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Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. I think the OP is looking for a suitcase can be loaded while standing upright, and not flat. I did some sleuthing for you - as I was also looking for an upgrade to my normal travel bag. However all of these are designed to hold documents, so don't expect a lot of utility out of them. I think if you need something bigger, you'll have to search for specialized equipment cases.
But like most top loading bags, the stuff at the top is easily accessible, the stuff further down requires grasping around without seeing what you are grabbing or unpacking everything on top first. Alternatively, when you're packing, you would be able to open up the larger zipper on its side.
As I said above, this is sitting on its side in the picture, it is not in its upright position. In English, arguably the upper type (what you DON'T want) is more called an "attache case", whereas the bottom one that you do want is perhaps called a "legal" briefcase, or indeed just a briefcase. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged luggage or ask your own question. Do they have to take checked suitcase off the airplane, if passenger does not show up at the gate? Is changing your passport a good strategy for removing a pejorative immigration history in Schengen? 2-PACK Best Luggage Locks GLOBAL TSA approved 3 digit LIFE TIME WARRANTY combination padlocks with OPEN ALERT indicator.
Features:QUALITY- Forge locks use the NEWEST technology combined with our environmental & healthy lead free 100% zinc alloy + steel shackle. If you’ve traveled lately, it’s been hard to miss the latest trend in luggage: colorful, shiny, hard-sided suitcases. There are now lots of choices, including models from Tumi, Briggs & Riley, and Samsonite.
While both the Rimowa and Torq are made of varying strength polycarbonate, their designs are quite different. According to the company, the Torq was in development for three years, much longer than most of its other products.

One of the best features of the Torq is a large compartment that runs the full length of the front with padded pocket for storing a notebook and iPad, as well as other items that you may need to keep handy. The Torq also incorporates one of the latest trends, 4-wheel assemblies that rotate 360 degrees for easy mobility.
Features:100% SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION - featuring a sturdy arch to resist being broken or cut. I have occasionally seen much larger ones that those that you typically see eg pilots carrying. But whether you choose to use that or not, the top unzips completely and you can use it for access inside. Our gadget and gear expert Phil Baker looks at the evolution of hard-shell luggage and the hottest new suitcases on the market.
The designs were a follow-on to their aluminum cases, which had been used to protect expensive equipment. It’s a bare-bones design that’s basically an expensive plastic box with wheels and a handle, and has limited capacity. I’ve been trying out the newly released Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-on Spinner that costs $479. The Rimowa is a simple, classic design while the Briggs & Riley looks more high tech with its complex shape designed to incorporate many new features. They began with a clean sheet of paper to come up with a design that offered the most function, highest capacity and best performance.
Each assembly has two wheels with rubber treads mounted onto ball bearings and a steel shaft for durability, all made in Japan.
The lock is constructed from high quality steel to provide optimal heavy duty protection.3-DIAL COMBINATION LOCK - Dial numbers move smoothly and are easy to read.
Actually, if you have wrapped up the garment bag around it, the top is the only way to get inside. The one facing us in the picture is the one I refer to as the side one which you can use for packing but not so much when its standing. While the case may collapse to the floor, it’s designed to snap right back when the person steps off. Their current version of what I’m using is the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 21″ Cabin MultiWheel Hybrid, which retails for $695. Both are high quality and come with long warrantees, 5 years for the Rimowa and a lifetime warranty for the Briggs & Riley.

Other details abound, including an ID card holder, a second bag carrier strap, and an easily accessed control panel with a combination lock for TSA access.
Hard cases are more water resistant than conventional fabric luggage and do a better job of protecting their contents. The main difference is a change to the wheel design from two large to four smaller ones that allow easier maneuverability and the ability to push the suitcase along smooth floors. The product wears some of its functionality in its looks and details, much as a Range Rover or Jeep stands apart from its competition. The Torq still is relatively lightweight at 8.9 pounds and lighter than similar-sized conventional ballistic nylon luggage.
Simply and easily set your own combination using our step-by-step video instructions.POP-UP INDICATOR - this function notifies you whenever a TSA agent has opened your bag. No keys need to carry or worry about and changing your combination is a breeze.SAFETY- Ensures re-locking from TSA inspection with no damage.
With the increased fees for checking baggage, their lighter weight can make a difference in avoiding a hefty surcharge. Because of its good looks, large capacity, lightweight, and easy maneuverability, I’ve been using this for all of my trips. The disadvantages are that they are more difficult to over-stuff and some users report non-repairable dents and cracks, particularly on the cheaper products. You can reset it in seconds using a pointy object such as a pen or paperclip.EASY TO USE - Simple & efficient. This is the best TSA Lock for your money.LIFETIME GUARANTEE & WARRANTY - full satisfaction or your money back. If you are not completely happy with your product, let us know and we will do everything to can to make you happy. If your lock is damaged or needs replacing, simply register your product to be covered under our Warranty Program.
The Lock Safe feature requires that the TSA re-locks baggage in order to remove their inspection key, making sure your bags stay secure.

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