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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. When you consider that the weight limit for checked baggage is around 20kg and the deadweight of a standard medium suitcase is at least 5kg, it’s obvious that the way to save money on excess baggage is to buy a lightweight suitcase. Durability Excellent, though despite claiming to be scratch resistant, it was slightly scuffed after two flights. As daydreams of Summer travel start to solidify into vacation itineraries, one of the most important parts of the trip is where to stash all of our stuff. Its important when buying a suitcase to consider if it is a suitcase capable of withstanding the knocks and bangs likely to be inflicted on it by your toddler. This entry was posted in Childrens Luggage - choosing the right childrens suitcase, Kidsdotravel and tagged Cabin Luggage, Childrens Ride on Luggage, Childrens Suitcase, Hard Trolley Suitcase, Rucksack on Wheels, Toddler Suitcase, Travel Games for Children. The wheeled carry-on case is no longer the preserve of airline pilots and well-heeled businessmen.
On British airlines, the size and weight restrictions for cabin luggage vary: see details at end of article.
We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Boasting all the zips and padded pockets that business travellers could hope for, this also has a combination lock, two wheels for easy manoeuvrability, a piggyback strap to attach it to other luggage and even a clear plastic liquids bag for removal at security checks.
This funky suitcase for kids has wheels that light up in red, blue and green when it moves along. The front section of this suitcase is a travelling office, with room for your smartphone, files and even your laptop, while in the main compartment four mesh pouches provide ample room for clothing, shoes and a wash bag. This lightweight, locking trolley system moves around effortlessly, thanks to its eight-wheel drive.
The set includes a larger as well as a medium Suitcase and a small Business-Trolley, which can be taken on-board as hand luggage on most airlines.

While we're usually preoccupied with what goes inside our suitcases, let's not forget that our actual luggage has a pretty valuable role in getting us from one fabulous locale to the next.
As low-cost carriers impose ever more stringent charges for putting luggage in the hold, growing numbers of British holidaymakers seek to cut costs by packing a week's worth of belongings into their hand luggage. It also features an ingenious folding mechanism, which means the empty case collapses down to a fraction of its size for easy storage. Ideal for business use or weekends away, it’s generous in size, as well as practical, with a wipe-clean surface and an in-built luggage tag. There’s a telescopic handle and smooth-glide wheels or you can turn it into a hands-free rucksack. Artisan leatherworker Garvan de Bruir’s innovative design means that it fits comfortably against the back, moulding itself to your body with continuous wear. The high-shine polycarbonate, available in various colours, is incredibly strong and the interior is bright and well designed. Suitable for all seasons and all occasions, it’s also reversible and will last you years.
To help narrow your search for the perfect travel companion — be it carry-on or full-sized trunk — we've handpicked ten of our favorite suitcases. Available in various sizes, it’s made from robust bridle leather with chunky stitching detail. A zipped inside section could be used for documents but is not lined – an outside pocket would have been useful.
The ultralight weight of the suitcase offers more leeway for your luggage and it’s volume is expandable.
I had to bend almost to ground level to reach the carrying handle, which is on the long side of the case; I'd have preferred a handle on the top. It was smooth and stable to pull along, but no more so than my companion's four-year-old M & S case.

On the third day, one of the screws worked loose on the extending wheel handle (after a short walk on uneven pavement), which meant the handle wouldn't retract. It was just a shame that a taxi driver in Pisa managed to embellish mine with a cigarette burn. We managed to spot the problem and screw it back in with nail clippers – but my companion's old case (which cost less than a third of the Samsonite) sailed through the trip.
Zippered divider comfortably takes enough folded clothing for a short trip, and the deep main section with elastic strap takes all the other bits and pieces (shoes, washbag etc). Although it only has two wheels and thus does not have the manoeuvrability of four-wheel models that appear to have become the fashion, I found it perfectly appropriate for speeding through Tube and train stations and crowded airport terminals. Its retractable handle and smooth, well-balanced wheels means it does not have the tendency to flip over, like other cheap marques.
It comes with zipped pockets and clothing straps, and is compact enough to meet the exacting cabin luggage limits of any airline. Emirates has one of the most generous at 30kg, but most scheduled airlines, including British Airways, Virgin, Qantas, Air New Zealand and American Airlines, have a limit of 23kg. Which ever method you choose, it’s amazing how rarely the weight you come up with at home matches the weight at check in.
If you’re near the upper limit, for the sake of your stress levels, and those of people in the queue behind you, place a couple of heavier items at the top of your case which can be quickly removed.

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