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The older he gets, the more nerve-wracking it gets because he’s in less of the baby-sleep-all-of-the-time mode.
The great thing about traveling with him now, though, is that he eats Puffs and that distracts him for a bit! I love my Better Life Bags diaper bag, but I prefer the zip top of the City Caryall when I travel. I took these photos in a bit of a rush on Sunday morning as I packed his diaper bag, and here is what I made sure to pack!
Actually, I think he quite likes it because that means more sleeping without interruptions for him!
The main thing I’ve learned on all my trips is to remain calm and let people help you.
I like to change his diaper right before we get on the airplane, and spend plenty of time walking around the airport instead of sitting, since we’ll be sitting for about 2 hours on the plane. Generally I try to stay in my seat with him and let him play with toys once we are on, but if he get’s fussy all he needs is a simple walk to the back of the plane to bounce for a bit will usually snap him out of it! I have flown with my twins a bunch of times now and I learned the hard way: Bring an extra shirt for yourself! That was going to be my comment too – leaned the hard way after sitting covered in puke that an extra shirt for me was a must. Heather, I thought I was the only person on earth that thinks her forehead looks dumb without hair on it! I only carry the diaper bag (not a purse because I just put the wristlet in the diaper bag) and now I’ve been pushing David in the umbrella stroller.
Don’t give up on the Ergo, my chunky 20 month old (maybe 26 lb and 32 in) still rides around on my back, but not usually on the front. I used to really like your blogs… but they have gone completely down hill, they lack preparation, and thought.
Seriously, did you actually need someone to write an entire blog about packing a diaper in a bag to go on an airplane.. My question is similar to some of the others: Do you baby-wear David when you’re in the airport?
I have traveled with my daughter once before when she was on formula, and it was extremely easy. Although it is convenient to travel with a baby as a lap child, I strongly encourage you to read more about child safety in regards to using a car seat on a plane. By now, you've become a real pro at picking out, packing, and organizing the perfect suitcase, but now it's time to talk about your more portable carry-on bag.
Confession: I used to travel with a baby-blue JanSport backpack that I'd had since sixth grade. Of course, only you know what your budget can handle, but note that a super-cheap bag likely won't last long; on the flipside, just because a bag is expensive doesn't always mean it's a good choice. Something in the hundred-dollar range is generally a good place to start, but you can often get high-quality bags on sale during the holidays or when newer models are released.
Before you go carry-on shopping, research the size and weight limits for your preferred airline (yes, different airlines have different size requirements, something to be aware of when booking international flights or codeshares). Theoretically, anything can be a carry-on, as long as it meets your airline's size requirements and can be carried onto a plane. When most people think of carry-on bags, this is what comes to mind first: a small piece of luggage on either two or four wheels and with a telescoping handle.
Durable, weatherproof materials, whether the bag is hard-sided (plastic or polycarbonate) or soft-sided (ripstop nylon).
My absolute favorite, can't-fail, never-gonna-give-you-up carry-on is my Samsonite Silhouette Sphere. If you're packing light for a weekend getaway or a short business trip, an under-seat bag is a great buy.
If you don't want to blow a lot of money on such a small bag, this Lucas model is a great option at just $40; it even contains a separate cosmetics bag and document holder. Within the last 10 or so years, luggage retailers have discovered that travelers need to bring technology with them wherever they go.
Even if you don't travel with every product Apple ever made, a smart bag is a great choice for someone who travels with lots of extra stuff: books, earbuds, snacks, lip balm, tissue, and all the other little things that sink to the bottom of your bag mid-flight.
There are plenty of quality backpack and duffel options out there (that aren't my baby-blue JanSport). What's great about backpacks and duffels is that they're naturally lightweight and come with comfortable straps, leaving you hands-free for your travels.
This one is a wild card but stick with me—our marketing manager, Erin Liszewski, shared this tip, and I thought it was brilliant. Almost any of these cute options from Kate Spade are a good place to start; simply toss out or donate the included changing mat and, voila, you have a stylish designer carry-on. Once you're the proud owner of the perfect carry-on bag (congrats!), you'll want to develop a packing strategy that you can use again and again. Petunia Pickle Bottom: Wistful Weekender 1 of 7 Share Available in a number of beautiful organic cotton designs, this bag is one you'll keep using long after Baby is out of diapers. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Travel Infant Bed System by ElanBambino- Baby Changing Station, Bassinet and Diaper Organizer. As a baby bag that's functional and fashionable, the Okkatots Shoulder Diaper Bag is in a class all its own. Includes a large, soft change mat in its own pocket, separate insulated bottle bag, easy-clean pacifier pouch, and removable wet-wipes dispenser. Lock firm baseboard into fabric tabs to help keep bag upright making it easier to store items neatly.
Diaper station with soft changing pad, removable wipe dispenser, and space for sixteen large diapers. Outside pocket securely holds DVD player for viewing then zips and stores easily when done. Waterproof pouch locks in moisture to keep everything else dry - perfect for wet clothes or food.
Padded shoulder straps provide a convenient hook for keys and a pocket for cell phone or mp3 player.
Multiple pockets and pouches keep small or important items from getting lost, such as keys, toys, travel papers, DVDs, and books. Versatile carrying handles clip and unclip to hang from hooks, rods or stroller handle bars while the hard, durable base keeps bag upright by itself. Insulated drawstring pouch hold baby bottles and is removable for washing or refrigerating. Multiple pockets keep personal items safe and accessible, such as keys, toys, and cell phone. It’s smaller, so I need to be strategic with what toys I pack, but it does the trick. I used to pack an entirely different outfit in his bag but I found that I never needed it and it was just taking up space. I’m flying with my son (one month younger than yours!) for the first time by myself tomorrow. She just turned one, and I am wondering if we can bring our own milk through or are their places to buy milk when we get through the gate. They’ll probably want to open the milk and test it for certain chemicals, and possibly run it through the X-ray machine.
We aren’t allowed to hold our purse on our laps during takeoff or landing… Why should we be allowed to hold our baby?? She is a new mother and if you have an opinion or safety concern about her flying with her child on her lap you should nicely let her know. Each installment offers advice on how to get organized, pack smarter, save on bag fees, and eliminate packing stress. It had highlighter doodles, it was thoroughly unfashionable, and once, an elderly man at the airport told me to stay in school and study hard (I was 24).
If you fly multiple or international airlines often, consider the smallest, slimmest models available.
The options are nearly endless, with hard-sided or soft-sided exteriors, four spinner wheels or two inline wheels, and any number of storage configurations. At a minimum, I like two exterior pockets (preferably one that will fit my laptop or iPad), a large interior pocket for toiletries, and a smaller interior pouch for dirty laundry. It has smooth spinner wheels, tons of organization, and an exterior pocket that fits a full-size MacBook Pro (I love not having to schlep a separate laptop bag through security). That's what an under-seat bag is: a smaller carry-on bag designed to fit in the space beneath the airplane seat in front of you. You can stash a few outfits and toiletries in the main compartment and use exterior compartments for reading materials, gadgets, and so forth. If you want to make an investment, the Briggs & Riley Baseline Cabin Spinner is my pick. Enter the category I call "smart bags": small handheld luggage that is designed specifically for those traveling with tech devices. And smart bags often count as personal items (not full-fledged carry-ons), which make these a great supplement to a larger bag.
Some favorites that have crossed my desk are the Genius Pack High-Altitude Flight Bag (a slim bag that straps onto the tray table and for which you can buy a mobile battery charger) and the Cocoon Grid-It line of backpacks (absurdly well-organized, with rubberized straps to hold all your stuff in place). They're extremely easy to stow beneath seats or stuff in overhead bins, and some convert into rolling bags for easy transport. And diaper bags are even roomy enough to fit a change of clothes, which makes them a great option for a weekend-getaway bag. Also check out the bag options from Layla Grayce (so many patterns!) and Marc by Marc Jacobs. It is constructed with superior 600D Oxford exterior for strength and flexibility and 210D liner on the inside for easy cleaning with a wet cloth.SUPER PORTABLE PADDED BASSINET: This is so easy to use!
Sleek and sophisticated, this bag does double duty as a purse and is perfect for at-home moms or working professionals.
My favorite thing about having bangs is that I think they look cute when my hair is in a pony tail (which it so often is). Another flyer helped me get through security by putting the umbrella stroller up on the belt!

I am traveling alone with my 8 month old (will be 9.5 months when we travel) and he has never been on a plane before. It was so chewy that she had to work on a small piece for about 10 minutes, it worked well to keep her ear pressure regulated, she loved it of course. I know she will not make it through the whole flight without, and am a little concerned not being able to find what I need.
I think it only takes a few folks like Kate who have huge influence and we can turn the thinking around when it comes to small ones and travel safety. Again, I support nice opinions and suggestions….treat others the way you want to be treated ya know? I was a bit of a cheapskate, scoffing that no way in the world would I spend a couple hundred bucks on a stupid suitcase.
I've lugged all different types of carry-ons in different airports and on trains, boats, ferries, and once, on a horse. And be sure to consider what you're able to comfortably lift over your head and lug around for several hours. On Day X of Packing Hacks, Julianne Lowell gave you a great summary of what qualities to look for in any suitcase. But because these bags are larger than most airlines' personal-item limits, it will count as your carry-on item—and you probably won't want to pair it with a full-sized checked bag if you can help it. It's pricier, but you're getting a well-constructed bag with smart organization, smooth-as-butter spinner wheels, and a ballistic-nylon exterior.
Smart bags have fancy bells and whistles that appeal to flyers with tablets, e-readers, laptops, and smartphones. If you want something slim and unobtrusive, the STM Maryann laptop tote is perfect for minimalists—and it's pretty cute. Of course, the tradeoff for all that convenience is that they're often smaller than classic rolling carry-ons, and the exterior materials tend to be sporty, favoring durability over fashion. If you're more of a duffel fan, this convertible Osprey Ozone bag offers the convenience of straps with the added bonus of a handle and wheels (perfect for adventure travel).
The bag looked like a sleek tote for carrying books on the outside, but inside had tons of different compartments for everything a college student needs throughout the day—a (water) bottle holder, zipper pouches for her student ID and T pass, even a little place to keep her lunch cool and dry. Since becoming a mom, I too have volunteered to help fellow mom’s in need because I realize how kind and helpful it is when I need it too! In the worst case scenario, if the outfit he was wearing became completely soiled, I could just wrap his legs in the blanket in case he get’s cold in the t-shirt. Do you also try to feed David on the way up or down to help his ears and with pressure or is that usually not a problem for him? Please read more about it and consider using a car seat for David every time you fly with him. Our bodies would crush a child in our lap during an accident causing our body to fold forward, not to mention what would happen of we weren’t able to keep a hold of the baby and they went flying through the cabin.
The way you phrase it sounds like she is intentionally putting her child’s life and the lives of all of her blog readers children in danger which we all know she would never do.
With a voice and a reach as large as yours, Kate, you can help spread the word about how important this issue is.
They're compact and often not much larger than the size of a handbag or regular personal item. Each bag generally has dedicated pockets or labeled slots for your gadgets as well as other features like portable chargers, space for battery packs, and cord-organizer systems. Multiple interior pockets keep it from becoming a virtual black hole, while exterior pockets in the easy-to-clean canvas exterior make grabbing essentials a snap.
With a full "diaper station" area that holds 16 (!) diapers, removable wipes holder, changing pad, insulated pockets for bottles, and a laundry bag to separate the wet items from the dry, there's nothing this bag can't carry. 7 pockets will hold diapers, wipes, creams, toys and the one insulated pocket is for milk, water and juice for baby and you.
It is a necessity, no doubt about it!It takes a few minutes to get this bag organized and you are done. The wipeable canvas exterior makes in-transit spills a cinch to clean quickly, and its multiple interior pockets keep things organized. In the size of a small clutch, the Pronto has room for its own changing pad and wipes case, along with a number of diapers and cream.
You'll still find room for any other items that are part of your diapering routine, and a handy outer zippered pocket can hold a slim wallet or anything else that you'd rather not leave at your seat.
You can easily convert any diaper bag into an organized traveling companion with Sugarbooger's cotton and mesh pouches. Keep dirty items separated from clean ones, and your essentials separated from all those diapers.
And then when you reach your destination, you can throw those handy pouches in the washing machine.

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