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My son had the chance to go on a week long mission trip with Back to Back Ministries through the small christian private school he attends 2 days a week.
If my son were not such a picky eater, snacks would have been unessential, but I couldn’t let the boy who likes roughly 20 different food items completely starve, so we ended up packing 12 granola bars and 12 snack sized containers of fish crackers. My son is also extremely heat intolerant and gets dehydrated quickly so I packed 24 sticks of Gatorade so that he could have 2 sticks a day to put in his purified water and make sure he keeps up his electrolytes.
I knew I only had a backpack that he could consider a personal item and the black carry on bag seen in the photo above to fit that all in. I know from past experience that packing clothes in zip lock bags takes up less space and keeps them clean until the child wears them. The twin sized sheets and beach towel did not fit in zip lock bags so I simply rolled them to fit down the space beside the bags. In this backpack I also packed his water bottle (empty for refilling at filtered water station) His anti-nausea pills (he gets travel sick). The shirt on the front you see in the photo was his group travel shirt that he put on just before he left. I recently took the Make Over Your Evenings Course by Crystal Paine and found 25 minutes in my morning without getting up a single minute earlier and without overloading my evenings.  The course can be done in just 15 minutes a day and pays back in HUGE dividends by helping you reorganize you day in a way that makes the most sense for you and your life. I can usually pack myself and three (one medium sized, the other both adult sizes) a week’s worth of outfits into one large rolling suitcase.
You know I don’t remember them weighing the carry on but I do believe I read a weight limit somewhere and his was under it when I packed it at home.
The weight limit for most Canadian carriers is 10 kg (22 lbs) and they are enforcing it more often now. I know the snacks will be gone, but how is he going to fit that all back in for his return trip without you there to pack for him? To reuse the Ziploc bags you could simply rinse them out and let them dry and then put them back in the empty suitcase to reuse next time. I didn’t think of it either until my husband packed for a trip to Africa many years ago and someone suggested it to him. Simply click the on any product that interests you and My Favorites will keep track of all items on your list.
Every time I travel by air, I see more people having to check their carry-on luggage at the gate. With restrictions and changes, it’s more important than ever to select the right carry-on luggage for your travel needs.
United: Maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.
Lesson learned: Carry-ons for the overhead bin probably won’t make it to the overhead bin! Look for deals! Retailers want your business, and the deals are out there, if you look for them. This new storage expansion will be outfitted for 737 aircraft, first off with Alaska and Delta Air by the end of 2015.
One of the fun things about moving to Greece is that we are desperately in need of new luggage. When we first moved to Italy in 2008, we had a total of fourteen bags of all sizes and descriptions. Which led us on Saturday to drive down to the outlets on International Drive in Orlando armed with a tape measure and luggage dimensions for the two airlines we’ll be flying to Greece next March (Norwegian and Easyjet). I reproduce the measurements here, on the off-chance that someone else might benefit from having them collected in one place. Option 1: ONE piece of cabin baggage no bigger than 50 x 40 x 20cm including handles and wheels. Option 2: ONE piece of cabin baggage within our maximum allowed size limitations, 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels. Each individual item of hold luggage should not exceed total dimensions of 275cm (length + width + height), except for sporting and medical equipment.
One cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms may be carried per passenger*.
For health and safety reasons Ryanair does not accept for carriage any individual item exceeding 32 kilos or with combined dimensions of more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). One item of hand baggage (max 10kg – 55x40x23cm) in addition to one small personal item onboard the aircraft. Conveniently located in one parking lot were Ross, TJ Maxx, DD’s, and two luggage shops with very insistent salespeople and a distinctly Central American vibe. Second, and possibly more important, spinner wheels have the distinct disadvantage of making your bag taller without increasing the space inside it. Extra space is especially important for carry-on luggage, since most airlines (Ryanair excluded) won’t actually weigh your carry-on bag, even if they do have a posted weight limit. For checked-in luggage, unless your packed belongings are made entirely of styrofoam, you don’t need to worry about the dimensions at all, as the maximums are typically gigantic. There were some other, weirder luggage innovations, including this one, a handle thoughtfully adapted for people with three hands. Most of the hard-sided suitcases were rounded on the front, which would make it pretty difficult to stack anything on top of them on a luggage cart or in a car, or anywhere else. The hard-sided luggage we were looking at (and granted, we were not looking at high-end luggage) seemed pretty thin and flimsy. We are pretty good packers, and tend to use clothes and other soft items to cushion breakables. If you have hard-sided luggage, I’d be interested to know how well it has performed, and whether you like it. For our large bags, we were especially wary of small, puny wheels, which unfortunately were abundant in both the two-wheeled and four-wheeled spinner varieties.
It was only on the way home that we thought to look up the luggage dimensions for United, the airline we’re flying next month when we go visit our parents in California for Christmas.

About MeSarah FamiliaWe've lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America so far, and we're still not sure where we want to settle down yet. In the end with my son’s agreement I packed 12 t-shirts, 12 pairs of boxer shorts and 8 pairs of shorts . So I used some of my husband’s tricks for compact packing and then came up with a few of my own. If my 14 year old ever reads this I am sure he is not going to like me talking about his boxers so much, but hey at least there are not photos of them.
The Ziploc bag does seem to regain a bit of air over time, so I did all of the t-shirts and shorts at the same time so that I could get them squeezed in while they were at their smallest.
This left me with one small square space at end where I put in his quart sized bag of personal items like shampoo and soap, as well as a small travel sized flashlight and batteries.
I will show you what I did with the last 2 pairs of shorts and t-shirt and a few other items. I probably could have squeezed it in to the carry on but I was sending these things with a very absent minded 14 year old and I just had this fear of him walking onto the flight with the backpack slung over his shoulder and the carry on left by itself next to the chair he was sitting on while he waited for the flight. I think I could have even taking things smaller if I didn’t divide up his snacks into one days worth per zip lock bag. My husband used to fly all the time for work and became a master at paring down and squeezing in. That looks so labor intensive, I can’t imagine doing that for more than one kid at a time!
I usually pack less than above but in this case we were following the list that was given by his school. On road trips I left the big suitcase in the car for overnight motel stays and just brought a bag with a change or two of underwear, a ziplock with an outfit for the next day, bathing suit (in summer), and their pjs. LOL I like the idea of rubber bands that would have been helpful to tame the sheet set he took along a bit better. Nothing came back in ziploc bags but, he did have more room on his return trip because a)he had eaten all his snacks b)I sent him with an old towel and sheets that already had several small holes in them and told him if he ran out of space he could throw those away so he did.
While I understand passengers’ frustrations with baggage fees, oversized carry-ons have become a problem that slows loading and delays flights. The airline didn’t penalize me (I follow rules very well), but they insisted that I had to gate-check my bag. Decide which features you need. For a long time, I used a soft carry-on bag with backpack straps. We went for two weeks and so that was a lot of luggage what with it being me, my husband, our four kids, and one of our nieces.
The new space bins also see a revamp in the way they are opened (see the image above), now closing upwards instead of down. Most of our current motley assortment of luggage has traveled many thousands of miles, been sat on, spilled on, overstuffed, and bumped down countless flights of stairs and cobblestone streets. I vividly remember being at the airport, and dragging suitcase after suitcase over to be loaded on the conveyor belt.
Nowadays, with airline baggage regulations getting tighter all the time, every bag had better have the perfect dimensions down to the centimeter and the perfect weight, down to the gram.
I threw in the measurements for Ryanair as well, since I figured if our bags were kosher for Ryanair, they’d be kosher for any airline. We started out with Ross, and were immediately confronted with our first choice: spinner wheels or not.
Here, for example, are two bags that both fit within all the above airlines’ measurements for carry-on bags. In fact, one of Easyjet’s major marketing ploys is that they have no weight limit for carry-on bags.
If you did stack something on top of them, the weight wouldn’t be evenly distributed, leading to a higher chance of breakage.
One of the big upsides of hard-sided luggage is that it tends to be very light, but there’s such a thing as too light. Also, we don’t typically transport expensive breakables, or messy stuff like wine and olive oil. Unfortunately, I was the only one in the family fantasizing about sophisticated-looking matching luggage. Also on the list was a twin sheet set, beach towel, swim trunks, notebook and bible, snacks, flashlight, batteries, hat, socks, work shoes, flip flops, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, deodorant, underwear, anti nausea pills, imodium, ibuprofen, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and of course snacks.
We both figured he could change the things closest to his body after working and reuse the shorts for the rest of the day. My son is an adult large (he is almost 6 feet at 14 yrs of age), so depending on the size you are packing you might have to play around with your folding to achieve the width. Rather than leave him with just the clothes on his back I made sure he would have at least a spare outfit should this happen. However, knowing that my son is a picky eater I wanted to help him to ration out his snacks to last the week (whether that worked or not only time will tell ).
LOL Rolling clothes is so helpful, I think more people need to realize this, but then again, if they did, the airlines wouldn’t make so much money from checked bags, would they? We always travel with just a carry-on and a backpack because I don’t like those extra fees–plus, huge suitcases are cumbersome, but the weight limit on most budget Asia-based airline is 7 kilos or 15 pounds, and I find that my carry-on weighs 15 pounds easily, without me packing it to the max! I had packed an older set knowing he would need space on return flight since I wasn’t there to pack his stuff as tight. You know the one where the kids each get out a few things from the luggage and suddenly there is stuff everywhere. Pack the other shoes in a grocery sack heal to toe and then tie,this doesn’t save much space but it does keep them from getting the other things not in ziplock bags dirty. My question is how did your 14 year old do with repacking all that stuff on the return trip. See if you qualify for a volume order.DescriptionReviewsSHIPPINGThis 21 inch spinner bag features tapered expansion up to 2 inches for additional space.

If you have bought luggage during the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that spinner wheels are all the rage. They distribute the weight of the bag evenly even when you’re moving with them, and you can easily move the bags along in any direction without tipping them. The idea of them bumping along on cobblestone streets or unpaved roads (both, unfortunately, places I have taken rolling bags) did not inspire confidence. This is both an obvious jab at Ryanair and a practical advantage for the majority of their customers, who travel without checked-in baggage.
We tend to end up sitting on our bags at some time during most long journeys, and at any rate they’ll be stacked in precarious towers and thrown about by the airline. The children’s primary consideration was color (the brighter the better), and Tony was becoming obsessive about what was looking like the latest incarnation of his personal luggage.
I could definitely sneak more clothes along if they didn’t insist on weighing carry-ons over here. Also try to pick outfits that all go with just a pair or two of shoes so that you are not packing too many pairs. If they’re going to cram us in like sardines, the luggage allowance needs to fit the space as well.
My favorite carry-on, a blue hardside bag with with wheels, handle and dedicated laptop space, fits these items and clothes for 3 days.
Remember the good old days when it was actually kind of hard to pack enough stuff into even a large suitcase to go over the weight limit?
I can see how this would definitely be useful when turning corners or inching along in a passport line. Sturdiness is a serious criterion for me when it comes to luggage, and we generally opt for large, solid-looking wheels. All the airline websites specifically stipulate that wheels and handles are included in the maximum measurements.
We eventually determined that we’d compromise by getting four identical check-in bags and letting each person pick his or her own carry-on luggage.
Here are the receptacles for what will soon be all our worldly possessions (yes, you can see that Axa and Raj matched their bags to their Halloween candy pumpkins). We have a couple of carry-on sized duffels (without wheels) that we’ve used fairly successfully.
Tissues for bleeding noses (I get them almost every time I fly and I didn’t know if he would or not).
We usually do 14-day cruises (we love Princess cruises) and since there are laundry facilities including laundry room (just like a laundramat) and they also have dry cleaning service should you have a mishap), we pack just enough clothes for 7 days.
Put the ones you can’t squish like heals on top, and put the ones you can like sneakers at the ends.
It all worked out for me, but not comfortably. My solution is not ideal, but I now carry my computer, camera and meds in my personal bag (very heavy shoulder bag that I can slide under the seat) and use my carry-on for clothes only. When you’ve narrowed down your search to a few bags, check consumer ratings to see if one stands out. Sure, it was hard on everybody’s backs, but you could take pretty much whatever you wanted on vacation. With four travelers (especially when two of them are kids who can’t manage their own bags yet), it worked pretty well to have two rolling carry-ons and two duffels, and put the duffels on top of the rolling bags.
I grew up on Vancouver Island and just the huge ferry to the main land would sometimes make me sea sick, so I am always hesitant to try.
Because I travel a lot, I switched to the wheeled bag (and just remove my computer before boarding the flight).
Tony found a really posh bag that was by far the biggest carry-on that approximated the stipulated dimensions (mainly because it was a full 40 cm wide).
We like that they’re collapsible if you need more luggage going one way than another. Tony has also been known to carry the two duffels slung over opposite shoulders, but even one filled duffel kills my back. I wear my heaviest clothes on the plane and place extra shoes parallel to the side of the suitcase. Protectorates including Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands are sent USPS Priority Mail to ensure consistent transit times and tracking. Since I wanted matching bags more than I wanted any specific bag, I chose one identical to his.
We also add on top of articles a body travelling pouch which contains id papers, money and passport, pens and note pad for easy access.
Here Canada, i don’t remember a weight restriction for carry-on but they do have rules for the size of the luggage!
Pricing is based on the item(s) purchased.UPS GroundUPS Ground is available to the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska and delivery can take 1-5 business days depending on shipping location from Chicago, IL. Pricing for UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air are based on weight and distance.*Free shipping is calculated after coupon use. First Class International Mail shipment to Canada as a lower-cost method for receiving products.
This shipping method does not offer a tracking number and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.In addition, UPS Standard Ground to Canada service is available for shipments for which timely delivery is important or where a tracking number is desired.
A brokerage fee is also charged to process shipments and present the requisite customs paperwork to Canada Customs on the importer's behalf.If shipped via UPS, your order will be shipped under UPS's e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), where eligible shipments imported into Canada for non-commercial purposes and valued under CAD$ 200 shipped via UPS Standard service are subject to a reduced brokerage fee of CAD $10, plus any applicable duties and taxes. You have the ability to call UPS ahead of time (1-800-742-5877) to pay these charges, eliminating the need for payment on delivery.

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