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Constructed of extruded aluminum and capron resin - long-lasting and sturdy Installs into roof presets and enjoys a 100-lb. Copyright © 2015 Honda Parts DealsWe are proud to offer Genuine Honda Parts and Honda Accessories.
When the great outdoors starts calling your name, the Thule Square Bar Base Rack System makes it easy to answer.
I have a huge one which is for sale - I can't remember the size - but it is either the 470 or 580 one. The one Eglis proposed did not fit my bars unfortunatelly, but it is in great conditions, if anyone else is interested! I've got a large Thule and bars (depends on the car though) for rent, 50CHF a week + 200 returnable deposit, but sadly I am too far for you.
I will give you two Thule roof bars and ski racks, you only need to reimburse me the postage. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Have Yakima roof rack.
With a Curt Roof Mounted Cargo Basket atop your vehicle, there's no limit to what you can bring on your road trip. The new CURT Cargo Roof Mounted Cargo Rack was delivered in a timely manner, was easily installed, and has been used for my camping gear several times already. Whether your looking to climb to the top of evolutionary ladder or just the top of that local hill, adaptability is as important as taking your gear with you. This product showed not to fit my jeep, but I ordered it anyway and modified my basket to fit it , works very well .

These racks look great on my 2015 Kia Sorento SLX and were super easy to install, but when I hit just 45mph, they begin to whistle. It converts the dead space on top of your vehicle into a sturdy platform for mounting Thule's entire range of carriers. I bought mine from one of the supersellers there who stock Thule branded racks, just search for ski halter.
Whether you over-packed for a weekend trip or you're trekking cross-country, you never have to worry about finding room for your extra luggage.The perfect accessory for your roof rack, this Curt cargo carrier attaches to round and square aftermarket bars, as well as most OEM racks. We have not used it for any major outings yet (why I have it 4 stars) but with the high sides I imagine we will continue to have no real issues. The Surco Jeep Roof Rack Hard Top Adapter mutates your Jeep to do both.The Surco Jeep Roof Rack Hard Top Adapter is custom designed to mate your Jeep Wrangler to both the Surco Safari and the Surco Urban roof rack. Whether you're hooking up a bike rack or cargo carrier, a ROLA Base Rack System is the necessary first step.
Haven't tried anything yet to alleviate the problem, but will try repositioning them with the hope that it helps!
Whether you're into skiing, kayaking, surfing, or just road-tripping, the Thule Roof Rack is the perfect base for hauling all your toys.Thule takes the guesswork out of equipping your vehicle with this professional-grade rooftop rack.
They are fairly cheap but watch out on the custom charges, I got a friend in Germany to buy it for me instead.
I would recommend just replacing the nuts that come in the hand knobs that tighter the rack to the roof.
The no-drill design means no holes are punched in your expensive roof, and installation or removal is so easy, a Cro-Magnon could do it.

ROLA accommodates your specific vehicle through their variety of custom-fit models including the Raised Rail Mount, Side Rail Mount, Bare Roof Mount and Anchor Point Mount.Never fear, procrastinators, because your ROLA roof rack is so easy to install you can do it the morning of your trip (protection from your better half not included).
I did find it was best to lubricate the installation bolts and screw them in by themselves before using them to secure the bars. Your base rack system includes crossbars, a fit kit and hardware – everything you need to get the show on the road.
The screws have recessed star openings and it's hard to apply torque when actually fastening the rails.
All Thule Square Bar Base Rack Systems come with properly sized crossbars, tight-gripping feet, and all the hardware you need for a fast installation.For maximum strength and durability, your Thule Roof Rack System's crossbars and feet are built from galvanized steel. For peace of mind during pit stops, most ROLA rack models are fully lockable.With a ROLA roof rack on your ride, your hauling capabilities are endless for the journey of a lifetime. If you screw them in by themselves you can apply enough force to clean the threads and lubricate them so that when you install the rails it won't take as much force.
For total peace of mind during your trip, your Curt basket is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The front adapters should be identical to one another, but the ones I received from AA were not the same size.

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