each passengers gets a BOSE QuietComfort 15 noise-cancelling headphones – but no, they're not yours to keep!
Redesigned bedding includes 500 thread cotton fabrics for the duvets, pillows, cushions and the thicker mattress.
A highly glossy dark grey textured material is featured on the outer surface of the suite, while warm-tone natural leather is used extensively on most interior surfaces. The suite's interior and side console are wrapped in natural leather with "subtle linings, refined stitching and fewer panels for a more clean and sophisticated look".
The seat fabric is custom-made "with a specially selected combination of materials that is soft and smooth to touch", Cathay Pacific says.
The refresh will bridge the gap until Cathay Pacific introduces its new first class around 2018, tied to the delivery of the airline’s Airbus A350-1000 jets.
While the Airbus A350-900s scheduled for February 2016 sport a three-class configuration with business, premium economy and economy class, the larger A350-1000 will add a compact first class cabin.
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.
Cathay Pacific will upgrade one of its daily flights between Sydney and Hong Kong to a Boeing 777-300ER as the airline looks to increase the number of passengers it can book onto the popular route. The Boeing 777-300ER represents a 40% boost in bums on seats, adding one hundred extra seats to the daily count. 93 of those are found in the economy cabin compared to one more for business class and four in premium economy. Cathay Pacific has been seeking to increase the number of flights between Australia and Hong Kong, having already reached the Australian Government-imposed cap of 70 flights per week out of Australia. However, with no extra flights seemingly on the agenda, the airline has opted to roll out the flagship of its international fleet. Cathay's sole competitor on the route is now Qantas, which will downgrade its daily flights from an Airbus A380 to a Boeing 747-400 from September 29, although the superjumbo will be rostered onto the route during peak periods such as summer holidays and Chinese New Year. However, the airline has poured cold water on notions that it might open its own lounge at Sydney Airport. Since someone will inevitably ask, it is the three class version (77G) that CX are planning on using - still no F. If there is more consumer demand for flights and QF (for whatever reason) don't want to offer supply, then all you are doing by handcuffing CX is hitting Aussie consumers. Does CX actually need extra slots into Australia or do they just need to use bigger planes first? Excellent News but Cathay Pacific isn't an option for me.I belong to Virgin Australia's Velocity Program and ever since VS pulled out of Sydney my only option and I am flying from Adelaide should I wish to go to Hong Kong is now Singapore Airlines via Singapore. Yes I think they should do that, especially when Qantas has just removed first class out of the route. The 110,000 kilometre route proving campaign mirrors airline service, testing and hopefully accelerating the maturity of the aircraft by measuring its performance against KPIs such as dispatch reliability.
BA has twelve A380s on order to be delivered by 2016, and will receive with the first three aircraft to be delivered in July, September and November.
It puts the Bold and the Beautiful to shame with its endless alliances and divorces, avant-garde product design, cheap gauche relatives and a whole lot of money. Cathay has been biding its time in indicating its position toward the establishment of Jetstar Hong Kong.
The new livery marks the climax of the recent a€?The Spirit of Hong Konga€? campaign run by the airline. Guest of Honour at the event was Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

The campaign was launched by the airline in July in support of the Hong Kong SAR Governmenta€™s own a€?Hong Kong: Our Homea€? campaign, and called on Hong Kong people to submit creative entries that illustrated the true spirit of the city. Having had such a great response to the campaign, we are now excited to be able to highlight that spirit through this unique livery.
For six decades we have been growing together with Hong Kong, supporting the city and its people every step of the way. Two-hundred weekly winners were selected by public voting, while a judging panel separately selected 100 Top Winners and 10 Champions.
In 2000, the airline unveiled its second a€?Spirit of Hong Konga€? aircraft, created through a livery design competition, that highlighted the resilience of Hong Kong and urged people to come together to overcome the challenges the city faced. Thanks for joining me for the latest installment in my airline review series – this time, Cathay Pacific Premium Economy, which I recently travelled for a trip to London courtesy of my employer.
I don’t sleep well on planes either and did do reasonably on this trip with a neck pillow for company.
They did seem to have far more space, but unfortunately those seats were limited and I didn’t win the lottery on any of my flights. I would definitely recommend it as an alternative to Y class if one is actually paying for their ticket (I usually fly Canada-Asia routes J class on points). As a marketing person in my former life I still get chills when I read about how things are described one way and executed another – great way to shoot your own brand in the foot. I’ve never flown Singapore, but of the Asian airlines, the service on Japan Airlines puts Cathay to shame. Claustrophobic and you lost any extra legroom advantage because the seats recline slightly more than a standard economy seat. From Australia you can also pick up really cheap business class deals from the Korean and Chinese airlines, which make a lot of the PE offerings not only redundant, but a waste of money. And, often need to grab my laptop before it gets swiped away when the corridor becomes two way lanes!
Philippines often has promotions with business class fares ($1200.00 one way), not much more than Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy ticket. Leather pads with subtle stitching are also introduced on latches to provide a softer touch.
The 77G comes with bunks for the flight deck so CX will be able to sell the additional J seat. Could someone please explain to me the logic and basis of protectionism in this modern age? So for HKG carriers to get more rights, the AU government would then try to get something for AU carriers. More than 200 other guests, including government officials, aviation partners, campaign winners and their friends and relatives, were in attendance. Our third a€?Spirit of Hong Konga€™ aircraft will fly around our global network, helping to highlight the qualities that make this city so special.
We will continue to uphold the Hong Kong spirit, support our home, and infuse the city with positive energy as we move forward together,a€? Mr Slosar added. A total of 620 round-trip tickets were given to the winners to enjoy trips to destinations around the networks of Cathay Pacific and sister airline Dragonair.
And I’ve had a lot of similar bag incidents over the years and they’re so infuriating!
Its promised for tonight but as my warm clothes are in the bag and the high in London is THREE DEGREES its fair to say I’m most miffed. I think, given my negative review, it does attract a number of others who want to share their war stories too.
Now economy long haul is like economy short haul, and Cathay, apart from the entertainment is the least comfortable airline I have ever flown with and that includes the cheapest Air Asia X flight. But then won't be fair on Melbourne and Brisbane and other cities because they will only have business class as the highest class.
Sleep was definitely easier than it would have been in economy, though obviously nothing close to a flatbead. If you are used to buying 2 seats anyway the price of a premium ticket would certainly provide you with a better amenity.
I found the seating better than what I’ve experienced in economy and was able to sleep.
Combined with an Amex Platinum for lounge access, premium economy makes long distance flying survivable without completely breaking the bank. Ordinary food, terrible wine and the guy in front of me put his seat back in full recline the minute the wheels left the runway which took away any advantage of the extra pitch.

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