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Trump says he was 'really surprised' that House Speaker Paul Ryan refused to endorse him and mocks all the Republicans saying they won't be his running mate even though they were never asked! It later emerged that the gauges at the departure gates are of a different design to those on the main airport concourse, meaning bags which are close to the maximum size a€“ 55cm x 40m x 20cm a€“ do not fit in them.The problem is highlighted on the programme Watchdog on BBC1 tonight. The financial penalty for taking a holiday in the school break means many families will stay at home. The price figures come from a survey of breaks to the Canary Islands, Spain, Crete and Florida. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Confusingly for passengers, different airlines operate different policies on the size of hand luggage they will allow.
There is also likely to be a rise in the number who break the rules, risking a fine, by taking their children out of school in term time.Holiday companies have cut the number of foreign package holidays they will be offering this year because they expect families, struggling with big bills, to cut back on trips. The price during half-term for a family flying from a London airport was 269 per cent more than two weeks later.
We spoke to our line managers, and they were aware and passed it on higher.a€™Travel industry expert Rochelle Turner, the head of research for Which?
The price rises over half-term suggest they intend to take advantage of the school holiday period when sales are guaranteed.

The A?6,339 price represented a mark-up of A?4,619 on the A?1,720 charged for the same holiday in March.The figures, compiled by Santander Credit Cards, alsoA  found a mark-up of more than A?1,000 on a stay in Gran Canaria. Head teachers have powers to issue penalty notices to parents who take term-time holidays without the schoola€™s consent. But some families say they are prepared to accept the fines a€“ which are A?100 or A?50 if paid within 28 days a€“ because the cost is outweighed by the savings that can be made on off-peak holidays.

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