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The Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel is excellent bag for travelling, it's very light weight and easy to access and roll.
Until recently, my favorite had been an old Samsonite Oyster, a hard-sided and simple suitcase that could really take a beating.
Enter the Dakine Split Roller: An almost perfect marriage of hard-sided sensibility and soft-sided stuff-ability, my Dakine Split Roller has been traveling and living with me since December of 2009. Since the first of February this year, I have used this suitcase almost every single day—seriously.
No, you can’t buy the one like I have anymore, since the good folks at Dakine have improved it. Bottom line: This is a well-built, thoughtfully designed and extremely versatile piece of luggage.
My advice: Choose one of the brighter fabric patterns—not only will you be able to easily identify your bag on the carousel, the idiot who won’t allow you to get close to the carousel will forever remember the color of the bag you, umm, accidentally drop on his foot. Add to Compare Quick View Dakine Session 8L Bike Backpack The Session is a great value cycle pack with hydration included.

Add to Compare Quick View Dakine Heli Pro DLX 24L Backpack 2016 The Heli Pro DLX has been updated for 2016 with more capacity and new all around design. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
While I believe this to be true, I also know that for those of us who travel, house can oftentimes be a suitcase.
I traveled throughout Europe with the Oyster for more than three years before bringing it back to the States and retiring it for a seemingly more-appropriate-for-a-bike-racer duffel bag.
Dakine’s Split Roller zips open revealing a large, mesh panel-enclosed bottom half and three mesh panel-enclosed top half compartments. It has been used and abused, tossed about and has been in more rental cars than most people will see in a decade or more. If you travel even just two or three times per year you will be well served taking a look at one of these. In my case—having been a road warrior since I was in my late teens—my suitcases have often really been my houses, carrying my possessions all over the world.

Since I live out of mine, I have one of the smaller zippered compartments stuffed full of socks, while the other houses an extra belt and toiletries. Not only was the Oyster much easier to organize, it was easier to handle, and had lasted longer than my peer-approved duffel would. The bottom half has come to be home for my riding gear, hoodies, extra shoes and various other overflow items. Rolled leather top handles; detachable, adjustable flat leather shoulder strap with leather shoulder rest.

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