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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. 1 Tipu Trunki Rating: (out of five) TTTT Price: A?35 Fed up with carrying your children's cases? 2016 will bring with it many of the best light luggage options available for you to choose from.
To make the job of comparing 2016a€™s best lightweight luggage options wea€™ve compared them in an easy to use table. An importance aspect for cases is strength, whether it be a lightweight cabin bag or just extra light luggage to be checked in. The overwhelming amounts of bags that allow for this are soft case, but some of the best lightweight luggage in 2016 that allow for expanding the case are hard case which is very exciting.
Some soft case suitcases can also be great but generally lack the flexibility that is provided by a hard case.
The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 is not new to me, its been one of my favourite carry on bags for a while, and so its obvious why Ia€™ve placed it first. This carry on bag is roomy enough to pack everything you need whilst still being small and manageable to take along with you. I love how easily the bag glides on the floor and rarely gets stuck even on difficult terrain. Samsonite always features prominently on the best lightweight suitcase reviews, and the Samsonite Luggage Fiero is one of my favorite lightweight cabin bag options.
The major thing that I love about this suitcase is that it is both a hard case and an expandable suitcase. Some key features of this suitcase include four 360-degree swivel wheels, a TSA approved combination lock and interior zipped pockets and straps.
The only problem I encountered was that the dials on the combination lock can be a little tricky. There are a few key criteria that I look for in lightweight luggage, and I believe the Desley Luggage Helium Aero is pretty close to having it all.
The most important thing to point out is that for its size, this bag is extremely lightweight. This is the larger version of the 21-inch carry on bag that I have reviewed previously in the best lightweight carry on luggage reviews. Both a side and bottom handle add convenience and allow you to handle the bag from any angle. I generally believe soft case bags are better for check in luggage; however, the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 25 Inch is an exception of this.
Similarly to its lightweight cabin luggage companion, externally this bag includes four-spinner wheels that put no strain on your arms, back or shoulders, a TSA approved 3-digit lock and an expandable zip for when it becomes necessary. The final bag in the list of best travel bags 2016 is the Samsonite Luggage Silhouette Sphere.

The case is made of a solid and hard wearing nylon and features four spinner wheels which, as with other Samsonite products, move seamlessly and remove the strain placed by other bags on your shoulders and back. The interior of the case includes a couple of discreet pockets, and a tri-fold removable zipper, which can hold up to three suits.
I believe the Samsonite Luggage Silhouette is one of the best lightweight luggage that you will find. After all, you rely on it completely to transport your possessions to wherever they (and you) may need to go. Whether you need a lightweight cabin suitcase or a lightweight bag to check in, you will be happy to know you have many great options. As strength is such an important thing for luggage to have, it is very highly prioritised in the lightest luggage review below. There are several different designs that feature prominently, including the soft case polyester and nylon cases, and hard poly-carbonate cases, each with their own benefits.
Sometimes it is essential to have more room, as what you need to take traveling is not always the same. Hard case suitcases are generally better in this regard, as they allow you to pack your suitcase from both sides and include straps and zippered pockets. Whether this is important to you depends on you, but I like the added convenience and it seems to keep things better organised.
This soft case bag includes an internal zippered pocket on the lid with further pockets on the sides.
The bag comes complete with a strong a€?honeycomba€™ core that reduces its weight, and includes side protection from rough handling.
The hard case is made of lightweight poly-carbonate material, with soft sides for expansion when necessary. However, this the suitcase performs brilliantly which is all that matters, and it is one of my favorite light cabin luggage options. This is an advantage when traveling, as it simply feels more secure, however, the surface definitely scratches easier than a soft case.
This bag is one of the lightweight luggage 2016 options and is perfect for all kinds of travel. Although this bag is large, it handles like a smaller bag and is such an affordable option.
The handle height was also a surprise, which allows you to adjust it from 38 inches to 42.5 inches, making it perfect for taller people. Otherwise, this is one of the lightest weight luggage options for its size, with an option of blue or black, and at a very affordable price.
The bag’s interior includes pockets and straps and the bag allows you to pack from both sides, with each side holding 50% of the volume of the bag. The poly-carbonate material of this light luggage is both lightweight and hard wearing, and although it scratches relatively easy, these are only cosmetic.

Although the handle will be adequate for most people, it may not extend far enough for taller people. Another convenient feature of this bag is a fabric handle on the bottom for easy lifting onto the bed. You can also read our guide to the best luggage in 2016 and best carry on luggage if you are looking for more options or our best travel backpacks if you think a backpack might suit you better. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
When he is not travelling the world with his family, he is at home in Melbourne working as a computer programmer.
Children can sit-on and ride their own luggage through the terminal and when their legs are tired you can tow them. What is without doubt this polyester and nylon case is amazingly light but surprisingly sturdy – with 10kg limit with the likes of Ryanair this could be difference between pulling it on board or paying a large fee to check it in. Soft case suitcases generally scratch less but may not be waterproof, whereas hard cases can leave cosmetic dints but keep everything dry as a bone. Other times, it just makes it easier to pack and condense down your packing to create a more secure environment. The handle adjusts to up to 42.5 inches, so even the smaller carry on bag is suitable for taller people. This makes for a light cabin luggage that can be packed from both sides and condensed down, which is very convenient. Not only is this lightweight luggage convenient for packing, but also it leads to a bag that moves seamlessly on its four-point wheels.
This bag, being 25-inches, has a huge amount of internal storage that is sure to hold everything you need. There are just so many great features of this bag, and at only a small weight increase from the carry on option. Lightweight luggage reviews of this bag have pointed out that the lock can be a little tricky to handle.
Small enough to fit even the most stringent cabin luggage requirements and weighing just 1.7kg, the Trunki is surprisingly spacious with 18 litres for children's essentials. The four point wheels glide smoothly over most surfaces, and the bag includes protection on its sides from bumps. 3,551 at flipkart Buy Safari Trac-56 4wh Expandable Cabin Luggage - 22 online at a huge discount of 25% from its original maximum retail price of Rs.
4,735 However, Safari Trac-56 4wh Expandable Cabin Luggage - 22 is currently not available on any online store The latest price of Safari Trac-56 4wh Expandable Cabin Luggage - 22 was updated along with availability information on 06 May, 2016 The price is valid in most places of India including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune.

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