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You'll be packing true pop art in this Mickey Mouse Backpack covered with vintage Disney comic strip panels. All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices. I've had this backpack for about 8 months, with its primary purpose to carry my books for school.
Drawstring backpacks are a nice, light option when you just plan to take a few things into the parks. What do you carry in the parks?  Or maybe you just rely on what you can stuff in your pockets?  Let’s hear it! Jessica is a special education teacher by day and blogger and Fairy Godmother Travel agent by evening.
When she was little a back pack was necessary, but found we probably over packed and didn’t most the stuff we thought we might need afterall.
I would love to hit the parks with nothing but what fits in my pockets, but I just can’t seem to do it. I know Jessica, I have many items on the dresser and have to remind myself what I really will need and what’s a waste of pocket space. I love my light WW11 Army Green pack used on one shoulder, with my Mickey Mouse Ski Club patch from the late 70′s and my PICO patch sewn on it along with other ski patches.
PS I have seen some great WW11 Disney Character patches from different Squadrons and service branches that would match my vintage Army pack. No drinks (water fountains are free), no snacks (children eat at mealtimes and usually an afternoon treat, but don’t need to continuously snack throughout the day).
Doesn’t hold as much as a backpack, but you can probably get by with a smaller bottle of suntan lotion than a large bottle. The second backpack containing the must haves such as your wallet, park passes, fast passes, camera, etc. First tip-always pack a few snacks to have on hand while waiting in lines to keep your little ones happy.
My family always packs diapers and wipes in a Ziploc bag stored inside the backpack that we leave in the stroller. Disney DivaKristin is the founder and co-director of Tips from the Disney Diva & Devos. Please enter your email so we can alert you when the Disney Backpack in in size length is back in stock. Vans and Disney come together for a magical collaboration that reimagines some of the most beloved and iconic Disney Princesses.
Disney Tattoo Princesses Backpack by Loungefly: This canvas backpack has been printed with tattoo inspired versions of some of Disney's most popular princesses . Share On TweetPrevious ArticleSuper Tortoise Saves Dog's Life By Epicly Battling Bully Tortoise! Carry all your on-the-go essentials in this vivid pop art backpack with a wonderful world of colorful Mickeys in the mix.

I have two of these, one I bought while down in disney world close to two years ago and one from days later when i returned from florida. Mickey's big and sturdy day bag is the happiest way to lug your schoolbooks, carry-on travel needs or souvenirs from the Disney Parks.
It's taken a toll on the straps with the stitching at the top of the right strap coming loose. When not supervising play dates or sleepovers, she can be found creating, sewing or singing. I’ve used clip-on mini sunscreen bottles and sunglass cases, but I feel too dorkey doing that these days. Yes, people can see what you have in it but that’s also an advantage: you can always see which pocket you put stuff in!
I love the fact that the bag check is easy as security can see exactly what you have inside without having to open it. Keep a camera, digestion pills, sunscreen and powerbars in there (sometimes a rolled up hat as well just in case I need it). Big enough to hold a winbreaker, lunch and a few medium sized souvenirs (couple t-shirts and a mug) or maybe a tightly folded blanket for laying upon. I hate purses, and this one is just large enough for my Kindle, a few tiny bottles of things like ibuprofen and vitamins (I get there early!), reading glasses, with room for small purchases.
Kids will touch anything and everything while waiting in line, not to mention the ride itself that about a thousand other people have touched! Storing them in the Ziploc serves two purposes: if it rains this will protect your diapers from getting wet. She started writing the blog when she realized there were many people going to Disney World and having a miserable time, and it was all from a lack of planning.
Bringing to life her everlasting story of adventure, the Little Mermaid Disney Backpack is a 100% polyester backpack featuring an allover print of Ariel under the sea.
She wears a uniform so the Minnie Mouse attire made her feel special.My daughters first day of school was a hit with the backpack and matching sneakers. The exterior of the backpack is jam packed with classic Disney Characters, it is a crazy collage that fills every corner of the backpack. It's the perfect size pack for a full day of theme park fun and fantasy without weighing you down. She loves hitting the Disney Parks, and she and her family escape to the World and Land as often as they can. My only concern is those unpredictable Florida rain showers… I like having the waterproof protection for my camera and cell phone with a regular backpack. You always make me think of ways I can improve our time in the parks with these simple little changes. The most useful function for the backpack is a place to stash any purchases we might make, although we generally wait until the end of the day before buying anything, just so we don’t have to carry it around all day. It’s perfect for me in that it holds my essentials (refillable water bottle, camera, flip flops, jacket) and has plenty of room left.

Our purpose is to present completely independent editorials, reviews, and guides about theme parks and other products from Disney and similar companies. Batteries are available on Main Street, but they are expensive! It is also a good idea to pack a change of clothes for your children as they could get messy, wet from water rides (Splash Mountain!), etc. The backpack is a bit busy, but it sends the bold message out — Disney has ruled the World and will only keep growing.
I decided to share a fun roundup featuring the cutest Disney Themed Backpacks for Back To School that I could find.
Luckily Disney provides a huge variety to satisfy a multitude of styles so there is something for everyone. I went and got both repaired only to find a few months later there was another rip in a different spot. She can be contacted at [email protected], and you can also check out her family blog, Magic, Memories, Mayhem. I wanted something a little bigger for my camera, so I tried a Thirty-One Foldover last fall, and it worked pretty well. They keep my food leftovers cold as well and can hold post card and purchased items from damage. In the front pockets I keep my keys and when we get on more extreme rides, it’s perfect for my phone and wallet. I know very few people that are not fans of the Mouse and so many of Disney’s super lovable storybook and movie characters.
I'd love for you to join my family in our culinary and family adventures around Atlanta (and beyond).
My camera is a little bigger than the average digital, but it takes great pics, so I don’t want to be without it. The nice thing about this is as the day goes on, the bag gets lighter because I am offloading batteries and will eventually chuck the bottle and snacks.
The most important thing about this bag is ensuring I remove my necessary cards and cash and put them into a card holder and coinpurse, respectively. I don’t need tons of loyalty cards at Disneyland, and the lack of bulk and weight are perfect. All I really carry in the bag are money, camera, phone, charger, snack, small brush, small hand lotion, lip gloss, and mints. My husband and I felt like it will work for preschool, but not for actual grade school once she brings home heavy stuff.
Otherwise, I carry a sweater or long-sleeve shirt around my waist, and if I feel the need to have long pants or other clothes, I get a locker.

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