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Today's tech gadgets have a battery life that seems to last an average 5 minutes, which doesn't go very well with long-haul flying. Well, have you ever found yourself fumbling around trying to fit everything into your case? Or the gadget problem, where all of your latest and greatest tech runs out of juice mid-way through your flight?
That’s why our churches should be no-shame zones, places for broken people to come when they hurt. Recovery ministries (like Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback) aren’t a sideline show in the church; they’re at the core of what Jesus calls the church to do and to be. When we realize how much grace God showed to us when He saved us, sharing that kind of grace with others will only be natural. In fact, it’s when we realize how much God loves us and has forgiven us that we’re able to properly take that love to others. Saddleback Resources offers a small group Bible study related to these devotionals: The Invisible War-Winning the Battle of Temptation. I have, however, met many parents who can’t sleep at night because they worry—a lot—about the fruit of their loins. First, remember that you are responsible for how you raise your children, but not always to blame for the way your kid turns out. Do your best to pass the torch of faith and to raise your child in the training and instruction of the Lord.
One of the great lessons you can always teach your children through personal example is the value of humble confession and a contrite heart. Building or repairing and maintaining a relational bridge to your wandering child is paramount. Practice a lifestyle of mercy and forgiveness. When your child hurts you and strikes out at you in bitterness and vileness, forgive as you are forgiven. Decide to speak well of your children and to bless them with your words of affirmation. Even the most messed up person in the world still is made in the image of God and is always of great value to Him. Raising kids in a godly home does not guarantee godly children, so do the best you can, and stop beating yourself up. In our churches and communities we are seeing a growing number of people turning to addictions and compulsions to try to escape the misery and numb the pain. Did you know there are already more than 18 million alcoholics, 4 million drug addicts, 16 million sex addicts, and 4 million addicted to food. We know that – as a church leader – you are responsible for so many things and know there are only so many hours in your day to get them accomplished. Over 29,000 churches have found a way to help individuals with any kind of hurt, hang-up, or habit.
I am praying that you, or a team from your church, will consider attending one of our annual Celebrate Recovery Summits! The Summit is a great way to connect, learn, grow and recharge – whether you are just getting started in the Celebrate Recovery ministry or you have been up and running for a while.
I can remember when I was living in Phoenix AZ by myself as a young teenager and a youth pastor from a local church came by to see me. Today, when I am on the other end of this scenario, it is heartbreaking when people we love and care about reject the help we want to give.
It is heartbreaking to see people stubbornly reject the people and help the Lord sends them.
This Mother’s Day, my encouragement to you is to embrace every opportunity to grow roots deep in your soul.
In our parenting seminars, parents often ask us questions that reveal their fears about the negative influence of media, culture, and peers on their children. The only time this influence shifts away from parents and onto other influences is when parents are either physically or emotionally absent. A recent study found that “a lack of parental involvement can have long-lasting negative effects on a child.
God has rewarded you with the gift of a child — a gift worthy of cherishing and one that requires your very best effort. Yet, sometimes as parents, we want to deny or downplay our impact on our child’s life so that we can be let off the hook. But we’d like to suggest that instead of viewing your parental responsibility as something negative, you begin to see it as empowering. So, if you long to be a good parent, and for your kids to grow up as successful and mature adults, then the first thing you need to do is to develop a deep conviction that your role as a parent is crucial. American Christians have been conditioned by our cultural surroundings in many ways, and none is more prominent than our shift from communal thinking to individual thinking.
I even see a bothersome trend in church planting that encourages planters to hold off on planting a church and just “plant the gospel” and hope a church forms. The fact is, while God indeed chooses, uses, and blesses people in the fruitful telling of the gospel of Jesus, he does so when those individuals are in healthy community. I think people want to hear about how significant their individual contributions to the world can be, but God calls us to carry out his assignments in groups, in communities called churches. If you’re still waiting to become the rockstar at the top of your evangelical bubble, there are two things you need to know. We often miss out on the beauty of the church because we see the church as a place to show up, or an event to attend, or an institution that needs our allegiance and our money.
On a practical level, this sometimes means inviting someone to the weekend worship gathering to observe what your faith is all about. It could even mean asking them to serve, in the trenches, alongside you and your church as you serve the community. Once a month, I take an extended period in my prayer time to pray specifically, by name, for the next generation of pastors. So, at the end of next month (June 28–30), I want to invite you to come spend 72 hours with me. I know this invitation doesn’t give you a lot of time, but God didn’t tell me to do it until a few days ago.
Not meeting forecasts, getting behind on “the plan”, missing goals, dates and deadlines can be consuming. In other words, TRUST God’s person, LEAN on God’s wisdom, and LIVE OUT God’s ways to start getting God’s direction toward your future.  This is God’s tried, true, and tested way of resetting and returning your faith to your future. Healthy relationships matter… You can implement the best time management strategies known to mankind. You can have a staff of extremely talented individuals who create the best worship sets, graphics, and social media engagement. You can have or do all of these things and still have an unhealthy church if you don’t have healthy relationships. Was it characterized by respectful debate, agreement to do what’s best for the church and not just individual interests, and a desire to honor Christ? Are they willing to dive in and serve outside of their usual role if needed or do some consider certain tasks beneath them? If the relationships within your church aren’t as healthy as you’d like them to be, there’s always hope.
You can experience healthier relationships and whether you’re the senior pastor, staff member, volunteer, or attendee, you can make an impact.
As you raise the topic, mention you’re interested in hearing various perspectives and understand folks may be very passionate about their views.
If a typically cheerful volunteer is really quiet one Sunday morning, make the time to ask if she’s okay instead of plowing ahead with the next item on your to-do list.
Everyone has a story and even the most introverted of us still like to talk about ourselves to tell ours.
If you’re not getting along with a fellow staff member, ask about where she grew up or what hobbies she enjoys. Learning about someone’s background, their story, sheds so much insight on why they are the way they are. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those before-and-after photos advertising the latest weight loss and fitness program. As soon as they were freed, Peter and John returned to the other believers and told them what the leading priests and elders had said.
So they ran back to the church and instead of figuring out a way to hide in the shadows, they pray. When we’re sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit and allow him to guide our petitions to the Father, God delightfully responds with amazing answers. In 1999, when I graduated from seminary and prepared to take my first pastorate, there was far more that I didn’t know than I did know. All I really knew at the time was that God had called me to lead a church, and that I deeply desired to make a difference. I was asked to pastor a small church on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that had gone through fifteen years of plateau, followed by a leadership implosion that put the church through a near-death experience. After being there for just a few months, I attended two powerful conferences that totally changed the trajectory of our church. We believe that the average American family is facing incredible challenges as never before. Our motto is, “God wants you to grow up before you go up!” We help people grow by teaching the spiritual habits in our CLASSes and then encourage them to practice these habits in small groups. Churches, not charities, are called to be on the front lines, engaging people in the most important mission on planet earth – bringing the gospel to every human being in the world. We DREAM of 10,000 lives changed by the love of Jesus Christ, and we are crazy enough to believe that the God who raised this church from the dead and performed miracles in our midst can and will do it for His glory through any church that begins to dream God sized dreams! With the development of strategies like the small group connection strategy and the HOST strategy it is not hard to launch a wave of new small groups. I think there are five steps to sustaining new groups, but there is a very important step that happens before your new groups even begin.
Choose the right launching study. This is an important key because if you don’t choose the right launching study, the groups that do launch will struggle immediately. Choose a study to do next that is similar in kind (before you even begin) and give it to your new groups by week 4 or 5.  There are two important parts to this step. When I counsel people, sometimes I hear them say, “I don’t care if people like me, as long as they respect me.” When they say that, it’s an “emotional wall they use to block the hurt of rejection,” according to psychologist Marcia Reynolds.
His enemy, Saul, wanted to see him dead, and he spent a considerable amount of time chasing David to kill him. Imagine how you might have felt if your worst enemy (or hater) was in front of you and didn’t know you were there. As believers, you, too, will have opportunities to choose what you want to do and what is right. Key points to consider before booking are inoculations (check with your GP well in advance); and the season you are planning to travel. Prices are per person, per week, based on a family of four usually sharing a room with flights and transfers, unless stated. One of the best-value tropical beach destinations, Sri Lanka is great for an exotic sun and sand holiday at a reasonable price. The long palm-lined white-sand beaches on India’s west coast are another excellent destination for good-value winter sun. Sensatori resorts are Thomson’s top-end all-inclusive offering, and this one, on the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, is one of its most popular. Costa Rica’s stunning reef and rainforest landscapes make for a brilliant active family holiday.
Alaska offers a thrilling insight into an unspoilt wilderness but is best for older children.
Japanese culture and the sharp contrasts with life in the West are as intriguing for children as they are for adults. Deep-water, steady winds, and the white-sand beaches and sheltered bays of a lovely archipelago make the BVIs a great destination for family sailing. This is the real Great Outdoors – and a chance to explore a wilderness, without being too far from home comforts. Steamboat resort makes a great first-time destination for families who want a taste of the powder snow of the Rockies. Hire a family-sized motorhome from San Francisco and drop it off in San Diego, so you can follow this iconic American road-trip on the Pacific Coast Highway, with detours which can include Yosemite National Park and the Napa wine region, as well as a visit to LA.
The best way to get a taste of this enormous country and cover long distances efficiently is to join other families on a small-group tour to travel from Beijing to Hong Kong via Xi’an and Chengdu. To combine good weather with school holidays, you’ll probably need to be away for Christmas, but natural scenery doesn’t come much better than this. Browse our great range of affordable long-haul holiday offers from Asia to South America with the Telegraph Travel Collection. Of course, if you’re a person that can sleep on planes, or just want to be REALLY comfortable, pack some pyjamas in your carry on and get changed mid-flight.
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No problem, one of our featured cases uses compression technology to suck the air out of your case.
Using amazing triangulation tech combined with your smartphone, the super case of the future will be able to diligently follow you as you trope through the airport.
In fact, there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who know they’re broken and those who are broken but don’t know it.
But we can’t be second-chance people until we realize how much of a second chance we’ve been given.
No matter how squeaky-clean our lives have looked on the outside, the Bible is clear that we’ve all needed a second chance at some point in our lives. The people who are best able to show God’s love to others are the ones who feel God’s love the most fully. Failure as a parent does not disqualify you as a mom, but refusal to own your failure and to repent only makes matters worse. As I have written many times before, it doesn’t matter how right you are if you’re not relational.
Focus more—a lot more—on being a godly and caring mom that your children are drawn to because of your example and undying love. We see people in our community facing the possibility of losing their jobs, their homes, or struggling just to pay their monthly bills. What if we had something more, maybe a tool to help point people to Christ in a healing and life- giving way? They started a Celebrate Recovery – a Christ-centered Recovery program based on God’s Word. He said that he knew I was hurting & not-living in good conditions, nor a very healthy life. However, God has given me a peace to know that I cannot want their recovery more than they do. But, I was there once, and I am grateful I finally woke up and saw the better life the Lord had planned for me.
You and I can never get to the place in which we say, I’m done with that.  Goal accomplished. This is a normal concern in today’s crazy culture, but we answer their worry by telling them to be less concerned about “outside” influences and more concerned about their hugely significant roles as the primary influencers in their child’s lives.
In other words, if you as a parent decide to “opt-out” of the parenting scene, then you can expect culture and all it represents to be more than glad to step in. The parent’s role and involvement is essential to the child’s development of emotional health, academic advancement, and making significant life decisions.
Children who don’t have a close relationship with a parent are at risk for teen pregnancy, more likely to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and more likely to live a sedentary life. After all, among all the other influences in your children’s lives, you are the one who has the ability to spend the most time with them. Believe that you – your presence, your actions, and your words – are vital to the health and development of your child. In this inspirational video, Pastor Rick Warren prays a prayer over Moms and over those who hurt. Two thousand years ago, Jesus gathered some ordinary misfits into a little community called the church. So planters, without the benefit of a gathering community called the church, are winging it individually and getting discouraged after a year of waiting for fruit. There is no place in the body of Christ for an unattached part, or in the family of God for an estranged sibling.
Only in that God give some an apostolic, pioneering gift mix and sends them into the completely uncharted waters of the mission field, but historically these individuals have usually had a supportive church back home rooting and praying for them from a distance.
In other words, YOU can make a difference in the world as WE make a difference in the world TOGETHER.
But what if we really valued the church as a community of people on mission together to tell the good news of the cross and resurrection of Christ to the rest of the world? When they do come, they see a body of people, witnessing together to the truth about God in Christ. And when that happens, you’ll be involving them in an extension of the life of the local body of believers to which you belong.
There is a kinship found when we meet the needs of others together, and people who don’t yet know Jesus need to see our love-in-action.
Over my 40+ years in ministry, I’ve watched too many great guys burn out, flame out, and drop out before they’ve made it to the finish line.
I pray for your family, and I pray you’ll stay focused on God’s five purposes for your life and church. In the precarious space between the known and unknown, we spend a lot of energy trying to discern the unknown, predicting and protecting ourselves from the unknown at the expense of the present.
First, he said “Do not worry about your life…Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Do volunteer leaders make it a point to welcome new volunteers and help them fit in or do you have social cliques?
Sometimes that means I don’t listen very well when someone’s trying to get my attention or I steamroll right over people.
If you can’t sit down with her for a long discussion, take a few minutes to pray with her and schedule time after service to talk.
In one team meeting, I stated we were behind schedule and proceeded to name the past due tasks. Go out of your way to ask for input and truly listen to what they have to say (even if it’s hard to hear).
Once you know someone better, knowing their background and their heart, it’s easier to let silly things slide or understand why they reacted poorly to a situation.
The Bible gives us a pretty neat before-and-after picture of the early church. Before the Holy Spirit empowered the church at Pentecost, the apostles are waiting, hiding, and hoping. When they heard the report, all the believers lifted their voices together in prayer to God: “O Sovereign Lord, Creator of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them – you spoke long ago by the Holy Spirit through our ancestor David, your servant, saying, ‘Why were the nations so angry? I believe these same six things happen when God’s people pray in concert together before God.
On the airplane ride home, I pulled out a piece of paper and began feverishly writing down “I dream of a church…” statements. He provided the systems and practical tools that we have used over the last fifteen years to turn the dream into a reality. We do this by focusing on wowing our guests, teaching the Bible with relevance and life application, and using music as a cultural bridge.
We believe the best way to do this is to partner with local churches across the globe and then help them accomplish their dream in their community.
That’s why we host an annual two-day DREAM Church Conference where we share practical ways to grow a healthy vibrant church.
No matter what we call it,preserving the vision requires we answer one question at the outset: “Why are we here?” The vision is our bull’s­eye. Regardless of how your new groups begin, make it a priority for every new leader to identify a co-leader (who is not a spouse) as their first step.
First, what you give them to do next must be similar to the study they start with.  DVD driven?  Give them a DVD study to do next.
After Nathan had anointed David as the future King of Israel, Saul became his bitter enemy. Here are 20 great family holidays which are that much cheaper now that children under 12 have been exempted, and the highest tax bands rationalised. Combining long-haul travel with school holidays is not always easy – few destinations are at their best in July and August, so October and February half-terms, and even Christmas or Easter can be better times to travel than the summer vacation.
It’s well off the usual hurricane track, and has a good choice of accommodation and lots of direct flights. The four-star Wyndham Lake Buena Vista hotel is a short distance from Disney World Resort with shuttles provided to every theme park in the area. The Jetwing Beach hotel, on Ethukala beach in Negombo, offers supervised childcare centre, large swimming pool and plenty of activities including beach volleyball, windsurfing, biking and catamaran sailing.
The Sensatori Resort Mexico has five pools and a hotel kids club as well as six different restaurants.
A 10-day “Rainforests and Islands” group family tour allows you to explore in the company of like-minded families: hunt out superb beaches, stay in remote lodges, snorkel over the coral reef, explore Bangkok and ride through the rainforest on an elephant. An eight-night “Highlights of Alaska” self-drive tour offers the chance to spot bears, deer and caribou in Denali National Park and explore the cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage. July and August are popular times to visit but it can be hot and humid and for cooler, dryer weather go in the winter holidays or February half-term.
A 10-day “Canadian Family Discovery” family group camping trip explores Lake Louise, Athabasca Glacier and camps in Yoho and Banff National Parks plus rafting, canoeing, hiking and biking. The wildebeest migration reaches the Maasai Mara in July, but the dry season continues through August. You can go white-water rafting, mountain biking, hiking and visit rodeos with supervised activity programmes aimed at younger children. Compact, varied and friendly, there’s plenty of scope for all abilities and it makes a great family resort, though best for children of 11 up who are better able to cope with the long journey and sometimes very cold conditions. A 14-night California Cruisin’ holiday costs from ?1,469 (with children aged up to 11 years) travelling in August including a first night at the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Francisco and hire of a motorhome. Nevertheless, this is the best time to visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef: the weather is sunny and dry, with temperatures in the low 70s – a relief from the heat and humidity of summer. Highlights of a 16-day “Pandas and Warriors” tour include a walk along the Great Wall, a visit to the Terracotta Warriors and to a giant panda research centre. A 10-day “Family Taj, Tigers and Palaces” combines the must-see desert cities of Rajasthan with Delhi, Agra (for the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur.
Travel the length of North Island from Auckland to Wellington, stopping at the Bay of Islands, Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua, Lake Taupo and Wellington on a 14-day camper-van trip starting in Auckland.
The plane was jam packed, the flight attendants seemed to all be stressed to the max, there were many fed-up babies and it was 24 hours of hell. Just remember to bring some socks and slides or slippers though, barefoot is not on (those toilets, yuck!) I don’t tend to get changed on board, however I do dress for comfort.
As you roll the case, it cleverly captures the kinetic energy from the turning wheels, storing it as juice for your iPhone. This means that you can pack 33% more gear and still squeeze your bag into the carry on section. Flip open the app and you get an instant location for your suitcase, helping you and your gear to get re-united much faster and easier than relying on the airport staff. It’s the place for the broken, the place for those whose lives don’t work out as they should. Too many Christians don’t feel forgiven — so they don’t let anyone else feel forgiven either. When they lash out at you, return a blessing instead of a reaction and pray for them even more. Celebrate Recovery is one of those tools that is proven to be an effective companion for pastors and church leaders worldwide.
More than 3.5 Million people have found healing through the principles of Celebrate Recovery. He offered to allow me to come live with him and his wife.  What a generous offer from some incredible people. On one hand I have the absolute utter joy of celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful first born daughter Amy and our son Joshua.
As mothers, we receive that gift and experience the joy of pouring our heart and soul into our child’s life. My soul is as deep and as good and as wonderful as it’s ever going to be.  You and I can never reach the pinnacle of growing a deep soul. He trained them as his disciples, died for their sins, rose again and breathed life into them by sending his Holy Spirit. We think of evangelism as an individual enterprise and the church as merely an afterthought.
The church, with all of its faults and imperfections, is God’s chosen institution for telling the redemptive story of Jesus and drawing people into life in his Kingdom. I pray you’ll maintain a humble, teachable spirit, so you never stop learning and increase in effectiveness every year. Tiger moms and dads pressure their kids to perform at a high level at very tender ages in order to get little Johnny and Jenny out in front of the future. Is the solution to become better planners, make more task lists —properly prioritized —work harder, smarter and longer —constantly chasing the unknown?
I’ve learned that even if the task involves serving others, I’m failing if I neglect people along the way. Thankfully the practice of tarring and feathering has long since past since that’s probably what the team would’ve done to me in that moment.
Then you can even confront them about it in a more loving and respectful manner than you would have otherwise.

If you’re not satisfied with the health of relationships in your church, do what you can from where you’re at to turn the tide. And prayer makes a difference because the living God, the Holy Spirit, lives inside the one praying.
Movements gain momentum and miracles occur when we follow God’s prescribed method of really getting things done. We do this by defining broken families as our target, investing heavily in world class children’s and youth ministries, and offering supportive ministries for every member of the family.
Today, we have mobilized over 1,000 members to impact their community, their country, and the entire world through international partnerships, and we’re just getting started!
But like I always say, “There’s an upside and a downside to everything.”  What’s the upside?
Like David, all of us, at one time or another deal with people we don’t like and who don’t like us. He walked right into the place where David and his men were without realizing David was there. Most of us would not think twice about getting revenge on that person, especially since doing so would mean we would no longer have to run and hide from them. Consider also joining with small group holidays organised by tour operators and aimed at three or four families travelling together – they are a great way for children (and adults) to make friends. Start with the capital, San Jose, before visiting the active volcano at Arenal National Park and rainforest at Monteverde. A 16-day family group tour with Exodus starts with a tour of the capital, Havana, then snorkelling at Caleta Buena, Cuban music in Trinidad, and exploration of the rural of Vinales Valley and time on the beach at Cayo Levisa. These two-cabin, monohull boats have a large cockpit, snorkelling equipment and dinghy with outboard.
A 10-day Kenya Family Safari including a visit to an orphaned giraffe centre, Lake Nakuru National Park to see flamingos and the Maasai Mara for lion, leopard, rhino, hippo and wildebeest.
There is also a chance to see tigers on a game drive in Ranthambore National Park, ride camels in Pushkar and a bullock cart in Pachewar. It didn’t help, of course, that we had finished up a really great holiday in France and the UK by celebrating a little too hard the night before!
I rarely wear jeans, however if you have a super comfortable pair, like some stretchy fabric denim or boyfriend jeans, or jeggings, and you’ll feel super comfortable in them, go ahead and wear them. The other is a truly genius case which turns the kinetic energy from its turning wheels into juice for your iPhone.
As pastors and church leaders in ministry, how do we help so many hurting people find the healing they long for in their lives? The truth is, people need Jesus Christ, and Celebrate Recovery is a proven tool to point them toward healing and their one and only true Higher Power – Jesus Christ. Henry Cloud, Hosanna Poetry and more!  You will learn everything you need to know about starting and maintaining a Celebrate Recovery in your church. But at the same time there is a profound aching in our souls because Matthew, our youngest son is not here with us.
At our core, we are wired to nurture and stand prepared to fiercely protect them from all danger. I pray you’ll have the skills to break through every one of the predictable plateaus growing churches face, and you’ll know what to do when you get discouraged. In that time, we’ve baptized more new believers (43,018), put more people into small group Bible studies (over 38,000 meet weekly in 8,420 small groups), and sent out more members on mission (26,846 members have served in 196 countries) than any American church.
Saddleback members are going to subsidize this event, so it will only cost you $99 for the three days. In the process, we are creating kids who are paralyzed by the prospect of not meeting expectations. Instead, Jesus says, put that energy into knowing and doing life in God and with God today.
I hadn’t taken the time to seek out input and listen to my expert team members and made unrealistic assumptions instead.
Plus, when you ask about someone’s story it shows you care and want to get to know him or her better. Hurting people (and yes, even those with a massive chip on their shoulder are likely acting out of deep wounds) walk into churches every week and they need a loving congregation to help them heal. The kings of the earth prepared for battle; the rulers gathered together against the LORD and against his Messiah.’ “In fact, this has happened here in this very city!
At Oak Ridge, over 50% of our members give their lives away using their God given SHAPE in a weekly ministry that matters. Leadership involves keeping our organization so focused on the vision that people are willing to sacrifice for it.
I usually wear a dress and a scarf and slip on shoes, and pack leggings and socks in my bag, along with a cardigan.
We know that the only true and lasting answer for those who feel hopeless and defeated is to turn to Jesus Christ! We have many new workshops including the brand new “The Journey Continues,” a revolutionary new step study group being introduced at the Summits.
A mother’s soul is woven with the delicate threads of grace and the resilient fibers of love.  Growing a deep soul is paramount to the health of a mother’s heart. Case in point, I asked a high-school senior the other day what her college plans were and she walked away from the whole group. For Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate the governor, the Gentiles, and the people of Israel were all united against Jesus, your holy servant, whom you anointed.
The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s great blessing was upon them all. Using simple on-ramps, we have been able to connect over 70% of our weekend attenders into a small group! The study you choose will determine both who will say yes to hosting a group and who will say yes to joining a group (or attending a connection).
I had decided to wear enclosed sandals and tight jeans, and boy I nearly ripped my clothes off mid flight! I always get super cold on board however it’s usually hot when I arrive somewhere so I like to be comfortable. Oliver Jeffers induces each letter of the alphabet in a snippet of a story that spins effortlessly around the single letter.
But how does your church reach out to those in your congregations and communities who are struggling? There were no needy people among them, because those who owned land or houses would sell them and bring the money to the apostles to give to those in need.
But it’s after we pray Spirit-filled prayers that God gets involved and begins to work in miraculous ways. I had to feel the heat of pain more than my fear of change before I would do anything to change. And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. Which brings me to my recommendation of what to wear on a long haul flight, and these outfits are all under $100.
Every story is an adventure and for each of them Oliver Jeffers’s witty illustrations are a delight.Emily, Chief Book Elf This Book Is Gay.
The impact is so tangible that the church leaders start getting in trouble for bringing attention to the crime of the unfair crucifixion of Jesus. I can’t believe I’m going for a non-fiction title as my best book of 2014, but James Dawson’s book knocked me off my feet. Peter and John heal a crippled man at one of the Temple gates and it lands them in jail where they take a beating and are sternly warned not to speak any more in the name of Jesus. I laughed (so much), I cried, I got angry and I want to propose a rule that every school library should have at least 10 copies of this book on their shelves and make homophobia a thing of the past. But chasing the future can steal away our energies, wear on our relationships and erode our ability to be intimate with God and others. Read it, and read it now!Charlotte, Book Elf I Predict a Riot by Catherine Bruton (cue Kaiser Chiefs theme tune!).
There have been so many amazing books out this year (Magisterium, This Book Is Gay, Say Her Name, We Were Liars, Ruin and Rising), but I think I have to stick with the book I was most excited about all year, one that was written by one of my very favourite authors and was the last book in one of my very favourite series.
Opposition had everything I’ve come to expect from the Lux series and more: hot aliens, bundles of laugh, even more suspense, action, fighting, kisses, twists and turns and, of course, Daemon Black, AKA my favourite book boyfriend. I’m absolutely devastated that the Lux series has finished now, but it really went out with a bang, thanks to Opposition. And, of course, I have all of JLA’s other amazing books to look forward to in the future (even if the future is Daemon Black-less)!Dragonflame My fave 2014 book is The Incomplete Book of Dragons by Cressida Cowell.Booklover24 Favourite book of the year has to City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare.
You – just – have – to – read – on!Safah Best book of 2014 would HAVE TO BE Louder than Words by Laura Jarratt – just mesmerising.Helloitsheath Best book of 2014 has to be We Were Liars. This is such a hard question – there’s so many excellent books that I’ve read over the past year… But I’m going to go with I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. It was a great read in many ways instead of just one (members of the site get sent a lot of proofs – this book isn’t actually out until next year but we’ve let it slip into this list!)Nintendo My best book of the year is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. A scene from Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 9: The Long Haul which won site member Nintendo’s best book of the year vote.
This novel embodies everything I want and will try to be in my life; to stand tall even if I’m stood all on my own, to rise above others’ expectations of me and break every fear which tries to shackle me back.
Ruin and Rising, the third and final book in the Grisha trilogy, was unavoidably the honest winner as it was probably the most anticipated book of the year for me and many others. Concluding an epic YA fantasy saga is a huge feat, but Leigh managed it in the most incredibly heartbreaking, flawlessly broken way which left me weak in the knees and sobbing into my pillowcase.
No series since Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead has left me so satisfied but also desperately craving for more, so its kinda good Leigh is writing a spin off series still set in the Ravkan world huh?Still, nothing will ever compare to my utter adoration of the simply compelling story of the Boy who held too much power, and let himself rot his scarlet heart just for the pleasure of ruling forever. Of the Prince, who risked everything good inside of himself to become the man his country needed him to be.
Of the Tailor, who’s beauty was always just a mask which hid the true grace trapped inside. Of the darkness which dwells inside of every one of us, and of the saintly light which may have never been ours to keep forever in the first place.
Of the Dangerous paths and long buried secrets which will one day see the light of day, making things never quite the same as it was before. Of that pale, gaunt mapmaker who never thought she’d matter, never thought she could make a change, when in fact she was the most important piece of the puzzle in a messed up, complicated game.
Can I just ask you all to stop and bow down to the incredible force of literary genius that is E. Also, I am a tomboy and I absolutely hate wearing a school uniform and clumpy school shoes.
I also love writing when I am in the mood, I most like writing ghost tales… I give this book 5 out of 5, I LOVED it!fhusse Black Ice – Becca Fitzpatrick.ShazzSharingan It was a very hard pick since so many amazing books have come out this year, but if I am completely honest with myself, I would have to say The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan was my favourite read. I am sure this book has already been mentioned by many other people since it was so highly anticipated, but my personal love for it comes from the fact that it gave such a satisfying ending to such a brilliant seriesLifeissweetinbooks My favourite book of 2014 would have to be… Half Bad by Sally Green! Since I read this book I have gone to sleep each night listening for the music of the stars.Rising Star My favourite book this year is Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.thedauntlessbookthief I think that the best book released in 2014 that I’ve read has to be The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! It’s by two of my favourite authors and I can’t wait for the second book in the series to be released.Scribblekeeks My best book of the year is RUBY REDFORT: FEEL THE FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lilypand Favourite book of the year?
I guess I’m not allowed to give two so… The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl by Melissa Keil.
We have not stopped reading and laughing at Max and The Won’t Go To Bed Show by Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton. If it had to be a single book, I would have a hard time choosing between On Sudden Hill (Linda Sarah, Benji Davies) and There’s a Dinosaur in my Bathtub (Catalina Echeverri).Amy and Leila (20 months) This is a really hard one but I think it’s My Dad’s Beard by Zanib Mian and Laura Ewing. It’s a modern mystery that is unique as there is not really any justice or happy ending and that is what excited me the most about this book. I chose Web of Darkness because it is so darkly disturbing, brilliantly exciting and just an absolutely thrilling read which I haven’t come across in quite some time.More Than This by Patrick Ness This is one of the best books I have ever read.
The plot twist in the middle of the book was so epic and mind-blowing that I had to put the book down and think about it for a while before picking it back up. The universe was deep and well structured, the descriptions making the story feel very real It is all together such an amazing book!Shadowplay by Laura Lam I absolutely loved this book. I loved Pantomime when we read this for the North East Teenage Book Awards and it was my favourite choice.
The characters are just amazing!Allies and Assassins by Justin Somper This book is just brilliant.
There are different tales in the book and it reminded me so much of when I was younger, bringing back great memories of the North East. Kevin Brooks’ The Bunker Diary won the Carnegie medal this year, and caused a lot of controversy too!

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