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A passenger may carry on board one personal belonging, such as a shopping bag or handbag, and one baggage satisfying the conditions below. If your baggage is oversized or overweight, or unable to be appropriately stowed in the cabin due to the stowage limitations, it may need to be checked in cargo compartment at the gate.
For your own safety and comfort, please stow your Carry-on baggage under the seat or in the overhead compartments properly.
If your baggage is not securely stowed, it may injure yourself or the others in case of turbulence. If you keep your baggage on a lap, it would hinder taking a proper brace position in case of emergency.
JAL group altered the restriction of usage of electronic devices on board as follows on 1st September, 2014. Please set electronic devices to the mode which do not emit electronic signals or turn them off when cabin attendants request to do so after all doors are closed. Your captain may request you to turn your electronic devices off depending on circumstances. Company rules restrict the use of electronic devices other than the above-mentioned devices. Personal computers, personal digital assistances and electronic game machines can be used during flight when you connect those devices with JAL SKY Wi-Fi services.
We may ask you to turn the electronic devices off when passengers with medical devices like pacemaker are around you. Please pay attention to the safety announcement and other safety-related insutructions provided by the cabin attendants.
During take-off and landing, please stow the large size of electronic devices like notebook computer into the overhead stowage bin or under the seat as well as your baggage.
Kids Phone by NTT Docomo, Junior Phone by au and Mimamori Series by Softbank must be turned off completely in advance. Some airports may employ CT scans for baggage reinspection, in addition to standard X-ray scans. With the winter holidays being the busiest travel time of the year at airports worldwide, here are some suggestions that WestJet has released in order to  help its guests prepare for an enjoyable travel experience. Ensure you have proper ID and documentation for all travellers, including children and infants. Not all of WestJet’s aircraft are equipped with the new system, so pack some books, magazines, tablets or laptops loaded with entertainment, or perhaps small games or toys for little travellers. Self-serve check-in kiosks are available at most of WestJet’s airports, and may also offer self-serve baggage-tagging. Speed up your airport experience by paying baggage fees with a credit card when you use self-serve check-in. Travellers should complete security, immigration and customs and be at their departure gate one hour before departure.
Be sure to pack ID, wallets, purses, medication, mobile devices, keys, and valuable items such as cash, jewelry and electronics into carry-on baggage. Holiday travel can be stressful, but you can cope more easily by being prepared, leaving lots of time to travel to the airport, arriving early and taking things in stride.
Jane Ferland was shocked when an Air Canada agent tried to push her suitcase into a metal measuring cart and it didna€™t fit. Last week, Air Canada started a surprise trial crackdown on oversized carry-on a month before it begins charging $25 for the first checked bag for domestic, economy class travel. But the crackdown is frustrating and confusing many passengers who are stunned when their bags that have made it on-board before, dona€™t make the cut and must be checked. New rules that charge customers $25 to check a bag have many people planning to cram more into carry-on luggage. The bag's only crime was that it was just half an inch deeper than Air Canadaa€™s nine-inch limit. Warwick said he understands why an airline would quibble over half an inch, at least when it comes to height.
Whether travellers will now make the extra effort to measure their bags before they buy or pack may depend on the longevity and extent of Air Canadaa€™s crackdown. WestJet, which will also start charging a similar first checked bag fee at the end of this month, is currently not planning any new carry-on crackdowns. The data on this site is informational only and may be delayed; it is not intended as trading or investment advice and you should not rely on it as such. United put its new carry-on baggage sizing policy into effect yesterday, so we asked TPG Contributor Jason Steele, a Denver-based United flyer, for his take on the policy and its enforcement. If you’ve flown on United Airlines recently, you might have noticed that they have deployed new carry-on baggage sizers at all of their gates, and even at many of the check-in areas.
Maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels. Maximum dimensions for your personal item, such as a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or other small item, are 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm).

However, those who have measured the new sizers find that their interior dimensions are one inch larger than advertised. All passengers may be required to place both their carry-on and personal item into one of the new sizers before boarding.
United will collect checked baggage fees from passengers whose bags do not fit in the sizers. At the same time, the reason that people aggressively push the boundaries of the current policy is that United charges (non-elites and those without one of their co-branded credit cards) for checked bags at the check-in counter.
Furthermore, these new limits are significantly less than that what will fit in an overhead bin.
Having each passenger place his or her bags in a sizer, and potentially have to see an agent to pay a checked-bag fee, will undoubtedly slow down the boarding process even more.
Limiting bags to linear dimensions of 45 inches with a maximum single dimension of 22” is not the same as limits of 22 x 14 x 9 inches. It is unclear whether or not United and their contracted gate agents will require the bag to merely fit in the new sizers or to easily slide in and out. Unfortunately, many will discover that their expensive carry-on or personal item needs to be replaced in order to comply with United’s new rules.
The bottom line is, the new policy is in effect, and it’s better to be prepared than get blindsided by having to pay a fee to check your bag at the gate. Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. This change was based on the ministerial notification regarding the related civil aeronautical act.
Also please refrain from talking on the cell-phone in the cabin because this may disturb the others.
Each country on your itinerary may have different entrance requirements, including the physical condition of a passport, or extended validity of a passport beyond your intended departure date. Download the latest version of the airline’s iPhone or Android app for free access to nearly 500 hours of movies and TV programs, and three live TV channels. WestJet suggests arriving at the airport no less than two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. Those who do not meet check-in, baggage drop or boarding cut-off times may be denied travel. Airport security may unwrap items in checked or carry-on baggage, causing delays at security.
Everyone wants to get to their destination to share Christmas with family and friends, and a little patience goes a long way to help make the journey stress-free.
She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto where she produces for national TV news and writes and shoots and edits video for
The fear and the likely reality is that some travellers will try to overload their carry-on to beat the new fee. He keeps a thick binder on hand with airlinesa€™ carry-on restrictions across the globe.
A warning would have been, to me, the appropriate and polite thing to do," she said, adding that it cost her an extra 30 minutes to check her case and she almost missed her flight.
She added that, on that first flight, her suitcase a€?fit lovelya€? in the overhead bin.
Air Canada allows a maximum of 22 pounds each for your main carry-on bag and a personal item like a briefcase. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. This is in conjunction with a new policy that was implemented systemwide on Saturday, March 1. Expect no exceptions for elite level travelers and those traveling in business or first class.
Carriers like Southwest and JetBlue that allow checked bags for free are able to load their cabins much quicker.
For example, the carry-on that I have used without a problem on dozens of flights since 2006 easily violates the new standard. United has a couple pages on their web site here and here, as well as a single, short post on Flyertalk.
Some passengers will argue the point with United staff, while others will have to take time to retrieve their valuables before checking their bag. For example, a cube of 15 inches on each side complies with the Contract of Carriage, while it would definitely not fit into the new sizer.
For example, traveler can buy this Tumi Alpha Continental bag from United’s MileagePlus Awards Mall. With other airlines, I have had agents force me to check a bag that fit in their sizer without much effort, but was still deemed too large.
Those with plans to travel on United should take out their tape measures and ensure that their bags comply with this new policy.

If you look closely at the baggage sizers, you will see that there are cutouts on either end of the 22-inch length for handles to protrude (but not wheels).
Even when the dimensions of your bag appear to be compliant with the new policy, there is no accounting for the whim of gate agents under pressure to enforce this new policy who might find that your bag doesn’t fit easily enough, or that its handle is too large.
United’s Contract of Carriage is filled with exceptions to the carry-on plus personal item rule. United offers its Explorer and United Club cards that offer up to two free checked bags when you use them to purchase your tickets. If you don’t want to worry about being forced to check your favorite carry-on bag, you might just want to fly a different airline. I have long preferred soft side carry ones because they tend to be more affordable and because I could overstuff them a little. Many bags list a height of just 20 inches, but that often doesn’t account for handles. Bring your tape measure with you to shop for luggage, and double check any bag you order through the mail. Please be careful not to drop the electronic devices to the floor, not to stomp on them and not to drop them into the gap around the seat. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry your photographic film with you into the cabin with your carry-on baggage.
Guests on a delayed flight can use the revised departure time to determine what time they check in. Excess and oversized carry-on baggage may be checked in and subject to applicable baggage fees.
Pack wrapping paper in your checked luggage, and have a wrapping party on arrival at your destination.
When we measured the suitcases, we found many were slightly taller than Air Canadaa€™s or WestJeta€™s size restrictions. Therea€™s no word yet if the airline may also start weighing what you plan to take on board. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
Although there have been rumors online of this policy change for some time, it was confirmed by the UA Insider company representative on Flyertalk last week.
Do not expect staff to be swayed by protests from travelers who have flown with their bags for decades and know that it will fit easily in the overhead bins. Therefore, most observers are left to conclude that by implementing a new carry-on bag standard along with the policy of charging for gate checked bags is clearly done as a revenue-generating measure. It is entirely likely that gate agents might accept a carry on for the first leg of a flight, but reject it on the second leg. Therefore, it would be wise to include a small cloth backpack or bag with your valuables, just in case you are forced to check your bag at the gate.
These include an overcoat or wrap, an umbrella, a reasonable amount of reading material, a camera, and a diaper bag. At this time, most other carriers have little incentive to separate you from your carry-on, so long as it fits in the overhead bin.
I find some good deals at discount retailers in my area such as Ross, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning. Many travelers have found that their bags dimensions are inaccurate, or don’t include wheels and handles. Some travelers have received email announcements while others have noticed additional information when checking in online. Over the weekend, as this new policy was supposed to take effect, some travelers reported strict enforcement, while others saw none.
On a practical level, one could easily have a bag of 20 x 14 x 10 inches that meets the specification of Contract of Carriage, but fails to fit in the new sizers.
Nevertheless, your bag will obviously fail the sizer test if it violates the 9-inch dimension, which is 10 inches on the actual sizers. As long as they are enforcing their rules (and then some), passengers should be aware of all the permissible exceptions.
For example, I picked up a hard-sided piece from a company called CIAO that is compliant with United’s new policy and international carriers for $40. For example, the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal currently offers an additional 8 points per dollar from eBags, while shoppers using the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping mall will enjoy 5 miles per dollar plus a 10% discount for purchases over $49. Besides, since your carry-on bag will always be within your control, you don’t have to worry about it being tossed by a baggage handler or run over by a luggage cart.

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