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A Delta Airlines jet takes off from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport February 21, 2013 in Ft. Millions of travelers may have to buy new luggage if an airline industry recommendation for smaller carry-on bags takes hold. International Air Transport Association, the world’s largest airline trade association, is recommending that carry-on bags be smaller.
CNN says if Southwest and American Airlines adopted the new sizes, their passengers would lose 40 percent in bag space.
My son had the chance to go on a week long mission trip with Back to Back Ministries through the small christian private school he attends 2 days a week.
If my son were not such a picky eater, snacks would have been unessential, but I couldn’t let the boy who likes roughly 20 different food items completely starve, so we ended up packing 12 granola bars and 12 snack sized containers of fish crackers. My son is also extremely heat intolerant and gets dehydrated quickly so I packed 24 sticks of Gatorade so that he could have 2 sticks a day to put in his purified water and make sure he keeps up his electrolytes. I knew I only had a backpack that he could consider a personal item and the black carry on bag seen in the photo above to fit that all in.
I know from past experience that packing clothes in zip lock bags takes up less space and keeps them clean until the child wears them. The twin sized sheets and beach towel did not fit in zip lock bags so I simply rolled them to fit down the space beside the bags.
In this backpack I also packed his water bottle (empty for refilling at filtered water station) His anti-nausea pills (he gets travel sick).
The shirt on the front you see in the photo was his group travel shirt that he put on just before he left. I recently took the Make Over Your Evenings Course by Crystal Paine and found 25 minutes in my morning without getting up a single minute earlier and without overloading my evenings.  The course can be done in just 15 minutes a day and pays back in HUGE dividends by helping you reorganize you day in a way that makes the most sense for you and your life.
I can usually pack myself and three (one medium sized, the other both adult sizes) a week’s worth of outfits into one large rolling suitcase. You know I don’t remember them weighing the carry on but I do believe I read a weight limit somewhere and his was under it when I packed it at home. The weight limit for most Canadian carriers is 10 kg (22 lbs) and they are enforcing it more often now. I know the snacks will be gone, but how is he going to fit that all back in for his return trip without you there to pack for him?
To reuse the Ziploc bags you could simply rinse them out and let them dry and then put them back in the empty suitcase to reuse next time. I didn’t think of it either until my husband packed for a trip to Africa many years ago and someone suggested it to him.
This new storage expansion will be outfitted for 737 aircraft, first off with Alaska and Delta Air by the end of 2015. First class fliers could one day relax watching TV on a 42-inch screen in their own private room. The London-based design and innovation firm Seymourpowell has unveiled plans for a luxury plane cabin suite that would offer first class passengers private rooms with lie-flat seats that turn into beds. Intended for Airbus A380 aircraft, the first-class section is made up of four single rooms and two double rooms.

Seymourpowell was inspired to design the suite after speaking to passengers who said that above all they want privacy during a flight, the company’s cofounder Dick Powell told Business Insider over the phone. The concept has also been nominated for a Crystal Cabin Award at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg on April 5-7, where it’s likely to make an impression. And once the seats are laid flat, they turn into a comfy king-size bed — as you would expect from a stay at a 5-star hotel.
Double rooms also come with a 42-inch screen — certainly an upgrade from the tiny box on the back of someone else’s seat. The group is proposing carry-ons be half an inch shorter and an inch and a half thinner in order to make more space in overhead bins, CNN reports. American and Delta adopted the sized, passengers would need bags that are 20 percent smaller. In the end with my son’s agreement I packed 12 t-shirts, 12 pairs of boxer shorts and 8 pairs of shorts .
So I used some of my husband’s tricks for compact packing and then came up with a few of my own. If my 14 year old ever reads this I am sure he is not going to like me talking about his boxers so much, but hey at least there are not photos of them. The Ziploc bag does seem to regain a bit of air over time, so I did all of the t-shirts and shorts at the same time so that I could get them squeezed in while they were at their smallest.
This left me with one small square space at end where I put in his quart sized bag of personal items like shampoo and soap, as well as a small travel sized flashlight and batteries.
I will show you what I did with the last 2 pairs of shorts and t-shirt and a few other items. I probably could have squeezed it in to the carry on but I was sending these things with a very absent minded 14 year old and I just had this fear of him walking onto the flight with the backpack slung over his shoulder and the carry on left by itself next to the chair he was sitting on while he waited for the flight. I think I could have even taking things smaller if I didn’t divide up his snacks into one days worth per zip lock bag. My husband used to fly all the time for work and became a master at paring down and squeezing in.
That looks so labor intensive, I can’t imagine doing that for more than one kid at a time! I usually pack less than above but in this case we were following the list that was given by his school. On road trips I left the big suitcase in the car for overnight motel stays and just brought a bag with a change or two of underwear, a ziplock with an outfit for the next day, bathing suit (in summer), and their pjs. LOL I like the idea of rubber bands that would have been helpful to tame the sheet set he took along a bit better.
Nothing came back in ziploc bags but, he did have more room on his return trip because a)he had eaten all his snacks b)I sent him with an old towel and sheets that already had several small holes in them and told him if he ran out of space he could throw those away so he did. The new space bins also see a revamp in the way they are opened (see the image above), now closing upwards instead of down. In all rooms, there’s hanging space for clothes and racks for carry-on luggage, as well as drawers for personal belongings.
Also on the list was a twin sheet set, beach towel, swim trunks, notebook and bible, snacks, flashlight, batteries, hat, socks, work shoes, flip flops, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, deodorant, underwear, anti nausea pills, imodium, ibuprofen, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and of course snacks.

We both figured he could change the things closest to his body after working and reuse the shorts for the rest of the day. My son is an adult large (he is almost 6 feet at 14 yrs of age), so depending on the size you are packing you might have to play around with your folding to achieve the width. Rather than leave him with just the clothes on his back I made sure he would have at least a spare outfit should this happen. However, knowing that my son is a picky eater I wanted to help him to ration out his snacks to last the week (whether that worked or not only time will tell ).
LOL Rolling clothes is so helpful, I think more people need to realize this, but then again, if they did, the airlines wouldn’t make so much money from checked bags, would they?
We always travel with just a carry-on and a backpack because I don’t like those extra fees–plus, huge suitcases are cumbersome, but the weight limit on most budget Asia-based airline is 7 kilos or 15 pounds, and I find that my carry-on weighs 15 pounds easily, without me packing it to the max! I had packed an older set knowing he would need space on return flight since I wasn’t there to pack his stuff as tight. You know the one where the kids each get out a few things from the luggage and suddenly there is stuff everywhere. Pack the other shoes in a grocery sack heal to toe and then tie,this doesn’t save much space but it does keep them from getting the other things not in ziplock bags dirty. My question is how did your 14 year old do with repacking all that stuff on the return trip.
I could definitely sneak more clothes along if they didn’t insist on weighing carry-ons over here. Also try to pick outfits that all go with just a pair or two of shoes so that you are not packing too many pairs. Tissues for bleeding noses (I get them almost every time I fly and I didn’t know if he would or not).
We usually do 14-day cruises (we love Princess cruises) and since there are laundry facilities including laundry room (just like a laundramat) and they also have dry cleaning service should you have a mishap), we pack just enough clothes for 7 days. Put the ones you can’t squish like heals on top, and put the ones you can like sneakers at the ends. I grew up on Vancouver Island and just the huge ferry to the main land would sometimes make me sea sick, so I am always hesitant to try. I wear my heaviest clothes on the plane and place extra shoes parallel to the side of the suitcase. We also add on top of articles a body travelling pouch which contains id papers, money and passport, pens and note pad for easy access.
Here Canada, i don’t remember a weight restriction for carry-on but they do have rules for the size of the luggage!

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