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A recent article is leading some to ask whether TSA has lifted the 3-1-1 policy on liquids, aerosols and gels.
One more time:If a large bottle of water or a large bottle of shampoo are potentially so dangerous that they can't be allowed on the flight, why do screeners then throw that bottle in the regular trash can with all the other potentially dangerous liquids? So there have been two times when a liquid bomb was part of a terror plan against aircraft. I NEVER take out my travel toiletries and place them in a plastic baggie, and I NEVER get caught either. Bob, in another blog a person claiming to be a TSA employee has stated that the information in your SOP and the information on TSA's web pages discussing Medically Exempted items disagree.There is no way for the public to know if this is true, but if so, how can anyone traveling know how to prepare their medically needed items if the provided information is wrong? A TSA Agent, posting as Anonymous said:Saw a guy carry a full thermos through screening this morning. Each passenger is permitted to carry only one such bag which is to be presented separately for screening. The receipt shall be clearly displayed in the STEB and the date of purchase shall coincide with the day(s) of travel. Place all liquid, aerosol and gels that are in containers not larger than 100 ml in a re-sealable plastic bag which can be bought in any supermarket. Surrender LAGs that do not conform to the 100ml volume container restriction and those that exceeds the limit for each LAGs bag.

BUT if the medically necessary items exceed 3 ounces or are not contained in a one-quart, zip-top plastic bag, you MUST declare to one of our Security Officers at the checkpoint for further inspection."Can you please clarify, especially concerning quantities permitted? Just because something is different from one airport to the next doesn't mean they are making up rules and changing policy sometimes it means that there is a person in that uniform. The container must fit comfortably within the transparent bag, which should be completely closed.
The total content of this bag should not exceed 1 liter (only one bag of LAGs is allowed per passenger).
While we continue to aggressively work to find a way to relax the 3-1-1 requirements, we know liquid explosives still pose a threat to aviation security. So in the last 15 years this has been planned twice, neither time even made it to an airport, let alone a plane. Must be intentional so they can always blame the training of the TSO for the agencies failures. Bring up some instances where TSA flat out told a lie to the public and did something else on purpose. It is the fact that liquid explosives can be easily disguised as such and have similar properties as common liquids we use in our everyday lives. Passengers are allowed only one plastic bag each.Any transparent re-sealable bag of one liter capacity or less is allowed.

This remains a top priority and TSA is partnering with vendors to find a solution that effectively screens liquids. Anyone want to bet as to if the guy who missed the pistols and knives in the Egypt-bound luggage gets Peter-panned to some out of the way place?
He never attempted to open any of the containers, so he had no idea what was in them___________________________________I am a TSO. Yes common liquids can be used to create explosives but officers are not specifically trained in all possible combinations. These plastic re-sealable bags can be bought in any supermarket or department store.Bags sealed with items such as sticky tape, rubber bands or ribbons will not be accepted. Funny how you people assume things as if you actually know what is happening.-----------------------------Really?
Does your father happen to be your uncle also?----------------------Saw a guy carry a full thermos through screening this morning.

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