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Not everyone in the Bay Area enjoys shopping at big box stores, in part because it hurts local small businesses. Although the storefront appears small, this business has a great selection of quality luggage, backpacks, wallets, handbags, briefcases and travel accessories.
This locally owned business is more like a small appliance store, selling everything from rice cookers and vacuum cleaners to cappuccino makers and commercial grinders. Family owned and operated since 1946, Edwards Luggage is a well-respected Bay Area business with a large store at the Stanford Shopping Center.
South Bay shoppers have another excellent store to visit for quality luggage at the Stanford Shopping Center.
This popular Bay Area-based sporting goods store is not normally associated with luggage, but there’s actually an entire section devoted to camping and travel. Having the right luggage can greatly reduce stress on long trips, but finding the proper pieces can be rather difficult. Oxman’s Twin Cities Luggage first opened its doors in 1932, and the store has been providing great deals to Minnesota shoppers ever since.
The weight of a piece of luggage matters, especially if someone needs to carry the luggage on a plane or is going to be checking it in at baggage claim. Many Tumi luggage pieces have wheels for carry-on incorporated into the design, and can easily be purchased on eBay. Check the wheeled designs on eBay, keeping in mind that some Tumi luggage is available with four wheels (packing cases, garment bags, large fortnight trip bags, and large split duffels) while some are available with only two wheels (garment bags,duffel bags, overnight bags, garment bags and more).
The Tumi Vapor large trip and medium trip packing cases are perfect for the virtually any occasion. Tumi luggage purchased on eBay is the perfect gift to give on a variety of occasions, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays.
Even if you are purchasing the luggage for yourself, keep in mind that there are still many different options to choose from, and that communication with the seller will still be important. Choose a comfortable price point as you search for a Tumi luggage item on eBay, and remember that used luggage is always an option. Now scroll through the gallery above to see our guide on 10 Duffle Bags To Buy For Your Summer Travels. Supreme Croc 1000 Denier CorduraIf this crocodile print Supreme duffle is stuffed with the Supreme Bling Logo towel, chances are you’re friends with a famous rapper, and heading to their pool party. Polo Ralph Lauren Sail-Rope CanvasThis is as necessary to a boat trip as a life jacket. Vintage versions of these canvas Polo duffles are must haves for any menswear aficionado. Purchasing luggage and carry-ons is no different, and with a large proliferation of nationwide chains vying for the consumer dollar, many independent travel-related stores have been forced to shut their doors due to the recession. The store is located near the intersection of El Camino Real (Highway 82) and El Monte Avenue, just a few minutes west of Highway 85. In addition to others items like kitchen utensils, DVD players, health and personal care products, the store also carries luggage and carry-ons from American Tourister and Samsonite. The upscale store sells quality luggage and leather goods from name brands including Briggs and Riley, Lipault and Rimowa.
Going in Style likes to consider itself as a consumer’s single source for all travel accessories, from adapters and country-specific appliances to luggage and packing organizers. The types of luggage sold at all stores are lightweight and durable, with some on wheels, like the GoLite Travelite Carry On. The store is family owned and operated and is today run by Susan Oxman, who is also known as the TC Baglady. Not only are customers greeted by knowledgeable staff members, but the store has an outstanding luggage collection to match. The store carries brands such as Samsonite, TravelPro, Briggs and Riley and American Tourister. Consider the purpose of the luggage, the length of the trip, and who and how often it will need to be handled to determine the correct wheeled luggage piece necessary.

Buyers should choose the wheel count that they are most comfortable with, as well as the weight and size they prefer. A businessman may not want to show up at a hotel venue catering to a business conference wheeling an Anna Sui Tumi floral packing case. Look for them on eBay in a variety of colors including copper, raspberry, black, silver, and Chianti.
If breakables, jewelry, or other valuable items will be packed, choosing a hard-bodied bag may be the best choice to protect them. With Tumi, you can purchase coordinating luggage items and incidental items that work together to make a statement.
When purchasing luggage on eBay, it is easy to communicate with the seller and request that the invoice not be placed inside of the package.
If you want this service, simply email the eBay seller and give him or her the address where the item should be shipped.
This shipping method is a bit more expensive than other shipping options, but can help ensure that the item is tracked during shipping and that it arrives in a timely fashion.
With so many options to choose from, there are pieces of luggage to meet any traveler's needs. But good thing they’re on the same side, because the two are essential counterparts to travel.
Today, there are only a handful of family-owned businesses still operating in the South Bay that carry luggage, carry-ons and other travel accessories. Some of the brands Choice Luggage carries are Eagle Creek, Samsonite, Jansport, Dooney and Burke and Tumi. East West Saree Music and Gifts can be found near the intersection of El Camino Real (Highway 82) and South Mary Avenue, about a mile east of Highway 85. Other merchandise available at the store includes briefcases, rolling cases, backpacks, handbags and wallets and travel accessories like travel clocks, security wallets and luggage tags. Other well-known names for luggage, carry-ons and backpacks found at the store are Dakine, The North Face, Timbuk2 and Rick Steves.
Whether you’re looking for brand new baggage or trying to fix something old, these luggage stores have got you covered.
The store sells luggage from companies such as Samsonite, Briggs and Riley, Dooney and Burke and many more.
Oxman’s Twin Cities Luggage carries brands such as TravelPro, Briggs and Riley, Eagle Creek and more. Luggage World carries everything from Antler to Hartmann to Victorinox, and if it doesn’t have a product available, the sales staff is committed to helping you find the item you need.
The company is also an airline repair center and is licensed to repair luggage from Tumi, Swiss, Skyway and Pathfinder.
In the event that the company doesn’t have what you are looking for, the owners are more than happy to take special requests.
Evaluate your individual needs and circumstances or, if you're making a purchase for someone else, how they would use the Tumi luggage.
It is much easier to wheel a piece of luggage through the airport than it is to lug a heavy piece of luggage through crowds and security checkpoints.
A T-Tech Gateway wheeled medium trip back, an Alpha, or a Zurich Tumi wheeled bag will not only serve the purpose, but it will make a simple, business-like statement. Hard body Tumi luggage designs are heavier than fabric designs, but are also more durable and are not subject to rips, tears, or other damage that can be incurred within the luggage compartments of airplanes.
Bags that mostly include clothing do well with fabric designs that are flexible or collapsible.
If purchasing a large hard packing case and a messenger bag or a garment bag, for example, you may want to choose colors and designs that go together.
This tip will ensure that the gift recipient will not know how much money was saved by purchasing it on eBay.

Many eBay sellers ship quickly, so be sure to email the seller immediately after the purchase of the Tumi luggage. It is important to communicate with eBay sellers, especially when giving Tumi luggage as a gift.
Many shipping services will place large items, such as luggage, on a porch or beside the door. Everything you keep in this timely remake of the timeless duffle is neatly folded, and arranged by color. Because when the king of hipster hotels, Ace, collaborates with the champion of travel bags, Incase, the product is a duffle that’s effortless and efficient. The following are five of the best places to buy luggage in the South Bay, all based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This long-established local business has received several positive reviews for both quality of merchandise and customer service. The store also has an extensive inventory of a variety of products on its website, which resembles a large online nationwide chain business. Edwards Luggage has won several Retailer of the Year awards from top national luggage and leather manufacturers such as Hartmann, Tumi and Victorinox. The store also features a convertible carry-on bag by well-known travel journalist Rick Steves. In the past, Luggage Pros has been named the Briggs & Riley Independent Retailer of the year. The store has a bit of everything, and Oxman says she is proud of her ability to carry unique items, according to the company’s website. Lightweight totes, garment bags, satchels, gym bags, backpacks, or duffel bags may be the best choice for someone who needs to carry items to and from a location on a daily basis.
Remember, matching luggage not only makes a statement, but it can be much easier to find everything as it comes through baggage handling. From one nighters and weekends to weeks on end, having the right duffle is crucial to a solid trip. Shoppers can also find laptop briefcases, duffel bags, garment bags and backpacks in this fine store favored by many residents. Exquisite Leather, Luggage and Furs is located in Rochester, Minn., near the Mayo Clinic in the Marriott Hotel subway.
Tumi makeup cases and lightweight bags for women can also be purchased at an economical price on eBay.
The eBay seller will communicate the shipping and delivery choices in order to ensure a timely delivery. Entirely water resistant and available in a myriad of shiny colorways, this will keep you as fresh, organized, and equipped for a downtown hotel party as it will for a rain forest hiking trip. Once this is determined, you are ready for the next step when it comes to purchasing Tumi luggage on eBay. Buyers should consider a small leather bag, a lightweight messenger, or a toiletry case from Tumi for specific lightweight needs. Whether you need a bag that can stand rain and the rough, or one that can contain all your stuff, it’s out there. Many eBay sellers will giftwrap an item for a small fee and can include a gift card if requested.

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