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If you are looking for luggage with clean curves and soft leather trims, then look no further. This full featured interior has all the amenities you would want when traveling to make things much easier and convenient. This luggage collection has two comfortable leather wrapped carrying handles that are located on the top and side. The new Delsey Honore+ luggage collection has many great features to make traveling much easier while looking good doing so. The shells on the luggage have a soft-touch, beautiful, matte finish that stands out from the rest of the luggage out there.
The interior of the bag is beautifully lined in a solid red color with two separate compartments to pack your belongings in.
The luggage has a built-in TSA approved lock to give you added security and peace of mind when traveling.
This Delsey luggage comes with a durable cover to protect your case from scratches and wear during transport.
The DK3 collection has large, self-mending zippers which will give you a smooth closure every time. The luggage collection has a lockable pull handle so you can pull your luggage along with you effortlessly.
Samsonite has introduced a new luggage collection to the market that has the features that most travelers are looking for. The 4 wheels on the spinner luggage have 360 degree movement, which gives you the ability to move the luggage in any direction that you desire. The MIGHTlight collection comes with padded, integrated carry handles to give you comfort when you are picking up that fully packed suitcase. Samsonite has decided to use large, self-mending coil zippers because they have a flawless closure and they will last you many trips. The spinners come with an expandable zipper to give you more packing space when you need it. With a completely new design, Samsonite has managed to combine the demands for lightweight luggage with the durability required when using airline travel. These wheels give you 360 degree mobility so you can easily maneuver the luggage down the airport terminals and hotel hallways.
The hardside shells is made from a very durable material that is designed to be lightweight and resist high impacts. Briggs & Riley has been known for making great quality luggage, but they do it a little differently.
They have combined 420D nylon and 600D polyester material to give you durability and style for years to come. Briggs and Riley have put enough straps on this backpack to make sure it is secure and stays there comfortably. These beautifully designed luggage pieces have the patented Outsider handle to push and pull your luggage down the terminal. On the inside, the adjustable EZ-Hook compression panel helps to minimize wrinkling and keeps clothing secure during your travels. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers.
Because they're nicer to lug around than something with sharp edges, can always expand in a pinch -- magic zippers for extra space rock -- and are pretty close to unbreakable. For things that shouldn't get squished, like my scuba gear, I used an ancient Samsonite plastic hardcase, which suffered many a hard knock over the years and finally gave up the ghost when the lock broke. At $1000+ a pop here in Oz those are way out my target price range, but everybody's now making copies and eg. In my experience, the quality of the workmanship seems much more important than which type of sides your suitcase has in regards to its ability to protect its contents. Certainly, there are other features to consider, like whether the suitcase has dividers and zippers to keep clothes separated or organized, or expansion zippers to add space for unexpected souvenirs. Weight is definitely a consideration, the heavier the suitcase, the less weight left for luggage and the heavier it is lugging it up and down stairs to your lodging, etc. The type of items you describe needing to transport, the protection provided by a regular rollerbag is probably sufficient, and you don't have the excess weight of a totally hard-sided luggage, and as you said, quite versatile! PS: perhaps this question would have been better framed as an exhaustive list of the pros and cons of getting hard sided luggage vs a roller bag? Until recently I would fly up to twice a week to various countries and had the travel luggage down to a fine art - and I always go for a soft case with a handle and wheels - remarkably like the one in your picture.
The only thing that seems to go on them is the zip, so I would replace the case every 18 months to 2 years, but as they are very cheap this was not a problem. In general hard side suitcases weigh more then the soft side so if you carry a lot of weight an extra kilo or 2 of suitcase is important.
One more consideration is security and theft if your suitcase is one of the unlucky to be open hard sides with their built in locks may not survive this event at all. The only challenge is that many canvas suitcases tend to not have TSA locks because they're at the cheaper end of the price scale.

I also have a lightweight (not polycarbonate) and sturdy Caterpillar brand 4-wheeler with a TSA lock.
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It is designed to lock the two front wheels while keeping the back wheels free so you can still pull it along behind you.
They are reinforced with a durable stitching and rivets to make sure your handles are strong and last you many adventures.
It is a combination style lock so that you don’t have to worry about a key that has the potential to get lost. Many other luggage companies don’t do that, but Delsey wants to make sure your luggage stays looking good for many trips and adventures.
Samsonite has constructed this luggage from a rugged and lightweight fabric that is great for resisting tears, punctures, scrapes and moisture. The zippers are also lockable, so you can make sure that your items stay secure and you can be worry-free when you travel. It extends to different heights to suit the user so they will be comfortable when using the luggage. It has multiple zippered pockets for organizing your clothing and a wet pocket for your toiletries or wet items. The MIGHTlight spinners have a specially designed injection pan frame that makes it very light and sturdy.
The wheels on the luggage are wide, so you will have a stable base when fully packed and get ease of mobility. The pull handle also comes padded so you will have a comfortable grip when pulling your bag along with you.
The color-matching zippers are also lockable, to give you added security for your belongings. If you happen to pick up some souvenirs during your travels, then this feature will come in handy to fit those in your luggage for the return trip home.
It has a zippered mesh pocket and a wet pocket to help you with the organizing of your travel items. The 4 wheel spinner design allows you to roll the luggage upright, so you dont’ have any strain on your arms and shoulders when push or pulling it along with you. There is a zippered divider compartment for organizing, and tie-down straps that keep your clothing secure. We offer FREE shipping on orders of $50 and more, and we are always having 1-Day specials where you can save up to 85% off retail!
They listen to feedback from customers, retail partners, and repair experts for constant input on how they can improve their products.
These fabrics are also designed to resist wear, moisture, scuffs, and dirt to keep your luggage looking clean.
The adjustable sternum straps reduce neck and shoulder strain from carrying it around all day. The handle is made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum and has V-grooves to guarantee less jamming. Antler's "Liquis" goes for $300 or so, which is a bit more that I'd like to pay but not entirely out of the question -- if it really is worth it.
You'll want strong sturdy zippers with big teeth that won't break easily, nice thick fabric that won't rip easily or sturdy solid sides that can handle impacts without breaking, sturdy pulls on the zippers, wheels that glide easily, handle that telescopes easily, etc.
If you're anticipating transporting your scuba gear in this suitcase regularly, I'd probably pick differently because my primary considerations would be different. I find 4-wheelers to be more useful than 2 because you can simply roll the suitcase along (rather than pull) when heavy.
You'll have the support, protection, and durability of a regular hardshell case with the flexibility and easy-to-reach compartments of a soft-side. The Chatelet collection is constructed from a BAYER 100%  Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material that is designed to provide you a high standard of impact resistance and extreme temperatures. One side has a fully zippered compartment to keep your clothing secure, and the other compartment has tie-down straps to keep your items secure and wrinkle free when traveling to and from your destination.
The Bayer 100% virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate is designed to withstand some extreme impacts and temperatures. On the other side, you will find a set of compression straps, a zippered side pocket, and a few pouches to pack your smaller accessories. There are openings for the carry handles so that you can move this bag from place to place with the cover still providing protecton.
This is a great feature because it gives you a more solid base when your bag is full, and can maneuver much easier than single wheeled designs. Stsy tuned for some more blogs about the new, stunning looking, Delsey hard-side luggage collections. At Luggagebase, you will find the lowest price for the MIGHTlight collection and many others.

It will protect your personal belongings from the elements, and you will be surprised of its strength even though its so light. The interior zipper pocket is useful for storing your smaller items such as socks and ties. So they have redesigned their already existing BRX line to bring you new features to make your traveling experiences easier. The Outsider handle has an ergonomic grip, and they have durable top and side webbed carry handles to give you many different carrying options. This collection is also equipped with quiet, smooth rolling Japanese Hinomoto wheels that offer smooth maneuverability and adds comfort. Next to the lock and latch mechanism is the soft leather wrapped carry handle with the Delsey logo imprinted on it. There are compression straps to secure your clothing so it won’t get wrinkled during your travels.
The front compartment has multiple pockets to hold items such as pens, cell phone, MP3 players, and other media.
Compression straps can be used to hold your clothing securely so it doesn’t shift around durjng transit. Also Samsonite has another line that will impress the frequent traveler, the DK3 collection. These bags look very stylish, with some streamlined designs and bold colors that will make them stand out from the rest. The BRX line is known for giving you a supreme level of durability while staying lightweight for the user. The bags use YKK RC self repairing zipper hardware to give you a smooth operation along with ergonomic zipper pulls. It is thickly padded, and the aerated mesh back padding allows air to circulate which will help keep the back cool.
If you have more than one bag for your trip, then the Add-A-Bag strap can carry those bags for you.
Depending on what you are carrying, if the suitcase is flimsier, you will lose less weight of baggage allowance, but the innards will be less protected.
The luggage is equipped with Delsey’s Zip SecuriTech which is 41 times more stronger than conventional zippers. Stay tuned for more Luggagebase blogs on beautiful, new products that come out on the market.
This helps to create a solid balance and give you easy maneuvering over hard and soft surfaces. The reason for the spinner design is that it gives the user the ability to push or pull their luggage down the terminal with no strain on the arms and shoulders.
They understand that when your constantly on the move, its essential to keep your important items close at hand. Briggs & Riley have the patented Outsider handle to maximize your interior packing space.
How much protection you need clearly varies considerably by what you pack and how you pack it.
Many of these bags are also expandable so if you buy stuff on your trip you have some built in wiggle room.
This provides maximum security from thieves who try and break open the zippers to access your contents. Inside of the luggage, there is a very spacious interior and many features to help keep your items organized.
The luggage rolls on 4 spinner wheels to make it very easy for you to maneuver this bag from place to place, which also makes it weight-free on your arms and shoulders. Here are some of the great features that you will find about Samsonite’s LIFTwo Hardside.
The BRX collection has a large selection to accomodate you from that weekend trip to the week long excursion.
They have put a SpeedThru pocket and a vertical front pocket on the bags for quick storage of items at security checkpoints.
The front panel organizer has places to hold pens, calculator, cell phone, and other necessary media. The wheels are wide, and low-profile for quiet and smooth rolling that will last many trips.  Except for the spinner, the luggage comes with wedged feet to deflect impacts.
Many canvas-like rollerbags have stiff sides on 2-5 of the six sides, so you could pack your more delicate items nearer to the stiff sides, and put more clothes closer to the softer side for adequate protection. This will definitely help make it easier and faster. The HideAway ID tag helps to conceal information when you want it to be hidden.
Some of these models have a padded laptop slip pocket and a deep zippered pocket for your accessories.

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