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A Frontier Airlines plane taxis at Denver International Airport in this December 2011 file photo. Frontier Airlines dropped some big, albeit unsurprising, news Monday morning about their revamped business model. I sat down with Frontier CEO David Siegel and senior vice president of commercial Daniel Shurz last Friday in anticipation of this announcement and got some answers to many of my questions surrounding the Denver-based airline’s transition from a low-cost carrier, like Southwest Airlines, into an ultra-low-cost carrier, like Spirit Airlines. Customers are used to this more all-inclusive price but an all-inclusive price means you got charged (for everything).
Because other airlines have these all-inclusive prices, they will see our low fares and they will know they’re getting a great deal.
When soda’s not free, fewer people want it, the less we carry onboard, the less fuel we burn, the more money we spend. Right now, people just behave without consequence because they don’t think about checking in on line, or booking on our website, or making purchases upfront so we will educate them. We will communicate on our website, we will communicate through various advertising medium, we will do an educational instructional video on the website. We want to create a disincentive (for carrying on) but we don’t want it to be punitive or customer-unfriendly. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, or reckless to the community. Use your own words (don't copy and paste from elsewhere), be honest and don't pretend to be someone (or something) you're not. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Covers tourism, mountain business, skiing and outdoor adventure sports for both the Business and Sports sections at The Denver Post, which he joined in 1997.
Alicia Wallace is a general assignment business reporter at The Post whose coverage spans tech to bioscience to beer. Denver Post business reporters and editors offer news, analysis and commentary on the latest business, real estate, tourism, gambling and technology news in the Colorado and Denver. GRX-950 carry bag or travel bag, perfect for keeping your electric golf caddie out of plain site in the back of your SUV, . High quality carry bag or travel bags, perfect for keeping your electric golf caddie out of plain site in the back of your SUV, or neat and orderly inside your trunk. The GB-25 is a new model designed to fit every Cart Tek model and many other Electric and Remote Control Golf Caddies in the market place. High quality carry bag or travel bags, perfect for keeping your electric golf caddie out of plain site in the back of your SUV, . Hair Cleanser and Conditioner: In other words, you need a shampoo and conditioner of sorts for your hair.
Razor: If you can handle going a few days without shaving, perhaps waiting to buy a disposable razor until you arrive is an option. Large toiletries kits are great for better organization and separation, but they can add a little extra bulk to your luggage.
Remember: Compartmentalizing your toiletries will help you to stay organized on the road, as well as keep potential mess and leaks confined to a single space in your bag or suitcase. Get out your packing list and make sure you are only taking the essentials with you on your trip. YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY May 06, 2016Exploring the Best Travel PillowsTravel pillows can make long journeys more comfortable.
I bought the small size of this, then thought it was a perfect size for my electronics (which it TOTALLY is!!) and decided to buy the large as a toiletry bag. I’ve been traveling for a few years now with a two-wheeled carry-on bag that is tilted and pulled along behind me. Both of these bags above had advantages regarding functionality: spinner wheels, an outside pocket and soft padded handles for carrying. The Lipault bag, while not being filled anywhere near to capacity, doesn’t seem to have quite as much volume. As a final test, I lifted each suitcase packed with the clothing shown above over my head, where the difference between the two bags was apparent.
I had to return a similar bag to the Lipault because it didn’t support my full tote, and have ended up with a super light hard shell, light and small enough for all the inter Europe airlines. My mother uses the Lipault bag and loves it, specifically because it is lightweight and seems to expand to fit just about anything. Hi Suzanne, I think whether the bag will support your Longchamp tote depends on how full it’s packed. Regarding Delsey, most of their lighter-weight and better reviewed bags are the hard-shelled ones, which wasn’t my preferred style.

Suggest you check beyond your airline, unless you are planning to never fly on another carrier.
For longer trips, my personal item is the Lipault 19″ shoulder bag, which is more like a tote, but I love the strap which slides over a suitcase handle. I like being able to haul my own weight, so to speak, not having to rely on the capricious nature of chivalry or porters!
My husband and I have B and R suitcases but all on the larger size: their lifetime guarantee is nice but they are pricey!
Unfortunately (for me) I’ve already purchased a Samsonite spinner from Costco (international size and larger size) about a year ago in anticipation of our trip to Amsterdam and France last September.
The other problem I have is what facial products to take (face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen). HEMA is found throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, in neighbouring parts of Germany, and now in France (in towns close to the Low Countries, such as Lille, but also in many other cities now, including Paris and its suburbs.
I understand, because most of the weight of my luggage is non-clothing… toiletries, a few books (fewer since I have an iPad, but still), all sorts of vitamins and medications and miscellaneous. I was thinking of a carry on without wheels for him, and would appreciate your suggestions, thanks.
I love my samsonsite clamshell fabric 26″ spinner, it folds out to give me one zipped compartment for clothes, and the other for shoes toiletries and bulky items. I love your blog but the prices for luggage and a lot of the clothes, are way out of my price range. Linda, I have a great carry on size, hard shell spinner case that I bought from LIDL, a cheap cheap supermarket chain. That reminds me – I must buy some packing cubes before my trip back home to New Zealand.
And so if you charge them for checked bag at the airport, the customer doesn’t like that. And in some countries, like the UK, they are 50 percent, but they’ve been around for 20 years. When the industry did not charge for checked bags, there wasn’t a carry-on bag problem. And yet the gotta-carry-everything-on crowd thinks waiting at a baggage carousel will surely kill them. These durable bags were designed specifically for Cart Tek models, so please make sure you are ordering for the electric golf caddy you have.
Now’s the part where we give you the list of items you absolutely need to take with you, the essential toiletries kit, along with a little advice on how to pack them all up nice and neat in your luggage of choice.
If space is a worry, try hacking a normal sized bar in half instead of paying more for those special travel size bars in the shops. For extra bonus points, get one with SPF built-in since you will more than likely be spending more time in the sun on your travels. With new diets, changes in sleep patterns and more public transportation use, breakouts are sure to happen when you travel.
Go with travel size tubes, or try something different like toothpaste sachets or toothpaste tablets.
Not only is it vital to your oral health, it can also function as string in a pinch to sew up holes and tie bits and bobs together. If going carry-on only, you will need to have one see-through bag that includes ALL liquids and gels.
Make a trial pack to ensure your toiletries bag is the correct size for your intended packing goal. Different airlines have different limitations for carry-on luggage, and what may be fine on a domestic airline could be too large for international carriers.
The Briggs & Riley bag has a lifetime guarantee, double wheels, and the telescoping handle is mounted on the outside, which means that the interior has a flat packing surface (no ridges from the handle).
Many reviewers noted that the soft-sided configuration made it easy to pack as well as easy to fit into overhead bins.
From what I can tell, some websites list the cu in as exterior dimensions not actual packing capacity. There’s another small pouch between the shafts of the handle which would be perfect for electronics chargers.
We are travelling in two weeks and until I read your first post on this, I had totally forgotten that our last trip pretty much destroyed our large suitcase. I’ve also included in the scroll-through items at the bottom of this post if you want to have a look. I can be guilty of expecting my poor little Rimowa to hold a Longchamps tote that’s filled to the brim .

For my 2 week trip to Paris last year, I took the largest size (28 inches, I think) Lipault spinner bag, and on top of that I perched my old Sportsac bag (large but without any shape whatsoever and not fully packed). Sized right for international carryon rules, weighs just a tad over 6 pounds and the 4 external straps allow for snugly securing a smallish payload inside or expands and secures if fully packed, as well.
It’s still not fun bumping and grinding over cobblestones, or icy, slushy mounds and ruts, no matter what your luggage situation, though.
What I remembered from last visit was that I wanted to change into clean clothes every time I turned around because of the heat and sunscreen. I check luggage so that I can pack full sized toiletries, and so that I don’t have to struggle a carryon into the overhead compartment. My luggage always comes from stores such as Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls etc., as does 90% of my clothes, shoes and accessories. And people who carried on bags were people who wanted control of their bag and tended to be business customers.
Dry shampoo might also be a good addition that can help you cut back on the amount of liquid shampoo you bring. Just like choosing your luggage, having a toiletries bag that is a size larger just means you are more likely to fill it with things you don’t really need. Bronner’s Soap (shampoo and body wash), conditioner, facial cleanser, facial moisturizer + SPF, eye cream, leave-in hair oil, toothpaste sachets, floss, toothbrush, razor and crystal deodorant stick. If going carry-on only, your liquid toiletries will need to be located in a separate bag that can be scanned at security. This includes having extra space for anything that might fit that criteria in your medical kit (post coming soon), like anti-itch creams. Refrain from taking a toiletries bag that packs on extra bulk or is larger than absolutely necessary. The hard sides would provide protection if I wanted to check the bag with fragile items inside. What I’ve shown here are 3 pairs of pants, 3 lightweight tops, 3 sweaters, 1 dress and 2 pairs of shoes. There are also many bags now with a strap along the back side to slip over the handle (will show you some of these next week).
I could also put the Lipault tote on top of the Lipault suitcase (it slips over handle) and carry the Sportsac on my shoulder. I had trouble lifting my bag overhead (humiliating) AND the Hawaiian Airlines attendant looked at the bag and thought it was too large! An additional aspect of good design is that the handles are thickly padded, which makes it less of a strain to lift. I do have the odd very precious item received as gifts such as jewelry and Hermes scarves which amp up my bargain outfits. They can behave any way that they want to behave, but if it saves us money, we’ll share that with them to give them an incentive to behave differently. And then the industry starts charging and that changed the equation for people, and now people say they would like to carry on. In this case, remove non-liquids, such as razor, floss, toothbrush and put those in a separate bag or organizing unit.
Be sure to take into account the wheels and any protruding handles in a bag’s measurements.
While the handle is mounted inside which leaves ridges, I usually pack in soft packing cubes or place rolled items in the hollows, so this isn’t an issue for me.
But I’m a small, short woman and want to feel comfortable hefting my bag into the overhead bin without fear of injury. So, it’s just incentives in the system, and the problem with that is what you see with the carry-on wars at every airline. Some airlines have fairly stringent weight as well as size limits for carry-on bags, so weight was my second consideration (also thinking about hoisting the bag up into the overhead bin, as well as carrying up and down stairs, etc.). A couple years before that, I bought the 26 inch size, nonspinner, foldable red Lipault for shorter trips. As I’ve had mine for a few years, it is a 2 wheeler, which was the only way it was available at the time.
Looks as if you’ve made a good choice and helped many of your readers learn more along the way.

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