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The two bigger ones are best suited for respectively two-week and one-week trips, and are equipped with four multidirectional wheels.
The cabin suitcase has two sturdy wheels and is perfect to take a plane, particularly on low-cost companies, because of its lightness and its manoeuvrability. Nice feeling with high quality faux leather material, So well made high quality materials with very stylish Striped duffle bag.
For those who love to travel or have to do so because of work, you now have a sea of options to choose from when it comes to luggage. These suitcases from American Tourister are also lightweight and therefore do not add to the weight of your packed items. So if you want to buy luggage for your next trip, choose to purchase American Tourister bags online at Snapdeal at affordable prices. When you pack your bags, you need you decide on how you will categorise your clothes and other necessities so as to keep them safe while they are packed in a suitcase.

These suitcases have a number of pockets and compartments so that you can store your necessities comfortably, without over-stuffing the suitcase.
So if you need to buy a suitcase for your future travels, opt for bags and luggage from American Tourister. You can also pick from the types of suitcases available here like American Tourister trolley bags, soft luggage, hard luggage, two wheels, 4 wheels and many more. Now you also do not have to worry about things getting damaged as you can choose from hard and soft luggage. These suitcases also have various pockets and compartments so that you can organise the things you pack properly. In case they get very dirty with mud, especially the soft luggage, just soak a clean cloth in soap water and wipe the dirt off.
Snapdeal now has a huge collection of their suitcases available, which will help you organise your things properly and will also keep them safe.

Therefore, you can carry fragile material in the hard cover case and clothes and unbreakable material in the soft cover case. An American Tourister bag is extremely sturdy and can endure rough handling and daily wear and tear as they are made of top-quality polyester and other such material.
They are available in various colours like purple, green, blue, black, grey, maroon, red turquoise and more. These suitcases are easy to carry as they have extendable handles and also come with wheels. So no matter where you go, you will not have to use all your strength to pick up the cases.

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