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Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Traveling around the world is a great way to broaden your mind and knowledge about other cities, cultures and people, but this is always better adventure if you have proper equipment for that. With all this variety on the market, as a buyer you can’t know for sure which brand is the best luggage brand just by looking at it. Probably the most famous luggage brand in the world and that alone can tell a thing or two about their quality. Travel pro is another really quality brand of luggage which is around us for over two decades. Delsey is best luggage brand that comes from France and it exists since 1946, so we can say it also had nice, long and rich history. Briggs & Riley have always had great quality luggage, but this one has caught our attention because it sticks out from the crowd with its full color which can be red and violet as well.
Delsey Helium Shadow , made by on best luggage brand, has great design, it looks stylish and it has clean lines.
Even though it is a hard-case and with hard cases you can’t have many exterior pockets, Helium Shadow has good packing space on the inside. Now that you have seen our list of best luggage and best luggage brands, the time is to choose the best one for you.
With checked bag fees and strict size limits for carry-on luggage, the airlines are making it more and more difficult for you to take that quick business trip or weekend getaway. One of the latest trends in best carry on luggage 2014 you might see is the prevalence of hard-sided luggage. Regardless of the type you choose in best carry on luggage 2014, look for the following features for the most value for your money. This company started when a pilot saw the need for luggage that was easier to handle for flight crews. A leader in luxury luggage, Tumi makes the best carry on luggage 2014 available to the most discriminating travellers. Inside, you’ll find all the room you’ll need, plus components that keep you organized and your things safe and sound. Still, whatever your views on product branding are, the brand name can tell you a lot about the luggage you are considering and help you to find the best luggage for your travel needs.
By going for certain brand name, buyers are likely to feel more confident about their purchase, i.e.
Quality however comes at cost and the brand name can help you to identify the level of quality you can expect. So the bag brand can tell you what quality level you can expect but it can tell you much more. Whereas some brands may be of high quality but still be struggling to get the prices that the better-known brands can achieve. Some bag brands offer cheaper versions of their products but they still tend to be within the same price range, e.g.
Whatever style you are looking for, you are likely to find that some luggage brands offers lot of bags you like, while others have none you like. The bottom line is that the luggage brand name gives you some idea of what you can expect from your bag. Like the Tumi brand targets discerning professionals and frequent travelers, offering luxury travel, business, and lifestyle accessories (high quality, high price, design excellence, technical innovation). Samsonite on the other hand is in the business of building confidence (as they say on their website).
While Eagle Creek offers full spectrum of innovative travel solutions and can outfit any traveler for any adventure travelling. All those luggage brands have very distinct image, you know what they stand for and therefore if they are likely to be what you are looking for or not. Depends on how many things you will carry, where you are going or even how long you are staying, it is important to choose proper luggage for your needs.
Without any knowledge it is the best to see few luggage brands, compare them and choose that top luggage brand that suits your needs perfectly. I am sure you have heard of this luggage brands because these are one of the best luggage brand for traveling. Like the name says they are made especially for experienced travelers, which means their luggage has to be durable and not so sensitive.
They are new company which consists of engineers who realized that, when it comes to traveling, mode of transportation has developed, but the way how people carry things not so much. It has a pocket for laptop, which is extremely important since laptop is today ordinary thing you carry when traveling, no matter if it is for work or enjoyment.

It is quite the opposite from Genius Pack, it doesn’t have pockets, just two sides of a luggage separated with one layer. Innovations in fabrication make the outsides tear- and water-resistant, while maintaining a light feel. Spinning wheels are a must – even though these bags are smaller, and lightweight than full-sized suitcases, you still need to rush through the airport, and spinning wheels will not impede your progress. The outer fabric, Denier, is strong and durable, and has a deep weave – a must for finer luggage. Mesh zip pockets, a ticket pocket, a passport pocket, and tie-down straps give you a place for everything. Some people prefer certain luggage brands, while others are simply more brand conscious than others. Some luggage manufacturers target all travelers, while others target business travelers, women travelers, adventure travelers or fashion conscious travelers. Their focus is therefore on reliability and durability, as well as style and innovative functionality.
Even if you know and like some brand, you still need to evaluate and compare those features that matters most to you. You know that you won’t put your clothes in a backpack if you are going for a long period of time, you will use luggage. Due to that, we have made this site with reviews of different luggage brands with information, pros & cons of every luggage so you can find the best one for you. These brands have different models and they have everything you need, from suitcase, backpacks, bags, everything. This luggage is Samsonite’s longest running line, it is on the market for 50 years and counting.
But, when you fill it up with your clothes and other belongings, it won’t trip that easy. The good news is that the industry leaders know what you need and have been making improvements in their carry-on bags. A hard-shelled carry-on bag would be a good choice if you are pretty disciplined about what you pack – many of them do not expand. The first company to use wheel, its innovative Rollaboard line, today Travelpro makes your trip easier. The latest offering from Samsonite in best carry on luggage 2014 is a favourite for people who have to travel with suits or other hang-up garments.
The wheels and push-button extension handle make going through the airport or train station a breeze. There is a wally clip for your to hang your garments, keeping your suit or fancy dress safe from too many wrinkles. The Alpha 2 line offers the ultimate in engineering and function for the frequent traveller. Of course, the wheels spin effortlessly, and the three-stage extension arm allows you to adjust the handle to the perfect height for traipsing through the airport or hotel lobby. Whereas some people do not care about brand names at all, they only want to find the best bag within their budget. Branding not only helps the seller to be noticed, it can also help the seller to get certain message about the product across, e.g. You can of course find traditional bag that is trendy, fashionable and functional but then that is likely to be the overall style of that particular brand.
Not only does this do-it-all case fit a week's worth of clothing, it moonlights as a chair—or a desk. The creator of the design, Etsuo Miyoshi-san, is a polio survivor who decided–no doubt after walking through the airport. Their products are quality, but the price is higher than the others, but it is better quality then the others. This is considered and one of the best luggage brand for people who are working and traveling constantly. Delsey is a company that is trying to be committed to environment, so they are gradually adjusting their products to be eco friendly, which makes them even more interesting. Almost every year they make some changes in design and performance and every year Silhouette comes better on the market. When you have to carry it, you can hold it on many different places, got better and safer grip. Even though it doesn’t have stylish design it is one of the most useful luggage here.
Travel pro Crew has been producing for couple of years now and with each year they make something up, or improve some downside.

So, the quality is great which you can see by the long time producing and customers are satisfied with it.
Regarding to that, you must see handles on your luggage, try them and see if they are comfortable enough, after all you will be carrying or pulling luggage with them.Great thing is that you can choose any luggage you want from all top 5 best luggage brand because they all have many products which will suit you great. When you need the latest in convenience in a carry-on bag, turn to the best carry on luggage 2014, Travelpro Luggage Crew 9.
The Samsonite DKX 2.0 Wheeled Garment Bag is a new player in the field, and well worth more than just a look. Numerous mesh pockets and compartments make packing and staying organized very easy – a real plus when you’re in a hurry to catch the next flight.
Design features like wheels that are recessed – giving you more interior room – make these bags super-luxe and highly coveted.
The handles are patented through Tumi’s X-Brace 45 system, and make for seamless design and easy accessibility. When you get to your destination, your clothes and other essentials will still be fresh and virtually wrinkle-free. Due to their rich history, good brand, quality products and variety of products it is on our number one on this Top 5 luggage brand for you and your traveling experiences.
They love to brag about the design and durability of their products and we can say that they have something to brag about. They are one of the first companies that tried new way of designing luggage, like developing Outsider handle which is on the outside of the case and not inside which makes them at the top pf best luggage brand.
Their true potential and quality lies in numbers and this particular number is 17, which is the number of patent-pending which will make your life as a traveler easier. It has clear and simple lines, you can choose some different color then regular black which makes it more popular.
It is rather small, so you will use it only for short trips, but the advantage of the size is that it fits in compartment above you in the plane. It looks plain, it doesn’t have hard case, but you can see it is designed to be useful, not to just look good. So, in this luggage you can bring many more clothes than you need, you can bring a couple of outfits for each day.
That’s a positive while you travel, but a negative when you have to store it in your small closet at home. The PowerSope extension arm is created so you don’t have to stoop down as you rush to your destination. Outside, too, are two pockets, meant for easy access for items such as a laptop or your travel papers. Bumpers on the corners add to strength and durability to the corners of this bag, and a TSA-approved lock adds to the security. The luxury of this best carry on luggage 2014 will make you feel like a royal or other VIP! Turn the seat into a desk and start typing away (or simply unfold the seat, lean back, and relax).
Travel pro can stand on the second place of this top list of great luggage brand because it is one of the best. Silhouette has room for all your clothes, suits, jeans, swimwear and all that you can organize in different compartments. When you open the luggage on the front side is suit holder which will make your suit clean and in best condition during travel. Like, for example, each luggage is fully-loaded and dropped a dozen of times and pulled over for 18 miles over rough surfaces. For example, if you are a light traveler, means you don’t need many things, you like to travel light. The easy-grip top handle makes this bag easy to lift to the overhead bin or out of the trunk of your car, and it weighs only 9 pounds. If you know that you won’t take your clothes out your luggage during trip, better solution is hard case luggage because it makes your clothes less affected by impacts during transportation.
Also, if you like to organize your things and separate them, then you should check best brand for luggage with best pocket organization, but be careful so you don’t get lost in all those pockets.

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