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In 2009, immersed in my backpacking days, I did my homework and wrote this piece; to this day, I still use the North Face pack inspired by that research. After testing the upright (two-wheeled) model and loving the expandable, functional interior but longing for the ease of rolling on four wheels, I can report that this model is a top-notch carry-on. Samsonite’s lightweight, affordable polycarbonate carry-on will make the transition from soft to hard case a smooth one. Many hard cases have a plastic, crackable look; this Rimowa model couldn’t be further from that.
For those who want a carry-on with a bit of a sporty edge, Burton’s lightweight expandable bag is an affordable option. I’m still a huge fan of my North Face Terra 60, which was replaced in recent years by the slightly larger Terra 65, also a carry-on, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. For most people, the best bags are the ones that look good, work properly, and don’t cost a fortune.
Prices reflect manufacturer cost as of date of publication; check Amazon or local stores for discounts year-round.
The Jurni has a pop-out pod, can be saddled like a horse and ridden (seriously, it can hold up to 220lbs, so you can glide through the line in a seated position) and comes with more storage options than Michael Phelps’ fridge.
Other pleasantries include versatile interior storage arrangements, a telescope handle to maximize space, heavy duty exterior, draw-string shoe bag, 25-litre capacity, and lightweight design. We have combed through the enormous selection of available luggage and selected brands and models that make travel easier, lighter, and more convenient. Some luggage provides more security than the others with its complex lock system and others provide multiple locks to secure your belongings better. Take note also that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has guidelines on a locked luggage. Buyers would definitely want to buy the product that is worth their money, something that will last longer and can endure collision and pressure.
One thing to keep in mind when buying soft coated luggage is to check the “denier” value of its fabric. Hard luggage is usually heavier than a soft one even with the same size so it is advisable to check whenever you will go on an air travel the allowable weight for check in luggage on the airlines you plan to buy the ticket. Ease of access is also important because some travellers need instant access for their belongings. Another duffle bag from Samsonite that received wonderful reviews with its great function and it is one of the best-selling luggage. This luggage also provides lots of space to fit tons of your belongings and has a small pocket that is good for organizing.
You can learn this the hard way with broken zippers and cracked handles—or worse: non-existent warranties—or you can splurge a bit for a bag that’ll last forever.
Nowadays, I occasionally disguise my backpack-loving, Birkenstock-wearing alter ego—and I’ve needed an upgrade from my well-worn two-wheeled carry-on. Briggs & Riley’s patented CX™ Expansion-Compression Technology isn’t the standard expandable zipper.
In addition to its sleek exterior look, the interior dividers make packing manageable with straps that promise to keep contents secure.
This indestructible aluminum magnesium carry-on bag will make the most novice traveler look like MacGyver. Best of all, two of its five color options are bluesign® Approved, adhering to strict standards that eliminate harmful chemicals from the manufacturing process. Yet each piece’s thoughtful design with multiple patented elements makes it clear why Tumi has gained a loyal following of customers who are willing to splurge.

But this year, I’m trying something new from REI, another brand I admire for its commitment to its members and the outdoors. I learned this the hard way after a 2007 backpacking trip, during which I was sandwiched by a pack on my back and a belly-like backpack on my chest. The top pod can be removed and put away in the overhead compartment, ensuring your essentials are always within reach. There are hundreds of bags available on the market today, many of which break down after just a few uses.
It is large enough that it is important to be cautious of how much is packed, if you need to make the weight restrictions for an airline because it is easy to over pack. It provides buyers a convenience of keeping their belongings together whenever they are going for a business trip, camping, going on in a vacation and many more.
There is also the hard-coated luggage that is better for security because thieves will not be able to cut through it unlike the soft-coated one. The Transportation Security Administration is the one responsible for screening all luggages coming in and out of the country. Some are expandable that makes it possible to put more items in it while some are flexible that makes it easier to fit in the compartments and in other closed quarter areas. When bringing fragile items, hard luggage provides protection for it, especially in air travelling where luggage is stored tightly in close quarters. Buyers need to keep in mind that some luggage does not have outside pockets and just cannot be accessed easily. It can be reused for other purpose from business bag, computer case, sports bag and even as pouches.
From suitcase, duffle bags, sports bags, laptop case, tote bags, garment carriers, business travel bag and many more to consider.  Duffle bags are a good option for short trips. Easy to move with its incredible mobility and has easy to access pockets that is very convenient when getting items and adding extra contents.
It is made in nylon and is washable, good for maintenance and easy to store when not in use. Buyers should consider the appropriate luggage to use when buying and keep in mind that cost does not always equate to better quality. Contributing writer Dara Bramson tested various carry-on bags to find her favorites in specific categories. Plus, I was instantly converted when I tested four-wheeled bags, which seem to have almost completely replaced their two-wheeled predecessors.
This feature expands the sides of the bag up to 34 percent from the interior, which enables compression to the original size. Easy glide wheels and an international-friendly size—plus a built-in TSA lock—make it an attractive, practical hard case option with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s impressively light, easy to pack, and secure, with two built-in TSA combination locks.
A custom handle, expandable feature, strategic pockets, and IXION wheels make its thoughtful design one to consider.
This pack is designed for long treks with space to show for it; 85 liters of gear capacity between the main pack and the removable daypack. The lightweight, expandable 20” spinners are guaranteed to fit on any international flight and are designed to help organize packing with strategic pockets and a removable pouch for liquids. The filament polyester fabric is backed with air expanded polyethylene creating a very light suitcase making for easier portability. Manufacturers create luggage as uniquely as possible against their competitor so you have to make sure on the specifics of how you want to use your luggage to satisfy your needs.

They have the right to open your luggage even if it has to break your lock or worse, your whole luggage. Both soft and hard coated luggage has its pros and cons so make sure to check on where and on what condition you will bring it. This luggage must be totally open in order to get your hands on the content and this is inconvenient for some travellers. Luggage that is not exclusively used for travelling and has many functions is really worth the price. It is a soft sided type of bag that provides great space for packing, very flexible and easy to carry around. The attentive design includes a tri-fold garment folder, useful pockets, and an impressive lifetime warranty. It’s also not cheap, but it’ll last you forever—or at least through the five-year warranty period.
From the time I was a high school kid working at a luggage store, I was a sucker for Tumi’s sleek, simple designs. The adjustable strap and hipbelt help evenly distribute weight, with nine exterior pockets plus the main compartment.
Today, this is a favorite bag for all occasions, but particularly as a backpacking companion. Including some of the best qualities of even the priciest bags, such as a telescopic handle and 360-degree wheels, SwissGear is still one of my favorites after many years. The lightweight suitcase allows you to pack more belongings, while still keeping the overall weight down.
The suitcase is small enough for a carry on at the airport, preventing the need for a checked bag.
It is better to make sure to buy TSA approved locks to avoid potential hassles with airport officials. But you may want to consider bright or neon colors as it makes searching for your luggage easier when travelling and it lowers the risk of accidentally swapping your luggage with others.
A spacious interior with multiple pockets helps packing organization; the Tumi Tracer® will come in handy in the case of loss. The Men’s pack is 66.5 liters without the daypack, which makes it (and its slightly smaller Women’s counterpart) a manageable, flexible carry-on for short and long trips. The adjustable strap lays flat on your shoulder, allowing the backpack to sit over it comfortably. The Samsonite-Spinner-Expandable-Wheeled suitcase comes in red, black, charcoal, and purple and is 30” X 20 inches. Consider also the materials used, nylon materials are usually superior to polyester so even though bags made in polyester have a higher denier value than a bag made in nylon, it does not necessarily mean to be more durable. Most impressively, REI has a limited lifetime warranty and a 10 percent annual refund for members; join for a one-time fee of $20. In addition to a sizeable main zippered compartment, each size has zippered pockets, which are ideal for storing handy items safely. Inside includes a wetpak, mesh pockets and a floor to ceiling compression straps to keep clothes in place.
A removable hanging toiletry kit is also included, for additional convenience while traveling.

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