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After stepping out of the Hasimara station, we started bargaining the rate for a drop to Hollong lodge, but initially we were disappointed due to the abnormally high rate asked by the car drivers. The road from Hasimara to Madarihat was very rough and bumpy, and even dangerous at some places.
At the entrance gate I had to get down and show the reservation slip for our booking at Hollong Lodge. We also saw lots of yellow footed green pigeons, which were usually perched on the trees surrounding the salt lick but occasionally came down on the ground looking for seeds. While everyone was engrossed in watching the bison, there was something else also moving in the buses in the background. Slowly as it turned dark, we could see that the number of animals in the salt lick had increased by now. Once we reached inside the lodge, we went to the common room which has large windows to view the salt lick. Even after going to bed I was awake for quite some time in the excitement for what we are going to see next morning. There are usually 3 batches of elephants that go for the morning safaris during peak tourist seasons.
Our elephant?s name was Madhumala, and we came to know that she along with her mahout make the best combination for the safari. All the 5 elephants started the journey inside the jungle through a narrow track that started near the gate of the lodge.
Very soon we spotted a herd of bisons who spotted us as well and started fleeing deeper inside the forests.
Few minutes later we spotted another rhino, although this one was slightly smaller in size. The rising sun over the golden layer of tall thick grass presented a beautiful scenery in front of us. After going through the tall grass for a while, we turned back and again crossed the stream and entered the dense area of the forest. Since we were approaching closer to the end of our 1 hour safari, our mahout instructed Madhumala to proceed towards the lodge.
We returned to the lodge and the lodge caretaker took some photographs for us with our elephant Madhumala posing with a high trunk.
But instead of coming closer, the rhino decided to take a morning nap under broad daylight as it lay down flat on its back. Apart from the kingfisher, I spotted some green pigeons, redstart, orange head parakeets among other birds. The rhino came to the salt lick, examined each of us carefully and then started eating the salt with a noisy slurping sound.
I shot numerous photos of the rhino and couldn?t be more pleased to see the king of Jaldapara at such a close range under broad daylight.
As we were entering the village we saw a huge tusker walking towards us having 2 men riding it. On the back side of the village there were lots of elephants tied with chains, and all of them were feeding on banana plants. While we were standing there we saw couple of elephants arriving from the forests and one of them was Madhumala. While we were returning to the lodge, there was a safari vehicle containing tourists coming from the opposite direction.
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Madarihat is 13kms away from Hasimara, and from Madarihat one has to travel another 7kms inside the forest to reach Hollong Lodge.
Since we had skipped breakfast, we were feeling very hungry and so we stepped inside a local sweet shop and had some puri sabji and sweets.

After an hour long bumpy and dusty ride we reached the entrance checkpost for Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary.
He said that since we are only 2 persons, they will be able to accommodate for our lunch for that day. We had a fabulous lunch at the dining room and the food was very tasty and the quantity was good too.
I looked out of the window and there were some small reddish monkeys playing and feeding in the salt lick. From the ground these birds would take off all at the same time creating a noisy flutter of wings and a great scenery to witness. We requested the lodge staff that we would like to have the snacks on the deck and they agreed.
Mostly there were bisons, and the rhino was still feeding inside the bushes, yet to come out in the open. The lodge staff showed us the bisons and rhino eating the salt through a powerful flashlight.
After a sumptuous dinner, we went back to our room and kept my camera bag and clothes ready for the next morning?s safari. I've uploaded some photos, but the majority will follow with the next part of my travel story.. I'm trying to be as narrative as possible, but since it is my first photologue, pls do provide your feedback for the upcoming parts too. The tourists who have been here before and have knowledge will always ask for Madhumala for the safari. After that we entered an area where the trees were very close to each other and their branches came so near our head that we had to lower our head to avoid them.
Our mahout showed us the watchtower on the other side of the grassland where the safari jeeps bring the tourists through the forest roads. After going a few yards and crossing another stream we entered a lush green area where we could see something moving behind the bushes.
It was a funny sight, although some tourists soon lost their patience and not able to bear the bright sun, started returning towards the lodge.
Quite some time passed by and all these time I was keeping an eye on the rhino which was still asleep. After a while it raised its head and opened its mouth in a way what looked like a yawning pose.
We had enjoyed our first safari so much that we wanted to take another safari since we would be staying for another night in the lodge.
We had enquired that the rate of jeep safari would be 1350 and the rate would be split based on the number of tourists available, and jeep safari would leave around 2:30 pm. There was no wildlife present near the salt lick, so we decided to go to the nearby village and see the pet elephants there. As it passed by we came to know that his name was Shambhu and he is the patrolling elephants used by the forest officials.
The safari guide told us to quickly return to the lodge as there was a rhino in the salt lick. Everyone was curious to see what was coming, when suddenly the head of a bison emerged from behind the bush. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Then the shopkeeper, a local boy, arranged for us a Nano car that would drop us to Hollong lodge for Rs 600. After lunch we came back to our room and I started getting my camera and lenses ready, and also keeping an eye on the salt lick from time to time through our front window. The light was getting softer and we decided to take a stroll inside the compound of the lodge. It was a wonderful experience having tea and snacks while watching wildlife at a stone?s throw distance.
We could hear the constant croaking of crickets and the occasional cry of peacocks at a distance. The lodge staff informed us that they have kept the flashlight in the common room in case we wanted to take a look at what?s happening in the salt lick at night.
However after going a little distance our mahout took a diversion and took us in a different track, away from the other 4 elephants. I gave some tips to our mahout for the fabulous sightings he made possible for us, and decided in my mind that we will take another safari next morning. All the few visitors present in the viewing deck backed off when the rhino came down to the stream.
Also we told the caretaker that we wanted to go in safari only on top of the elephant called Madhumala. Given the less probability of sighting animals and also lack of time since we wanted to go to the village also, we dropped the idea of the jeep safari. Shambhu picked up 2 coconuts that had fallen from the trees and walked away happily munching.
On returning to the lodge we quickly rushed straight to the viewing deck from where we saw a large one-horned rhino present in the salt lick. The bison gave an angry stare towards us (the tourists) and then went straight to the salt heap.
The monkeys were still there and there were a lot more on the trees surrounding the salt lick.
We wanted to go and take a look at the trained elephants for safari at the adjacent village, but the lodge authorities told us it will not be safe to venture outside the compound as the sun was going to set soon and in the forest it gets dark much quicker than in the city. Overall I was satisfied to have viewed some wildlife, but not so much satisfied with respect to the photographic ambitions within me, as most of the sightings happened in dim light towards the evening and through searchlights where good photography was not possible. At night we came to the common room couple more times and saw the bisons fighting and once a rhino being chased away by a bison. Madhumala?s age was 50 years and her mahout told us that she is the only elephant who is never afraid to go very close to the rhinos while the other elephants would hesitate.

Thanks to my woodland boots, the branches and creepers could not hurt my feet from the sides. Suddenly in front of us we saw two peacocks jump up in the air fluttering and again settle down behind the bushes. There was still some salt left in the salt lick and everyone was hoping that the rhino will come to eat the salt.
Suddenly the rhino stood up and started looking around in all directions as if searching for something.
He said that another couple had also booked Madhumala, so it would not be a problem as 2 seats were still present. Just before lunch we saw two people from the lodge, cross the stream and put salt in the salt lick. There was also a baby elephant named Balaram who was recovered from Purulia district few weeks back. The mahouts told us that the elephants need a bath and hence going towards the nearby stream. The rhino was shifting from one salt heap to another while keeping a watchful eye on the tourists present in the viewing deck.
Suddenly someone yelled that there was a bison in the salt lick, and we rushed to the viewing deck. One by one the other tourists started moving inside the lodge as the lodge authorities told us that it is not safe to stay outside after dark, as there may be leopards around, or even wild elephants occasionally come inside the compound. Meanwhile more tourists assembled near the elephant deck who had who had purchased safari tickets.
After crossing the dense forest area, we came out to an open grassland where there was a narrow jungle stream flowing through.
I took a curious look and saw that a common kingfisher was perched on a branch over the stream. Then it started coming straight towards the salt lick in a very hasty way with dusts flying with every step. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid ? Albert Einstein !!!My Indiamike photo gallery!!! The hornbills were sitting at an eye level, which is rare as mostly these birds will be sitting high up on a tree.
Apparently he was the only wildlife present in the salt lick and looked as if he was the king of the area. We were exhausted from our adventures that day, and were eagerly waiting for the dinner call.
He told that the elephant safari starts from Hollong and the jeep safari starts from the Jaldapara Tourist Lodge which is at Madarihat. However, the thrill and excitement of staying outside in the jungle after dark is unmatched. The caretaker had come to call us saying that there was a sambar deer spotted in the salt lick. There we got to witness a beautiful scenic view when a large sambar stag was crossing the stream and stood frozen looking at us.
I had seen kingfishers earlier in the city, but the colors of a kingfisher living in a jungle is much more attractive I think. Today a fresh batch of tourists had arrived, and hence dinner took a bit longer to get served. He also added that in an elephant safari there is 90% chance of seeing wild animals, whereas about 60% chance from the safari vehicle. It was the our first real wildlife sighting in Jaldapara and I immediately started taking photographs. We immediately rushed to the common room, where another tourist family also had assembled, and saw the sambar deer through the flashlight. It was followed by claps and cheers from tourists who had assembled as everyone was so excited. I kept firing my shutter for the few seconds the sambar stood still, before leaping and running inside the thick forest. The other safari elephants had already reached the spot and were viewing from another side. We saw the lodge authorities take the new tourists to the viewing deck in the evening with flashlights and show the animals to them. I slowly moved to the edge of the stream that separated us from the bison and away from the other tourists, and the sound of my camera shutter sort of distracted the bison. Although they (the lodge authorities) would have witnessed these scenes numerous times, but the excitement with which they showed them to us was really appreciable. Madhumala went straight towards the rhinos and we were only a mere 30 feet away from the fight. After dinner we made some calls to our family back home as we were eager to tell them about our first forest experience. We booked couple of seats in the first elephant batch that would start at 6:00 am from Hollong.
That way I got some good eye contacts although my heart was beating faster staring eye to eye with a wild beast at such close range. It was a scene to remember, not to mention the numerous photos I clicked, and our mahout also told us that we were very lucky to see this.
He said that the best chances of animal sightings is on the first elephant safari of a day. That was the end of a gorgeous day in the forest, my first forest expedition, and I considered myself quite lucky for being able to witness so much action in one day.

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