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The beneficial comfort value of a good quality sleeping bag is appreciated by those who enjoy hiking and weekend camping trips in the great outdoors or any outdoor excursion, even if it is backyard camping with the kids….
Sleeping bags can be useful resources for those tricky occasions when a group of friends or relatives show up at your front door without any prior notice, or when the kids have friends over for a sleep over.  Many sleeping bags are designed to be opened out and turned into a quilt with a full length zip as well as being able to join additional bags on to create a bigger quilt for a large area.
Sleeping bag designs have changed a lot since the lumpy cotton or feather filled bags we may have encountered when we were young…Modern sleeping bags are made from cutting edge materials which are water resistant, very lightweight, can handle a wide range of temperature extremes, are available in different colors, shapes and seizes to suit individual needs and so much more. The importance of bag size, shape, warmth levels, utility, aesthetics, and durability are important factors for any new sleeping bag owner wanting to experience a weekend away in the wild outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, the Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park or maybe the Austrian Alps in a much anticipated camping adventure.
Keeping warm in subzero weather conditions is the one vital factor the best sleeping bag should address. The TETON Sports Mammoth, the Kelty Cosmic, and the Coleman Green Valley are three of the most popular and well designed sleeping bags with excellent feedback and reviews.
There is no doubt about the uniqueness and superiority of the TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size when compared with some other bags on the market. An outstanding benefit of this sleeping bag is its comforting inner liner, which features a soft, cosy brushed poly flannel liner which guarantees people the ultimate comfort they can ever wish from a sleeping bag.
The advantage of the mammoth size allows this bag to accommodate more than two occupants as you can see. The mummy-style hood of the TETON Sports Mammoth is conveniently designed to allow for easy adjustment.
Other than its massive size, this mammoth sized sleeping bag has earned 5 star praise from satisfied customer reviews for its many other benefits. Many owners commented on the value within the domestic environment, just as much as it is considered ideal for camping adventures and expeditions. 11 lbs of SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fibre insulation guarantees you will stay toasty warm when its icy outside.
Another benefit of the mammoth sleeping bag is very tall people are able to fit into it deeply enough to cover up completely. The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree is made of polyester, which contributes to the softness of its outer shell and inner surface.  The thick cosy inner filling is made from 550-fill-power duck down insulation which provides exceptional warmth in temperatures down to a chilly 20 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 7 Celsius. When it comes to cool weather camping, while hiking or camping and keeping warm and comfortable, the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag comes with a number of features unique to Coleman sleeping bags.
Coleman have been manufacturing high end camping products for over 100 years and can supply all your camping needs from bags, tents, dinnerware, camping chairs and propane stoves. Size, durability, comfort, warmth, and low-cost are just some of the benefits offered by the Coleman designers, which makes it hugely popular amongst a wide customer base world wide.
The Certified Temperature Rating of this sleeping bag is a guarantee it’s suitable for use in temperature ranges of 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The unique Coleman FiberLock feature ensures the inner insulation is prevented from shifting, increasing durability and provides better insulation against the elements. Any chance of heat loss is considerably reduced due to Coleman ThermoLock zipper which stops body heat escaping through the full length zipper. It doesn’t matter even if you are 5 feet and 11 inches tall; all you need to do is to fit in a Coleman Green Valley for  a comfortable sleep throughout the night in the soft cozy cotton brushed flannel lining.
The  Comfort Cuff feature ensures your face is surrounded by softness all the time, no scratchiness.
Zipper Glide Tailoring makes sure the zipper glides smoothly around the sleeping bag corners.
Coleman has a worldwide reputation of manufacturing top quality products  for all your camping needs.
All in all the the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag offers everything a cool weather sleeping bag should offer.
Then you will need to think about the fill for your sleeping bag… The choices are down, synthetic or cotton fill. If you are of a taller or larger weight size, then you will need to take note of the sleeping bag size specifications to suit your individual needs.
You must have a differential cut, meaning the inner lining is stitched smaller than the outer shell – which allows the insulation to loft to its maximum. You could buy your sleeping bag from the most convenient physical store or an online store. Online research provides finer details and user experience about the product which will help you make an educated decision on the best sleeping bag for you. Online store transactions are easy and offer free or subsidized delivery services, saving you both time and money. It’s not fun to face sub-zero conditions with a cheapish sleeping bag that you imagined could protect you. There is something so special about spending time outdoors camping and hiking, the beauty of the great outdoors bring us closer in synchronicity to our natural world, soothes our souls tremendously and nourishes that deep primal connection….
The No 1 Stop: Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag In more ways than one, the Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag brings the ultimate in quality and comfort in the category of sleeping bags. For the camping enthusiast, a good camping pad can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep; or a rough night with no sleep.

Whether you are hiking, camping, or climbing, one of the factors when buying an ultralight sleeping bag is a bag that is convenient to carry and pack. Features to look for in Camping Pillows Finding the right camping pillow is very important. Have you ever been on a backpacking trip or overnight camp, but did not bring a sleeping bag with you? Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag ReviewA comfortable sleep when camping or hiking is everyones  dream. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag ReviewIntroducing the Sleeping Bag For 2 People: TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag! TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag Review Camping is a fun adventure for anyone. Top 6 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Under $60 Kids who tend to sleep better are healthy in every aspect of their lives. Soft, insulated comfort of warm polyester insulation encased in durable ripstop nylon fabric. About Take My Paycheck is an online catalog dedicating to bringing you the latest gadgets, apparel, gifts, electronics, geeky things, toys, and more! We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
Climbing into this at the end of a day of hardcore climbing will be as blissful as it gets.
This cosy fleece sleeping bag, complete with built-in pillow, is just the thing for children’s sleepovers or simply snuggling up in front of the telly on a Saturday evening. A great all-rounder, providing good performance at an affordable price – just the ticket for weekends away and family camping.
The last thing runners and trekkers want is a heavy sleeping bag that takes up unnecessary room in their backpack. Baby sleeping bags are ideal for wriggly tots who kick off blankets in the night, then wake up cold. Once you know the rating, fill and shape of the two person sleeping bag you need I suggest you read outdoor sleeping bag reviews on sites like Consumer Search or Consumer Reports. You know that a quality sleep is vital for enjoying your camping experience, so you need to ensure you can first of all fall asleep.
If you’re off to your next camping trip and you want to benefit from maximum comfort, then you should take the Slumberjack Latitude with you.
In fact, you can use it for temperatures of minus seven degrees and still feel very warm and comfortable! People who have already tried this amazing sleeping bag were impressed with its comfort level. Well, the Sports Mammoth features interior storage pockets that can easily help you with that.
And if you’re interested in size and materials, this sleeping bag measures 95 by 62 inches wide. If you’re camping somewhere with temperatures between thirty and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, then this is the perfect sleeping back for you. What sets it apart is its cozy cotton flannel tricot lining, polyester instruction and large size. To make it even better for you, the Coleman Scoop comes with a 5 years warranty and it also maintains a comfortable temperature regardless of the medium.
It’s easy to see that each of the models reviewed can be considered the best camping sleeping bag. For instance, the Slumberjack Latitude is designed for those who want to feel absolutely cozy when sleeping under the stars.
A good quality sleeping bag can be a lifesaver, keep one tucked away in your cupboard for one of these occasions. On this note, we have made every effort to bring you the best sleeping bags to ensure adults and children spend memorable camping moments without revisiting  sleeping bag-related terrors later in life.
The benefit of the 2 way zipper keeps the bag at a comfortable temperature for those who want to solve the challenges of occasional overheating, whether from warmer weather or a partner who runs hotter.. Users can adjust  the hood fitting with a convenient drawstring to pull the hood in tight when its really cold, or, leave it open and loose. Rolled up tightly in its stuff sack with compression straps, this bag is highly portable for those who wish to use it extensively for camping and other outdoor activities.
The construction and materials used in the Mammoth sleeping bag are the same as those used in the highly rated TETON Sports Celsius series sleeping bags.
Shoulder baffles tighten up the trap warm air inside and full-length side draft tubes and Velcro tabs keep zippers in place and the cold air out. One six-foot six man weighing 300 pounds was really excited because this was a sleeping bag which fitted him.
The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is a tapered mummy design style which comes in a striking red color.

The Kelty eliminates those nasty cold spots with its superior design and construction and is light weight enough to take anywhere in its stuff sack, weighing a mere 2 pounds or 1.2 kg.
There are good reasons why they choose the Kelty Cosmic Down sleeping bag for its lightweight construction and durability, providing one of the best solutions for quality weekend camping and hiking trips. Despite its size of 33-by-75 inches, some customers felt that this bag was slightly narrow for their use. The polyester outer shell keeps the bag comfortable for sleep at almost any time of the year and in any but the very coolest temperatures. This is a point to be aware of as everyone has a different temperature they prefer when they sleep.
If you are going to join bags together, make sure you buy a right or left side zipper compatible with the other bag. Online stores such as Amazon and eBay are the best and most convenient and often offer great deals where you can sometimes save up to 70% off the recommended retail price. Information on discounts and coupons can help you find the best online deal when buying a sleeping bag. Choosing the right sleeping bag should always begin with the sleeping bag design and benefits it offers. The focus of a zero degree sleeping bag is obviously to provide warmth and comfort when camping out in the winter months.
The Kelty Cosmic down sleeping bag is outstanding in terms of shape, warmth, strength, and durability. Getting a good night’s sleep can also make a difference in how much you enjoy the daylight hours. Well, the ultralight sleeping bag offers you all the comfort associated with a regular  sleeping bag but remains convenient as a result of its light weight.
If you have ever been camping, or just taken a trip and forgotten your pillow, no one needs to tell you how uncomfortable it can be. It provides an extra layer of insulation so that it not only adds some warmth, but it can also help you keep the bag clean. Okay, so normal day to day living may not be the best for this awesome apparel – but camping, icy weather, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities will be much comfier! It’s machine  washable, tumble dryable and also  available in a range of designs, as  well as a personalised version. Summer camp after summer camp, it will still keep going, seeing your child well into their teenage years.
This one lives up to its name and is lightweight with a small pack size, but it doesn’t compromise on warmth, so you can sleep snugly and peacefully beneath the stars. They have unbiased outdoor sleeping bag reviews from users just like yourself and will really help you choose the right outdoor sleeping bag.
In the following paragraphs, we will take a closer look at some of the best camping sleeping bags you can get including Slumberjack vs Teton vs Coleman. Are you always worried that you’re going to be cold when going out for a camping trip?
Coming with draft tubes and a reliable zipper operation provided by the anti snag technology, you’ll feel toasty warn in it.
Even more, it comes with zipper and shoulder baffles which are really effective at fighting drafts.
If you’re up to 6 feet and 4 inches tall, then rejoice, as this sleeping bag will certainly fit you very well. If you go with the Coleman Scoop though, then it means you really need a large and sturdy sleeping bag. Nothing completes the camping experience or relaxes a fatigued body better than knowing you are going to slide into a richly designed, warm, and cozy sleeping bag which will meet your individual needs. Red is a great color for owners who are looking for something visually more appealing in a sleeping bag other than the basic colors. Do you need a bag which will protect you against freezing temperatures, or a lightweight bag for backpacking for a few weeks or a washable sleeping bag suitable for family camping? Some people may sleep warmer than others, and most times men and women have different warmth needs.
People give an honest opinion of their experience and we have found them to be very helpful in making our decisions.
Once you choose what matters most to you, finding the 0 degree sleeping bag to fit your needs becomes a much easier task. This mummy-shaped one has an impressively high-spec, given the price, and is perfectly suited for spring to late autumn.
Made from environmentally friendly material, it is highly breathable and easy to wash and dry.

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