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Earn and spend Asia Miles every day, on everything from travel and flights to a whole range of lifestyle options. From 1 March 2016, passengers aged between 12 and 15 travelling in Economy class will be exempted from the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) Tax. Please note that you currently cannot make a group booking (of more than four people) online. Cathay Pacific offers a modern and refreshing economy cabin which features the latest in seat technology. Food and Beverage: Complimentary menu selections include a choice of regional and western dishes as well as a full bar and beverage service with snacks made available throughout the flight. Entertainment: A full range of in flight video and audio entertainment is available on the Cathay Pacific CX entertainment system. Food and Beverage: The menu in Premium Economy offers several selections for an enhanced dining experience.
Business Class offers a sophisticated and private space but one with direct aisle access no matter where you sit. Entertainment: Business class seats feature large TV monitors with touch screen useability. Food and Beverage: The superb service extends to in-flight dining with chef inspired menus offering delicious three course meals that are served separately. For all classes, each passenger (except an infant) can bring a free baggage allowance of one cabin bag not exceeding 56x36x23cm (22x14x9 in) in size. For your safety, the use of certain carry-on portable electronic devices is restricted inflight, as they may interfere with the aircraft navigation and control systems. If you are planning to use a Medical Portable Electronic Device inflight, please see here for detailed information.
Electronic devices that are most likely to cause interference are amateur transceivers, CB radios, transmitting or wireless-enabled devices such as Bluetooth and remote control devices, including toys. Mobile phones must be switched off completely when the cabin doors are closed for departure and must not be turned on again until after landing.
In-seat power will soon be available across our entire fleet for the devices mentioned above. Please note that personal electronic devices cannot be plugged into the aircraft's utility electrical power supply outlets. Print Self-Print Boarding Pass or send Mobile Boarding Pass to your mobile device (where applicable). Passport and Secondary Travel Documents (if any) - Some countries require you to enter passport details.
Enter your personal and flight details such as name, flight number, origin and destination to retrieve your booking. Our new Premium Economy Class is a welcome enhancement to the Economy Class experience a€“ offering you more space and comfort, along with our traditional Asian hospitality throughout your journey.
Before you board, youa€™ll appreciate dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding at the gate.
For entertainment, there are hundreds of selections on your StudioCX inflight entertainment system.
A larger meal table makes working and dining more of a pleasure, and a cocktail table provides more room during the meal service. Our new Premium Economy Class will be progressively introduced on our Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 747-400, selected Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A340-300 aircraft.
Although we try to keep this website up to date, baggage regulations for every airline are constantly changing.
As much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee that the information presented on this site is accurate.
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Be a part of our loyalty programme and enjoy a range of privileges and benefits to our most frequent flyers. With Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and American influences, Manila offers a captivating mix of Asian heritage and Western influence through its tastes, sight and sounds. You might get stuck in some serious traffic on the way from the airport, but once you arrive in the heart of Jakarta, you'll find there's a lot to like about Indonesia's dynamic capital. There's so much more to do than hunt celebrities in California's home of entertainment, Los Angeles. Become a member of our loyalty programme to enhance your travel experience with exclusive privileges and benefits.

Customers with a confirmed seat may bring 1 more small item aboard the aircraft in addition to their cabin luggage.
Silver or above members of The Marco Polo Club may also bring a garment bag 20cm thick (when folded) or one small 8 inch soft bag.
In addition to the above, passengers travelling in First and Business Class can also bring a 20cm thick garment bag (when folded) or 8 inch soft bag aboard. The combined weight of all your items including your duty free items must not exceed the baggage allowance of your travel class shown above. For non-stop flights between Hong Kong and Auckland without extra sectors (wholly within Hong Kong and New Zealand), on Cathay Pacific or Air New Zealand only.
If your tickets include additional international flights beyond Hong Kong or Auckland or you have a stopover between Hong Kong and Auckland, please check our most significant carrier rules. You are entitled to a free baggage allowance, which varies depending on your route, class and member tier.
For all other routes, where a weight concept is in place, excess weight is charged on a per kilogram basis. Overweight items must be repacked or split into lighter units during check-in otherwise they will not be accepted for carriage.
Charge for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is calculated per kilogram (2.2 lbs) on a zone basis as listed below. Charge for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is calculated by piece at the applicable extra baggage charge on a zone basis listed as below.
An additional fee will be charged for any checked baggage to and from the Americas that is heavier or larger than the stated free baggage allowance, except certain types of sporting equipment that requires an odd-size payment. In compliance with the new baggage policy issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), free baggage allowance and extra baggage charges for tickets issued on or after 1 April 2011 which involve one or more flights provided by other airlines (excluding Dragonair and Cathay Pacific) will be based on a new method. Charge for a passenger departing from Korea to Hong Kong or Taiwan is 1.5% of the highest normal direct one-way economy class fare. Sporting equipment is subject to the applicable standard excess baggage charges if in excess of your standard free baggage allowance. Musical instruments carried as cabin or checked baggage must be kept inside a sturdy and protective hard case with rounded edges.
Small musical instruments - such as a violin or a flute, within the size of 78 x 25 x 15 cm (31 x 25 x 6 in) (H x W x D) and within the weight of 7 kg (15 lb) inclusive of the hard case can be carried on board if it can be stowed safely inside the overhead locker. Other musical instruments - such as guitars, exceeding the above limits or the cabin baggage allowance must be checked in as checked baggage. If you prefer not to have your musical instrument kept in an upside-down position, please check in your instrument as checked baggage. Seats in the First and Business classes may be able to accommodate a musical instrument in an upright position or a musical instrument exceeding the common dimensions of 136 x 48 x 44 cm (54 x 19 x 17 in).
Cathay Pacific wheelchair service is provided, with an attendant, at no additional charge to you.
Please contact our reservations office should you have any questions about our wheelchair service and our staff will be happy to assist you. If you are travelling in a group of 10 or more people requiring wheelchair, please contact our reservations office at least 48 hours before scheduled departure. A request for a baby bassinet (BSCT) can be made at time of reservation if passenger is travelling with an infant. Due to safety requirements, car safety seats may not be used on some of our aircraft passenger seats.
Child Restraint Seat is available for infants and children who have reached 6 months of age but are under 3 years old, with a maximum height of 100cm (40 inches) and a maximum weight of 20 kg (44 Ibs). Passengers are required to make a reservation through the Cathay Pacific local reservations office or your travel agent at least 24 hours prior the flight departure time, subject to availability. A passenger with confirmed Child Restraint Seat booking must complete check-in at the airport no later than 90 minutes prior to flight departure time and at the boarding gate no later than 50 minutes prior to flight departure.
Once installed, the Child Restraint Seat cannot be removed from the seat it occupies until after landing. Please check with the Cathay Pacific local reservations office or your travel agent for the service. The new seat design allows for a generous 6 inch recline while at the same time maintaining plenty of leg space when the seat in front is in the reclined position.
The enhanced service starts on the ground with a dedicated check-in counter, increased baggage and priority boarding.
Spend hours watching the latest movies and other programs or stream content directly from your personal electronic device.
Snacks, complimentary bottles of water and full bar and beverage service can be enjoyed throughout the flight.

The comfortable seat turns into a fully lie flat bed and even comes with an extension for greater seat width. Hundreds of entertainment options are available as well as streaming capability from personal electronic devices with in-seat connectivity. Menu offerings include both Asian and western selections along with the finest wines, spirits and liqueurs.
We would appreciate if you could refrain from using any portable electronic equipment while the aircraft is taxiing, during takeoff and climb, or during approach and landing. These in-seat power ratings are however not designed for use with medical devices such as CPAP machines. Youa€™ll also be able to pack more a€“ or bring more home a€“ with an increased baggage allowance: from 20kg to 25kg (weight system) or two pieces of baggage from 23 kg to 25kg each (piece system). Therea€™s more room between your seat and the seat in front of you, 8 inches of recline to make resting and sleeping more comfortable, and the headrest has 4-way movement for excellent support of your head and neck. There is extra storage space for all those personal items youa€™d like to keep close at hand.
For your comfort, therea€™s an environmentally friendly amenity kit with socks, eyeshade, earplugs, and toothbrush and toothpaste.
On flights to, from or via the US, Canada and some countries in South America, you may check in up to 2 bags a€“ each with dimensions measuring up to 158 cm (62a€?) and weighing 25kg (55 lbs).
It is a member of the OneWorld airline alliance.Because of its many destinations, Cathay Pacific has a complex set of free baggage allowance rules, depending on the routes being flown, and operates both piece concept and weight concept baggage rules.
An unlimited number of bags is allowed, however the total combined weight of all your bags must not exceed the prescribed limit. Exception: Sporting equipment, musical instruments, pets as baggage, mobility aids, medical equipment and diplomatic baggage. Musical instruments in soft cases will not be accepted, and we will not provide hard cases. Note: A device used for securing bulky baggage in the cabin is used to secure the musical instrument to the seat. The attendant will assist in transporting you within the airport area and to the gate or aircraft door (depending on the airport facilities).
Please refer to the table below and call your local reservations office or your travel agent for the aircraft type of your flight.
In these instances, Cathay Pacific offers passengers the use of a Child Restraint Seat, certified for use on the applicable aircraft type and class of travel as specified in the table below. The applicable child fare will be charged, but no extra charge on lease of Child Restraint Seat. If you want to make a booking or have an existing one for a passenger aged 12-15 departing the UK on or after 1 March 2016, please contact the local reservations office or Global Contact Centres for reservations, or APD Tax refunds.Please note that you currently cannot make a group booking (of more than six people) online. Other seat features include a handy USB port and power supply for laptops and other devices, a clever amenity storage area for things like mobile phones and pens and a handy bi-fold tray table. Once on board enjoy the extra room and attentive Premium Economy service with an amenity travel kit, welcome drink, hot towels and an enhanced menu. Ample storage space means there is a place for all those important travel items such as toiletries, eye glasses and mobile phones.
Noise cancelling headphones deliver superior sound quality and block out ambient noise for greater entertainment enjoyment.
Mobile phones may be used on the ground during transit at any time the cabin doors are open (unless otherwise instructed by cabin crew).
Passengers must provide their own batteries that are sufficient to power medical portable electronic devices. Front-row seats have a legrest, and other seats have a 3-position footrest, which help you find a variety of positions to make your flights as enjoyable as possible. Please make your request with our local office or your travel agent at least 3 working days prior to the scheduled departure date and advise us of the exact dimensions and weight of your musical instrument including the hard case. A wheelchair is also available in the aircraft cabin should you need assistance in moving to or from your seat.
Passengers can even control the level of privacy they would like with a storage consol acting as a privacy screen. A special cable is required to stream content and a limited number of cables are available on board. In order to provide the utmost comfort to you, there are movable aisle armrests on passenger aisle seats for passengers with a disability.

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