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The weight per passenger that the carrier allows is 30kg in economy class, 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.
The good news is that the amount of weight that one is entitled to remains the same in each class. However, some dimensional changes are going to be enforced According to the airline, for tickets issued on or after November 15 this year, passengers will not be able to carry individual items with total dimensions exceeding 300cm (118 inches).
Until then, the airline will continue to accept items beyond 300cm (118 inches) and up to 400cm (157 inches) in length in exceptional cases.
After November 15, however, Emirates noted that items bigger than 300cm cannot be transported as checked baggage, and must be sent as cargo or freight.
Even before the said date, for bigger items, the airline said it’s advisable to check with local Emirates office for details at least seven working days prior to travelling with such items to avoid any unpleasant surprises and hassles at the airport. Those travelling to Canada, North America or South America, should be aware of the baggage policy that applies on these routes. Those flying on these long-haul flights have half the per-bag size allocation although the total weight allowance is higher than on other routes. Those flying on these long haul flights should ensure that the total dimensions of each piece must not exceed 150cm (59 inches). Customers with individual items exceeding above dimensions up to 300cm (118 inches) will be charged an additional fee. For customers with two pieces of luggage in all three classes, the total combined dimensions of both pieces should not exceed 300cm (118 inches), advises Emirates.
For passengers whose tickets are issued prior to November 15, 2014, the total dimensions (length+ width+ height) of each piece must not exceed 158cm (62 inches). Customers with baggage exceeding these dimensions will be charged an additional fee, the airline noted.
Making the hands into a tunnel - creating a pinhole to look through - magically gives clearer vision. The number of pieces of carry-on baggage* permitted is determined by the travel class booked.
Lufthansa will transport larger items of carry-on baggage in the hold as part of your free baggage allowance.
The following items may only be carried in the cabin and not in the cargo hold: fuel cell systems and spare fuel cell cartridges, portable oxygen concentrators, safety matches and lighters as well as spare batteries (lithium metal, lithium ion) and electronic cigarettes. On flights within the EU and on connecting flights from the EU (as well as German domestic flights) consistent rules apply to the carrying of liquids in carry-on baggage.
With the new Light fare, you can add one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg to your booking for a fee of € 15. With the Classic and Flex fares, you can take one bag up to 23 kg per person free of charge, as usual. The new fares on European routes and the related baggage regulations apply for tickets issued starting 28 July 2015 and departures starting 1 October 2015. The maximum size per piece of baggage, regardless of class, is 158 cm (width + height + depth). Please register your ski baggage without fail no later than 23 hours before departure with the Lufthansa Service Centre. A car seat or folding buggy or pram or a baby carrier may be carried as carry-on baggage free of charge. Further information about taking child seats and Moses baskets on board with you is listed on our ‘Safety for infants on board’ page. A higher free baggage allowance applies to Frequent Travellers, Senators, HON Circle Members and Star Alliance Gold members.
Sports bags can be checked in free of charge as part of your permitted free baggage allowance.
This rule states that on flights which are operated by several airlines, the baggage regulations of the airline that operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey apply.
Qantas will change international baggage allowances from counting number of bags to counting their weight, bringing them in line with Emirates, as the Qantas-Emirates alliance starts up on 1 April.
Business class passengers see their allowances more than halved, from 96 kg split over three 32 kg bags to a limit of no more than 40 kg in total.
The changes take effect on 31 March, for all passengers who book flights on or after 26 February. Instead of getting an allowance like 'two bags at 23 kg each' under old the piece and weight system, you'll get something like "32 kg" under the new weight-based model.
Previously, Platinum members had an allowance of 4 x 32 kg bags in business or first, and 3 x 32 bags in economy and premium economy. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since.
The piece concept will be gone, so you could check in two bags (or even x number of bags) as long as the total is 30kg.
Wow - that is quite a step down for high value customers, and quite a step up for low value ones. Yes - this is major news for someone like me, who travels between syd and lon 4 times a year, paying my own economy class fare. After trying Qantas Silver for a year, I discovered Emirates' generous 30KG DEFAULT limit regardless of any points, saw they had A380 and a good product of their own, so I switched, plain and simple!
I hope Qantas will make it clear on their website of the newly announced provisions for OW Emeralds, of 20kg on top of applicable class limits and for this to be communicated to check-in staff. What happened to Qantas saying that where Frequent Flyer benefits apply, the higher one would be the norm? Dr T, I don't necessarily disagree in most cases, but I've done a bunch of conferences where being able to chuck a couple of boxes of printed materials plus some promo swag into my suitcase has been a real benefit. And, of course, the corollary is: if using the full allowance is such an exceptional case, why get rid of it?

So Qantas, starts off with a weight system, changes to a piece and weight system in May last year and is transitioning back a weight system to avoid confusion in the Qantas-Emirates Alliance. It is quite amusing that a Plat FF travelling in international economy has  LESS allowance than domestic economy. Emirates have a very strict boarding regime: they also make use of the twin or tripple air bridges at most airports, with economy and business class passengers separated.
In Business Class you are sometimes shown to your seat as you present your boarding card, although this is fairly rare, and you're left to find your own way. At your seat the mini bar is already filled, and the headphones, socks and eyeshades are already at your seat. Before takeoff orders from the menu, but the crew firstly come to Gold card holders, and ask them for their choice, and then four crew members start in each aisle at the front and the middle of the cabin, and work their way backwards asking for meal choices. Once you are aloft, about 30 minutes in, the crew come around with table cloths, empty wine glasses, but full glasses of spirit orders.
In Economy hot towels are handed out before takeoff (on a lovely silver tray) and then the menus are handed out.
Should you be unlucky enough not to get on a plane with AVOD, films start about 20 minutes after takeoff. Indeed, one crucial lesson in all cabins, is that it is vital espessially if you are flying in the premium classes, is never, ever, to fall asleep before the meal service starts.
Emirates have reduced the economy baggage allowance in and between Canada, Europe, India, the U.S. Emirates has a very generous free baggage allowance for each flight, on most flights, however Emirates vary what you can check in by route. Emirates Cabin Bags: The simple rule is that Economy takes one, Business & First take on board two bags on Emirates.
Emirates Check in luggage: On all routes except to the United States economy class can check in one bag weighing 30kg, business class can check in two bags up to a total weight of 40kg, and First class can check bags up to 50kg.
Emirates Skywards Silver Frequent Flyers gain an extra 12kg checked in luggage allowance, while Emirates Skywards Gold gains an extra 16kg of checked in luggage allowance (or one extra bag if via the US).
For example, an extra 10Kgs at Heathrow, just on the hop to Dubai, will cost a thumping 250 quid! Other crafty passengers buy additional checked baggage allowance on Emirates online, although this only gives you a 20% discount when managing an existing booking, and it may be cheaper to take a gamble and pay the exorbitant 25GBP per kilo at the airport.
All those who had already booked the tickets prior to April 11 will still be allowed to carry 40kg. Air India has announced that it has reduced the baggage allowance of economy class travellers by 10kg per passenger. Emirates had earlier announced that it would be strictly implementing its 30kg limit on check-in baggage on all flights to the Subcontinent.
Singapore Airlines is upping the luggage allowance on its and SilkAir flights to match those of Emirates. The increase in checked baggage limits is a welcome relief to those that do shopping on their trips. Singapore Airlines must have felt the competitive pressure from Emirates and had to adjust the allowances to match those of EK.
MH upped their allowance to these levels a few months back, recently have any ex-SIN flights very competitively priced, so this also would have been a factor as they are losing quite a bit of local share over to MH. The new A380 only lounge in Dubai is better than the one in Terminal B but noticeably more crowded though now that QF have moved in with their 2 A380's daily. This journey relates to a journey originating in Glasgow on two class 777-300 and continuing upstairs on the A380 to Hong Kong via Bangkok. Commencing next Monday 13th August, new cabin baggage allowances come into effect across all Aer Lingus short-haul and transatlantic routes. An enhanced allowance is available to Gold Circle, Business Class and Flex Fare customers who may take an additional small piece, such as a slimline laptop bag onboard. For Aer Lingus Regional, the standard allowance dimensions have been slightly reduced to allow stowage on the different versions of the ATR fleet. The new allowance follows a recent review, involving customer and staff input, to reduce delays and frustration caused by cabin baggage issues during boarding. This should be fun… next up is airport shops complaining of reduced sales due to passengers afraid to make purchases as their one bag is full. NEIL STEEDMAN has been a trade journalist, copywriter, editor and proofreader for 50 years, and News & Features Editor for ‘Irish Travel Trade News’ for the past 40 years.
Individual items with total dimensions exceeding 300cm (118 inches) cannot be transported as checked baggage, and must be sent as cargo or freight. For economy class customers with two pieces of luggage, the total combined dimensions of both pieces must not exceed 273cm (107 inches). On almost all flights with Lufthansa Regional, passengers can keep their carry-on baggage with them until they board and get it back immediately they disembark at the airport steps. Golds were allowed an extra 23 kg bag in premium economy or an extra 32 kg bag in economy, while Silvers (and Qantas Club members) received an extra 32kg piece in premium economy or economy.
It would be difficult to police when QF travellers are told they have too much weight when they want to get onto EK metal from, say, Dubai to London.
Business and First, plus Gold Skywards members can board at any time; other than that children board first, then transit passengers, then all others in a kind of almighty scrum. Business gets a menu about twice the size of the economy menu which are at the seats before takeoff, and this disguises the fact that on some flights economy gets the same meals as business.
If you are at the back of the cabin (or the middle such as row 14 on the A380) - or out of your seat - you can find there is little choice left when they come to you: as a result it's crucial to stay in your seat when the meal orders are being taken.
It can be another 30 minutes before the wine glasses are filled: hence, if you want a drink quickly, you should ask for a short order, and a wine glass when orders are being taken before pushback (or, just go to the bar). Emirates crew are trained to never wake up a sleeping passenger for meals, that mean if you are asleep, the meal service will pass you by, and you'll get no food.

This is in itself curious, and even more oddly, instead of using it as a marketing tool and shouting about it, the luggage allowance is hidden away behind a calculator on the Emirates website which makes it hard to work out what you're allowed to check in for free.
Economy Class passengers can take hand luggage of one bag weighing up to 15 lb (7 kg), They must be no larger than 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20 cm),and even these are a squeeze getting into the side lockers on the Boeing 777.
Routes to or via the United States have economy with two bag allowed to 23kg, business class with two bags (each 32kg max) and that is also, oddly, the limit for First Class.
The airline rakes in a lot of cash from these extra fees, so not surprising there are a lot of traumatic scenes at check in.
You get a flat bed on Business and in the A380, the bar is a bonus, although after that, it is above average, but not amazing.
The new allowance is a standard single piece of cabin baggage with the permissible cabin baggage size being increased. In addition, a small ladies handbag or gents satchel, within a specific size, may also be carried but must be placed under the seat in front.
New cabin baggage size gauges have been installed at all airports across the Aer Lingus network to support the implementation of the new allowance. We go round and round in circles regarding luggage: airlines don’t seem to get it that passengers when travelling wish to carry items with them, so it’s up to airlines to address the issue by catering for this.
I have had so many experiences of selfish people hogging too much space while I wait in vain, quite often, to find space for my small luggage bag. Personal documents, medicines, valuables, mobile phones and laptops should be carried in cabin carry-on baggage. If you add a bag at the last minute at the airport you will have to pay a higher fee of € 30 at the ticket counter or € 45 at the gate. Your luggage allowances are changing." style="display:inline-block" title="Flying Qantas internationally? I have been on multiple trips in the last 2 yrs whilst Platinum, and even when I go Skiing I take ~25kg, and sometimes if I have been doing lots of shopping I will check in my Cabin bag with 15kg shopping, so less that 40kg. I have been to Hawaii on a 10 day trip and only taken hand luggage of no more than 10kgs and that includes the weight of the bag. It will extend the self check-in kiosks from domestic to international terminals in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Only Skywards Silver and Gold can use the business check in if travelling on an economy ticket, but it saves a lot of time. There are Newspapers on a trolley on the airbridge, however there are only 3 or 4 of each type, other than the Dubai Daily, so to get a newspaper you have heard of you have to be quick and early in the scrum. Alas, there is no wine list: you have to know to request one while you are still on the ground. Woe betide you if you change seat - the meal requests can skip you entirely, and then when the meals are delivered an hour into the flight, you can find nothing has been heated for you, and you have to place an order then. When the wine glasses do appear, they come around in a neat four bottle holder, with an extra wine glass perched in the middle (for those who didn't get to place an order. This can be exceptionally annoying, particularly if you are flying First on a short 4 or 5 hour flight: even if you wake up an hour before landing, the crew will tell you that you are too late for food, and at best will bring you out a small tray of nuts. Regular passengers have been known to get their luggage absolutely on the limit, and then stuff their pockets with heavy items, while wearing 2 coats, jackets, and so on. Beware, too, that some scales, particularly at Dubai airport, are not that accurate, and one scale may say you are 6kg over, and you'll be hit with a £200 charge, and another scale may have another reading. All other airlines flying to the sector including Jet Airways has also been only offering 30kg,” added Thomas.
Making travellers with luggage feel fearful of those scales and measuring cage at boarding isn’t going to increase their frequency of flying and the airlines’ profitability.
With me anyway, I brought about 37KG (uh, accidentally) with me in the form of my suitcase, and a large rug I bought for someone.
Leave your LOUIS VUITTON streamer trunks at home and pack a light weight bag and save your backs. There are generally leagthy queues, with many passengers making use of Emirates generous 30kg baggage allowance in economy. As soon as you board the IFE is already switched on, so you can watch films or TV while you are waiting for everyone else to get on board.
There are then hot towels, and a run of Sparkling Wine, orange juice or water for pre-flight drinks. Meals come around (on short flights on a tray with both the starter and the main), and then the dessert about half an hour later. The loos are however quite good - even economy has some soaps and perfumes (locked away in a perspex container) and the same light airy colours as the main cabin. Because many of the crew are young, and forgetful, even if you tell them that you are going to take a short nap, they may still forget to wake you. Once they are onboard, and past the hand luggage guards at the gate, you'll then see them take everything out of their pockets and load up their hand luggage. You are not entitled to a second opinion at check in, so it is often worthwhile being some way under the limit. These come around on a tray, but there are always only three Sparkling Wine on the tray: as a result, the crew continually nip back to the galley to get their regulation three glasses, advance three more passengers, and then return again to the galley. In economy, there is often a check at the gate at Dubai to see if you are over the limit in economy, but it is rare for there to be a check in Business Class. Can't imagine that happening with Qantas, new allowances and 'get all Emirates with luggage' or not!
There are then lots of inflight announcements, and a long video on using your video screen.

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