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I had been looking to purchase a new bag, and saw the nike hybrid at the club house this winter but I wasn't willing to pay suggested retail plus 30 percent. I got a chance to have the Loudmouth Stand bag with a very very competitive price from the 25% stand bag discount offer! The OGIO Silencer golf bag may not be the best invention since sliced bread, but it is the best innovation since a sliced tee shot!
Cons:Occasionally the nodules at the bottom of the bag become worn down and a specific lock-in device at the bottom of the bag won't lock a club in place properly after long-term use. Was excited to use the Silencer as I have forged clubs and I don't like to use headcovers (too much trouble on the course and my buddies never let me hear the end of it) and don't like bag chatter on my irons. From Golf Drivers to Putters, Apparel to GPS, you can find anything you need at RockBottomGolf at the Best Prices around! These dazzling lightweight stand bags exhibit the best and the brightest in Loudmouth patterns.

It is very comfortable to carry, has loads of storage, and most importantly of all, keeps your clubs secure and nearly eliminates all bag chatter (every once in a while, you may hear one small click). The Silencer locks each club in place in the bag, providing an independent for each club to prevent the troublesome clanking of clubs together when walking or riding in a golf car. The biggest plus is no clanking of clubs against each other, so the life of golf clubs and the cosmetic integrity of clubs is preserved. Making a space for each individual club helps with organization and makes it easier to put your clubs in, and take them out of your bag. So the Silencer preserves the integrity of all clubs in the bag -- no knicks or pock marks from clubs hitting against each other -- and it provides a more serene round of golf because you're not listening to clubs clank against each other all day! The stand mechanism works great and the separator is pretty good at keeping clubs where they are put. One of the iron slots sits too close to the edge of the bag, so it does not fit perfectly into the hole at the top of the bag.

It looks like the front three dividers are not completely full length but with the middle being the putter it wont make a huge difference. It's got a really nice Velcro glove holder that makes it super easy to quickly stash your glove when you're walking on to the green.
I have to keep the windows cracked & put air fresheners in my car if I want to leave it there.

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