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A lot of lightweight bags are soft-sided, which is great for stuffing the bag into a small overhead bin space. The carry on bag…it was supposed to make our lives easier and avoid fees, but it’s become such a pain in the rear. Some brands have a reputation for standing behind the quality and durability of their bags.
Briggs and Riley has a lifetime guarantee that will repair your luggage free of charge for life.
I am obsessed with Samantha Brown luggage and have purchased every set she has had on HSN!! I hope Samantha Brown Weekender City Bag will have a male or at least a manly version for men. Samantha, I recently purchased your purple alligator 2-piece carry-on set with the doctor’s bag.
Several years ago I bought my dad your carryon luggage that had Dr bag that slipped on top of the carry on. Good and proper considerations, I’m more on the construction and durability and stand-out style type. I went to buy a buy a set of your turquoise Embossed, the color is gone in all your styles, did you discontinue it disappointed!!! I agree I would really love for you to come up with a line of luggage for men or take what you have an make it more masculine.
Also, as so many have expressed in the past, an underseater with four wheels and if possible a peace of mind pocket would be great. Really need to buy just a bag that fits on top of my croc bugundy underseater with wheels .
I purchased the Ombre Collection 3 Pc Spinner Set and the 28″ Upright Spinner (Black and White) via HSN. The next day, I unpacked it again, placed it on my screen porch for the entire day to air it out.
My trip is this weekend and I am sad to say I cannot risk my clothes smelling like this luggage when I unpack. So you’d better get something you won’t annoy you so badly that you’ll want to leave it on the carousel at LAX or toss it off the train as you depart from Avignon. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. Not airline to airline or even plane to plane of the same airline.  That’s why all carry on luggage states that it fits in the overhead bins on most planes.

Two:  Travel purists may shun the 4 spinner wheel bag as for amateurs but when you walk onto a plane, spin the bag to its narrowest side and effortlessly roll down the aisle without spilling your $7 double caramel soy latte.
I like to keep these simple and want luggage to be an empty vessel so I can use it as I wish with no obstructions. Before you buy you have to kick the tires, check under the hood, and take it out for a spin.
A few years ago, I introduced my favorite color (canary yellow) for a few of my bags (did I mention I have a luggage line?) and it sold out immediately.
Tumi has a five-year warranty that gives you full worry free protection in the first year and covers defects in years two through five.
To me that means you would have to make a pretty strong case it was an original defect if a wheel popped off during travel.
It went to Sweden and Denmark with me and I got a ton of complements on it, and those Scandinavians know good stuff. I need the 28 inch to match the rest of my luggage I have searched everywhere and can’t find that color. There are countless different styles, sizes, prices and levels of quality when it comes to luggage.
If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. If the bag has an inner frame, look for fiberglass which provides strength, but is very lightweight. Last year was the dawning of the age of colorful and stylish luggage and I couldn’t be happier. TravelPro and Victorinox (limited number of collections) both have limited lifetime warranty. Take the time to consider warranty in your decision, but don’t let it be the deciding factor unless you are the type that will follow up on every warranty repair. Wanted to share with your ladies that if they want chick glamour and durability then they need to. This was my first time seeing the hard side and wandered how well does it hold up before I actually give it away . Here are some tips on how to choose the piece that’s right for you.Think small and lightThe bigger the bag, the more you’ll be tempted to pack and the more likely you are to incur outrageous overweight charges. One thing I’ve learned in this process is that there is not one piece of luggage that fits everyone’s needs or travel personality. I would love it if you would do a wheeled backpack – I want to travel with my nieces and nephews who travel with backpacks, but I want something with panache and citified, not something schleppy and student looking, eventhough it’s a backpack!

Remember, too, that while aviation authorities may approve certain sizes for carry-on luggage, the actual amount of space on the airplane itself may be quite a bit smaller.
My daughter has been trying to steal the underseater because it is the perfect size to carry on a plane.
Also, taxis overseas tend to be much smaller than in North America, and your 29-inch spinner simply might not fit into the trunk of that tiny Fiat. The last time I went to europe I had a 21″ and they gave me a rough time about carrying it on! Go smaller than you think you’ll need, and chances are it’ll be just the right size.Get toughThe downside of buying cheap, lightweight bags is that they can often be flimsy, poorly constructed and unable to withstand the duress of modern travel.
I need this aqua luggage to keep a smile on my face with all the regulations and rules that airlines are putting on us! If you prefer a soft-sided bag, look for a hardy nylon material, preferably waterproof, with taped seams to reinforce the zippers and piping or welts to protect the corners on the outside of the bag. Shoulder straps for duffels, backpacks and garment bags should be wide, padded and reinforced where they are attached to the bag. Wheels should roll smoothly, be spaced as widely apart as possible and, ideally, be recessed into the frame of the bag so they are somewhat protected.Lock it upDo not even consider checking a bag without a lock. I have decided I will attempt to travel with a lighter load and use carry-ons for the majority of my trips. It’ll protect your stuff from thieves, but also keep your bag from popping open mid-transit. And that includes your carry-on — more and more, travellers are expected to check carry-on and laptop bags at the gate, and you simply don’t want to leave your valuables vulnerable to temptation or bad luck. Make sure your lock is TSA-approved, which means if border guards need to inspect your bag’s contents, they can relock it instead of breaking off the lock and leaving you vulnerable to pilfering.Identify yourselfMake your luggage stand out so you can easily identify it among the sea of black bags spinning ’round on the carousel. Choose a bright colour or distinctive pattern, a bold name tag, a vivid strap or some other noticeable identifier. Hudson’s Bay, for instance, has regular sales with steep discounts on great brands like Victorinox, Samsonite and Heys. They are magnets for thieves and will get just as battered and damaged as all the other bags being tossed around on the carousel. Unless you travel exclusively by private jet, keep your label lust for handbags and carry-on weekenders.

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