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Before all you Spirit fliers start trying to jam a week’s worth of clothes into your purse, check out the luggage at CarryOn Free.
On my last trip, I purchased a couple of box of XXL ziploc bags (2 per box), folded and packed everything in them.
My daughter is a Flight Attendant and to get the max amount into a bag, we use the Ziploc bags but then get the heaviest person in your house to sit on the open bag and squash it down. I often take a small square of bubble wrap (no larger than a sheet of paper) to wrap fragile souvenirs, such as a lovely bottle of wine.
I also download e-books and links for information about the places I’ll be visiting so as to lighten my load from books and other heavy items. This is more of a check-in tip but I always stash a few colored plastic zip ties in my bags so at the airport, I can tie together the zipper ends with an immovable part of my bag. Hmm, also not really a packing tip but to keep my two year old son quiet on a transatlantic flight, I went o a dollar store and bought several plastic toys. Wow – finally someone who listens and then actually does something about a problem we all share.
I use ziplock bags to compress my clothes and hold my liquids on the out bound part of my trip. Since we can’t lock our luggage anymore, I carry a supply of little ziplock baggie tie wraps and use them to secure the two zipper pull tabs together to keep the zipper from coming undone. I use vacuum bags, that way you can pack twice as much and amazingly the clothes never seem to crease.
This would have been a perfect bag for my wife who is short and likes something to put her feet on while on long airline trips.
Using plastic “zip” bags keeps things organized and if TSA does choose your bag the bags keep your things together and clean! I wear a fisherman’s type vest and stuff the pockets so my bag weighs less and then once on the plane put the items back in my bag.
Design combines simulated leather and fabric on font pocket Zip down front panel conceals organizer pockets Interior compartment for documents and files Exterior phone pocket and mesh water bottle holder comfortable web strap with shoulder guard. 16"L X 12"H X 4"W, Expandable zippered main compartment, an organizer section consists of an ID window, penholder, card slots and four slip pockets, a zippered front pocket, rear slip pocket, carrying handle and shoulder strap. If you planning for a shipment from Shenzhen China to any US ports, then at the first point itself, the need is to find out a reliable shipping company at your locality that has got international shipping license. Next, you need to obtain the necessary shipping documents such as the description of the goods, dimensions of the container, weight, invoice from the seller, and the proof of origin. I thought the price tag for $75 Round Trip  was a scam, this included all taxes and other fees. For parking my buddies switched up driving, one guy gets out other drives, switched with driver, then once ticket was in hand, they called and got picked back up. No check in bags Ensure you have checked the box  that is just air fare alone, no checked in luggage, and no carry on bag with the standard fare. Thanks to the local Good-Will thrift Store I found the perfect tote bag in the bulk baggage bin. I ended up buying 3 bags since my buddies needed them as well and bags were only $2.99 each.
At the actual Spirit airport Terminal there were several people who flew free with small back backs, a lot of Jans Port brand, and similar small sized kids back packs were able to fit in the box without issue. One guy used two belts like how people carried school books in olden times to ensure his bag was small enough to fit.
The winner of the small bag campaign was a guy whose wife created a handmade canvas bag to the exact dimensions of the Free Personal item box, the handle was made from belt buckle and had an integrated latch.
It was to no avail and each person was charged an extra $100 security came to see the show but did not step in. Another group was a family that had bought their tickets online and did not realize the free size bag rules for a personal item VS carry on. These girls were nearly in tears ?? from the extra $100 charges.  For the most part the only mad people were the ones that did not know what they were getting into and did not research spirit before buying their tickets, or bought tickets on Orbitz unknowingly . I was watching the other families, trying to see what tips I could gain  since I may fly spirit airlines with may own family in the future. FOOD – The Mom seated next to me had all  kinds of goodies and snacks for her 5yr old. An infant, age 7 days or less or an infant requiring an incubator or other life-support system, cannot be accepted for travel and will be denied boarding. Lap children and children in car seats are not allowed to be in the emergency exit rows or in the row in front or behind the emergency exit row.
Like I said I’ve done 6 round trips in 2013 and the planes have been new and the staff seem kind.

My own bag looked something like this one : it was perfect, had enough room for 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pants, 3 shirts, and undergarments. My boarding date was coming close, at the log in, to the online spirit site an OMG moment happened. I flew with 3 friends whom also flew as well without issue, and said they would do it again..
Flight note: Our flight was delayed for the first leg 2 hours, and the  flight on the way back was delayed 2 hours.
Please note that Spirit Airlines has reversed its decision to put new carry on size requirements in effect after March 31, 2016 and has removed the new carry on size requirements previously scheduled to go into effect from its website. If I purchase my ticket at the airport and escape the online fees, how will I pay for a checked bag I unfortunately must travel with one ? They don’t weigh your personal item or carry on bags so if it fits in the box, it’s good to go!
Has anyone actually found “personal” items with wheels that fit the new 8x13x17 size and that do not cost much over $125? The first airport might let you slide with smashing the bag down a little, but the second airport on the return leg might not let it happen. But on ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines (one of those airlines we love to hate), you’ll have to break out your wallet no matter how efficiently you pack. That saved all my clothes from the lotion that packed in another plastic bag that burst open and leaked on some of my other items. While they’re still sitting on it have another person zip it shut most of the way, then push remaining air out and finish zipping. I agree with the above commenters that rolling creates more space and helps cut down on wrinkles.
With baggage fees ranging from $20-35 on my recent trips to proposed charge of $400, I’m packing much lighter these days and will continue to tweak my choices for upcoming trips. While waiting in the airport or other inevitable lines, I’ve got interesting material to pass the time and provide info at a much cheaper rate than hiring a personal guide. Once on I remove it and enclose it in a pillowcase and use it as a neckroll pillow or I sit on it. So if I want to bring anything back, I either have to mail it, pay to fly with an extra bag, or pay the over wieght fee. You can search on the Internet or the local business directories to spot them and communicate with them to find out the best one for you.
Your shipping company can get the local agents in Shenzhen for arranging the documents from there. I then searched the web and found out how spirit makes their real money on Hidden Fees and other charges that people do not realize when they book on Orbitz, kayak, or other online venue.
We did several rounds around the airport loop while one of use was booking at the counter to pay… drive,  switch driver, book flight, pay, drive,  switch driver, book flight, pay.
I could not find anything with those product dimensions in my regular retail local brick and mortar stores:  Every backpack I found was 17 to 18 inches long and lap top bags are for a 15 inch laptop are generally 20 inches in length.
I ended taking a small tape measure with me, checking measurements while in the Goodwill store. The bag I bought was a cool vintage American airlines fly away tote which was perfect size dimension for spirit airlines.
In my mind kids would feel that spirit was like any other airline, they are short and do not feel the pinch of cramped seating. I’ll take spirit over American for the money I save which is considerable (my other no stop option) any day! Once seated, no one stopped me from putting my bag up on the shelf so I had extra leg room. Small cramped, but works for getting from point A to point B, that is as long as you PACK SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT.
1 friend could have driven around while everyone else got their tickets and then one more round for the person driving the first time and BOOM! A pet carrier (the soft sided nylon and mesh; even has cool pockets) …you even have side entry to get to your stuff! Two zipper pockets help travelers stay organized and make the most of limited packing space. We’re giving away a tan and copper carry-on to one lucky reader who leaves a comment below. Finally, as I pack my suitcases I make a list for each day’s clothing needs and then I see what I can eliminate or reduce. Depending on your trip pick out 2 or 3 outfits in which all of the components are neutral enough to be interchangeable for any occasion.

Last, but not least, after stuffing my bag and checking my list, I remove at least one outfit and anything else that I could pick up along the way. Another tip to avoid an extra bag fee is to have two bags shrink wrapped together (if the combined size is less than the oversized limits). Efficient carry-ons make it easier to dash through the airport when trying to make a short connection! Contacting them personally is very important in order to check out whether they cover shipments from Shenzhen.
Once all the needed paperwork has been done, then you can simply wait for your shipment to reach the port and get it cleared with the help of the shipping company and finally get it delivered at your place.
I was aware of the trouble that everyone claimed I would encounter and that it was supposedly the worst airline in the world ?? . I then grabbed two other similar sized bags for some buddies that were flying with me, meeting the criteria for the Free Personal bag. Two other guys used range bags for a shooting sports, and another guy had a deep soft sided tool bag that was made by dewalt.
I saw a guy pay $100 extra at the gate for having wheels stick out just a smidgen, but he could not get them off!  Spirit used to have a rule, if it has wheels they will charge you !!
They were stopped  by a spirit gate agent attendant when boarding the plane and charged $100 each. The girls argued screamed and yelled, THEY WERE MAD!!! An ipad or other small movie device, Nintendo hand held & head phones and they are good. If you can deal with packing light, bringing your own cereal bars, and expecting a 2 to 4 hour delay,  you can fly for really CHEAP! I knew it was part of the deal when flying spirit and getting the super cheap rates.  Our delay was long enough that we were giving FREE waters and FREE pretzels , which I guess never happens with spirit. The material is thin and light weight so you aren’t wasting precious space with bulky fabric.
Last time I flew Spirit I had an overstuffed smaller handle bag and I suffered because it didn’t have wheels.
Also, the bag can be squeezed a bit so that the height is 16 but it stands tall at 18 when stretched to normal height.
The only reason being is that plastic bags have a tendency to rip at the worst times, breaking right at the handles.
However, I have heard horror stories about them and how the great rates get hiked up at the gate.
Kids clothing is small so under used space can be used for more stuff.  Also one mom was talking seated next to me,  she and her family paid to have one check in bag. If my 3 year old would have been there, her daughter and mine would have been flight buddies for sure, watching movies. However, to my surprise, I called spirit 1-801-401-222 – and after a few auto voice customer service entries I talked to a live person. My lapTop being beneath seat in front of me… WELL I kept my eye on my bag alright And on this JERK, He moved Mine 3 times, Almost to another compartment. Therefore, it was important for me to stay on budget with spirit when I went on an all guys trip to Vegas! The spirit airlines service rep was nice, and had Last Name issue  mix up resolved  in 10 Min.
However, the airline got everything straitened out in under 2 hours, and everyone was happy drinking free waters and snacking.  FREE is the most rare event when flying spirit. At the Kansas City airport terminal they were less bean counter’ish  but if it was an over-sized backpack it was time to pay up. FOR FREE !  Now when I open the manage my travel at spirit airlines it reflects the correct info. On our flight the staff and other gate attendants were helpful,  we had  ZERO issues, minus the delay.
I wore Once at the gate I put my bag in the free box sizer, and After going into the security check, and getting my stuff back in order, I took my personal carry on bag and checked to ensure it fit in the box sizer. The attendants in KC did not even check the bag sizes unless the bag looked to be extremely over sized.
1 main internal compartment, 2 additional internal pockets, 1 internal zip pockets 2 external pockets. Mentioning components Women bag totes:totes shoulder bags,ladies clutch evening bags,pink purse.

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